Aromatherapy Massage

Author: Dr. Larita
March 24, 2017

Aromatherapy massage or aromassage is an excellent way to apply essential oils as part of an alternative healing process. It is not hard to do and anyone can do it to family, friends, even to yourself. There are many different ways to apply aromassage:

  • Effleurage – this is a series of gentle, soothing strokes which allow essential oils to penetrate your body and help you to relax and become calm. For this method, use your whole hands in  either long or short strokes that can be either firm or gentle.
  • Petrissage – is similar to gently kneading dough. Use the palm, finger tips and thumbs to slowly and gently knead the body. Petrissage is most helpful when used on fatty areas and on backs.
  • Head massage – put the essential oils  on your fingertips to massage the scalp. Work the fingers all over the scalp.
  • For migraine and headaches – massage around the base of the neck and work your way up to the base of the scalp. Massage in this manner for a few moments with firm effleurage strokes.
  • For the neck – massage the neck using small, firm circular movements from the base of the neck, up either side of the vertebrae to the base of the scalp. Massage the sides of the neck and repeat these movements in a more gentle fashion and work your way down the neck. Repeat several times using appropriate essential oils.

We will continue this blog with more areas for you to massage.

Yesterday we talked about some body methods you can use to get the maximum effect from your essential oils. Today let’s talk about a different method.

Water Methods

  • Baths – use a maximum of 8 drops of essential oils in the bath or the amount directed for use in a particular recipe. First, close the bathroom door and run the bath, then add the essential oil and swish the water around. Soak in the tub for at least ten minutes while relaxing and breathing deeply. You can dilute the eo in a carrier oil before adding it to the water to help your skin feel silky smooth while also relaxing your body.
  • Bidet – use 2 – 3 drops of eo diluted in 1 teaspoon carrier oil. Run warm water from the bidet or from the tap, add the eo and swish it around so the oils don’t irritate mucous membranes.
  • Douche – only use this method if you are under the care of a naturopath. Add the eo to boiled and cooled water from the tap or warmed, bottled spring water. Shake the douche thoroughly before using.
  • Jacuzzi – use 3 drops per person using the jacuzzi.
  • Sauna – use 2 drops per 2 1/2 cups of water. Use eucalyptus, tea tree or pine essential oils. Mix the eo in the water  and throw it onto the heat source as usual. Only use one of these three oils because they are the only ones that enter the body with inhalation and exit by perspiration. All three oils are very beneficial as cleansers and detoxifiers.
  • Shower – as directed or use a maximum  of 8 drops eo. First, wash as usual in the shower. Then add the essential oil to your washcloth or sponge and rub it over your body quickly as you stand under the running water. Deeply breathe in the aromatic steam.
  • Sitz bath – as directed in your recipe or 2-3 drops. Run a bath to hip level or use a bowl or pan that is big enough for you to lower your behind into it. Add your eo and swish thoroughly so the oils don’t irritate your delicate mucous membranes.
  • Hand bath – use 2-4 drops eo – soak the hands for a maximum of 10 minutes in a bowl of warm water.
  • Foot bath – as directed in your recipe or 2-6 drops. Soak your feet for twenty minutes in a bowl of warm water.

Sinusitis Aromatherapy

Author: Dr. Larita
March 22, 2017

I recently saw a business acquaintance I had not seen for quite some time and she told me she had been on medical leave. She thought she was suffering from sinusitis but it turned out it was cancer of the sinuses, which is very rare – especially in women. She went through chemotherapy and radiation treatments and seems fine now although she said she’s not functioning at 100% yet. I told her I would write a blog about the essential oils that can be used to treat sinusitis. If your sinuses are clogged and you use this treatment but they don’t get better in a week to ten days, please go and get checked by your physician.

If you like the steam inhalation method use the following combination of essential oils: 3 drops of rosemary essential oil, 1 drop of thyme essential oil and 1 drop of peppermint essential oil. You can also make a blend of 2 drops of rosemary essential oil, 1 drop of geranium essential oil, and 1 drop of eucalyptus essential oil and put one drop of this mixture on a tissue and inhale throughout the day.

When you are at home and getting ready for bed you can make a massage oil for you neck, behind and in front of the ears, over the cheekbone, the nose, and forehead to help your sinuses. Blend 5 drops of rosemary essential oil, 5 drops of geranium essential oil, 2 drops of eucalyptus essential oil, and 3 drops of peppermint essential oil. Use 5 drops of this blend per teaspoon of sweet almond, grapeseed or jojoba carrier oil and massage the sinus areas as needed.

How to Use Aromatherapy

Author: Dr. Larita
March 21, 2017

Aromatherapy is an alternative form of medicine that uses essential oils or volatile liquid from plant materials and certain aromatic compounds. Essential oils have a proven effect on an individual’s health and or mood.

There are four different modes of application for aromatherapy essential oils:

  • Aerial diffusion for aerial disinfection or environmental fragrancing through the use of a diffuser
  • Direct inhalation for respiratory decongestion, expectoration, and disinfection is also administered through the use of a diffuser or simply with a bowl of steaming hot water with a few drops of essential oil
  • Topical applications for body compresses, baths, and therapeutic care for the skin or general massage
  • Oral applications for congestion and parasites

The last two methods of application are self explanatory but please look through the blog archives for recipes and further explanation for the last two methods.

Take a look at your current health care plan and you can see why people are seeking alternative health care remedies. It’s no wonder people are looking for cheaper alternatives; especially for routine illnesses like common colds, sinusitis, constipation and migraines. Some folks are even finding remedies for arthritis, psoriasis, alopecia and other chronic and mild illnesses.

Naturopaths say that for every illness, there is a suitable natural healing alternative. Aromatherapy is a viable, much less expensive alternative health care option which uses essential oils, the volatile liquid from plant materials and certain aromatic compounds. Essential oils have an effect on an individual’s health or mood. Using these oils before you get sick is an excellent way to prevent many illnesses from occurring at all. If you do catch a cold or some other common illness, it will be much less severe.  It is definitely worth your while to really look into using these natural products to keep yourself and your family healthy.


Happy St Patrick’s Day!

Author: Dr. Larita
March 17, 2017

Have a happy St Patrick’s Day and a great weekend!

Mango Butter Is My Best-Kept Secret

Author: Natural-Beauty
March 16, 2017

I love to experiment with skin care and finding some quality products makes it easy for me to perfect my skin care routine. People are always complimenting me on my skin and asking me what I am doing to keep it so young-looking. I have always looked about five or ten years younger than I really am and I want to keep it this way.

My little secret to keeping my youthful look going strong is great skin care essentials like my butter of the mango kind. This kind of butter is a great way to get some aromatherapy in, as well as reduce the appearance of wrinkles, age spots, and other signs of aging. The butter keeps my skin perfectly moisturized as well.

With my mango butter, I can enjoy having beautiful skin and the captivating glow that we all want to have. The butter is my go-to when I want to have smooth skin and fast healing from any small cuts or dryness as well. The butter is versatile for many needs and I love to use it with my favorite lotions or with my lip balms. People are always asking me what I am doing to keep my skin so beautiful and the butter is the answer.

An Oil Burner to Make My House Smell Great

Author: Natural-Beauty
March 15, 2017

2 oilKeeping my house smelling great is really easy. I have all sorts of oils at my house, because I like using essential oils and others. Some are therapeutic, some smell nice, and some are a bit of both. Nonetheless, if I want to release them into the air, I use a burner. And after just a little bit, my home feels fresher and smells great.

There are times when I like my house smelling more herb-y, and there are times when I prefer something fruitier. But no matter what mood I’m in, I have an oil I can use. My oil burner is always up to the challenge of making my house smell absolutely wonderful. So when I choose an oil to burn, the scent wafts throughout the whole house and is absolutely divine.

When I use my oil burner, it’s a really positive thing. Because the thing is, I have pet cats. So when I don’t use the burner, the litterbox tends to smell, and no one wants to smell that. I make an effort to use my oil burner often, just so I can drown out other unwanted scents in the house. And I have to say, it works great.

How to Treat Wrinkles

Laugh lines are natural, but wrinkles that start making you feel like your skin looks older than you feel are another thing completely!  Here’s how to deal with them:

1.  Sunscreen is the number one way to prevent sun damage and wrinkling.  Apply any time you’ll be spending time outdoors, whether it’s sunny or cloudy, summer or winter.

2.  Vitamin A (Retinoid) creams can increase sun sensitivity, making number one even more important!  Vitamin A stimulates collagen production and stops cells from breaking down further.

3.  Alpha Hydroxy acids exfoliate and increase collagen.  Just remember to be gentle with your skin!

4.  Antioxidants in your food and on your skin are the key to feeling and looking youthful!

Antiaging Essential Oils

Author: Dr. Larita
March 13, 2017

I am giving you a list of antiaging essential oils that will help you combat wrinkles when you use them alone or in combinations of two or more. You can use these oils in the bath, as a face oil, or for a body rub. Just remember to treat all of your skin, not just the skin on your face. Everyone’s skin regenerates at a different rate so give yourself at least 30 days to see outward signs of improvement.


  • Clary-sage
  • Fennel
  • Rose
  • Lavender
  • Thyme
  • Patchouli
  • Chamomile
  • Frankincense
  • Myrrh
  • Lemon
  • Carrot
  • Oregano
  • Orange
  • Rosemary
  • Lime


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