Natural Moisturizer for Finicky Skin

Author: Natural-Beauty
February 9, 2016

I inherited a lot of great traits from my parents, but good skin was not one of them. Since puberty I’ve had incredibly sensitive, finicky skin. Parts of my skin get dried out very easily and other parts look like oil slicks.

I tried just about every mass-produced, commercial product out there to balance and moisturize my skin, but nothing worked. A friend of mine who works in an upscale salon turned me on to natural moisturizers. I’ve been using aromatherapy hand and body lotion imbued with soy, jojoba, coconut, and palm extracts for the last few weeks. I’m proud to report that my skin has never looked more radiant and properly moisturized.

Winter Skin Care

Author: Dr. Larita
February 8, 2016

Cold air can lead to unwanted dryness but a few simple changes to your daily routine will help keep your skin radiant and healthy during the  winter months. At the first sign of cold weather, look for skincare products and makeups that contain powerful moisturizers.

Face creams should be working hard to protect your skin from those blustery breezes, and your makeup should be no different. Choose products that might be heavier than your regular brand, but not so heavy that they clog your pores. Look for solutions that are particularly effective on your T-zone, as this area is most prone to dryness.

Cooler temperatures always make effective skincare more difficult so make the switch to winter skincare products early. Use your winter-ready products daily to help fight the effects of winter weather and keep your skin healthy.

Infant Massage Oil

Author: Dr. Larita
February 5, 2016

Newborn babies respond well to touch and since it is an important part of the parent child bonding custom, parents should start using massage right away. Commercial baby oils usually have a petroleum or mineral oil base which is good for protecting baby’s skin from water and urine but not necessarily good for baby’s skin. I suggest using a formula which consists of carrier oils that are good for skin as well as essential oils that are good for the skin and have other benefits too.

The following formula uses 1/10th of the essential oil in an adult massage oil but it is still an excellent treatment for eczema and cradle cap, inflammation and teething problems and it acts as a general strengthener. It also boosts the immune system and has a wonderful calming effect  on the nervous system. The loving touch of mommy or daddy’s massage all over his or her body, avoiding only the genitals and the eyes, will keep baby contented.

Baby’s Massage Oil Formula

This massage oil can be used daily on your two to twelve month old baby.

Baby Aromatherapy Blends 2

Author: Dr. Larita
February 4, 2016

baby with coldAll mothers worry about protecting their baby from colds during the winter or anytime they are exposed to other sick children. You should not use essential oil treatments on babies and children as a precaution, because someone else in the home has a cold. To protect your baby, use essential oils diluted in water in a plant spray bottle to use around the house. Spray in the hall outside baby’s room but not in the room.

The easiest way to treat a baby’s cold is to place a small bowl of boiling water to which you have added 3 drops of eucalyptus oil under the baby’s bed at the opposite end from his head. The steam will rise and molecules of the eucalyptus aroma will be released into the room.

You can also use this synergistic blend to treat baby’s cold symptoms:

To use this synergistic blend, place 3 drops on a diffuser in the bedroom for overnight and again during the day. For difficult breathing, place 2 drops on a piece of cotton and place it under the edge of  baby’s pillow. When giving baby a bath, add 1 drop of the synergistic blend to the water and swish it around (for babies and children one to five years old, add 2 drops to the bath.) You can also make a massage oil using 3 drops of the synergistic blend to 2 teaspoons almond oil and massage this over baby’s chest and back.


Baby Aromatherapy Blends

Author: Dr. Larita
February 3, 2016

teething baby 2There is a wide variation in the age when babies begin teething but whenever they start, teething may cause inflammation and soreness of the gums, runny nose, runny stool and often fever as well. It’s important to give the baby something to chew on at this time but do not give him anything he can choke on. Teething is often wrongly blamed for any and every symptom a baby can get so it is important to stay aware of your baby’s condition at this stage.

The essential oil formula for teething is: chamomile – 6 drops or lavender – 5 drops diluted in 5 teaspoons sweet almond oil and mixed well. Then take 1 teaspoon of the oil mix and put it in a small container. Fill with ice-cold water and stir very well. Now you have two mixtures for a two-part treatment. First,  dip a cotton ball into the cold water and oil mixture and gently wipe around baby’s gums. Then using  just the oil mix, massage around the outside of baby’s face along the jaw line. You only need to use a couple of drops of the oil mix each time; just rub a little between your fingers before applying.

Massage Away Fat

Author: Dr. Larita
February 2, 2016

bellyEven when I was younger and thought I was cute, I always had a “pooch-out” belly. I’ve lost 92 pounds over the last 2 years and even with losing all of the weight, my belly is still the biggest thing on me. I recently saw an article on losing belly fat that really interested me. It uses essential oils and aromatherapy massage to get rid of belly fat. I am going to give it a try. I’ll give you the recipe too and you can join me.

Essential Oils for Belly Fat Massage Oil


Pour the carrier oil into your plastic bottle and shake well before each use. To use, massage the abdomen in a circular motion. This works for belly fat, cramps and other menstrual pain. It also alleviates the uncomfortable symptoms of hormonal fluctuations.



massage-e1367785838934When most people think of aromatherapy, they usually picture deep tissue massages and burning candles that smell like lavender. While this is definitely an effective use of aromatherapy, it isn’t the only way to utilize all of its potential. During the colder seasons, you can also use oil blends that were designed to boost immunity and have antiviral properties.

If you are looking to use aromatherapy, you can add in essential oils that help fight against germs and will help with the symptoms of various ailments. “Germ therapy” is made from lemon, clove, eucalyptus, cinnamon and rosemary. This blend has been known to help cut down the length of colds while still smelling like cloves and cinnamon.

Aromatherapy for an Abrasion

Author: Dr. Larita
January 29, 2016

My husband, Ron, bit his tongue while chewing gum yesterday. I told him he chews his gum too fast and I just laughed at him because he does it quite often. Later, we were talking and I asked him what he had in his mouth because he sounded like his mouth was full. He said his tongue was swollen from when he bit it and then he showed me his tongue. I almost fainted when I saw it because it was very swollen and it looked like he had bitten a chunk out of it.

There are essential oils for just about every health problem so I looked up abscess on Wikipedia. Big mistake – that was gross. His tongue does not have any pus coming out of it so I think it is just an abrasion because that is simply a wound with superficial damage to the skin.

To take care of the abrasion on his tongue, I had Ron put 1 teaspoon of hydrogen peroxide plus 1 drop of clove essential oil in a cup of warm water and gargle with it. His tongue is better now after one application. He will do it again before he goes to bed tonight. He says to tell everyone he is not going to chew anymore gum!

Essential Oils for Bleeding

Author: Dr. Larita
January 28, 2016

Essential oils can help you stop bleeding in several ways. It can be your own bleeding or someone else’s but if you have essential oils on hand, they come in handy in many situations. I believe everyone should have a stock of essential oils in their home to take care of the everyday health needs that don’t necessarily need a doctor’s care.

To take care of bleeding from an open wound, press the wound with a compress to which you have added 1 drop of geranium, 1 drop of lemon, and 1 drop of chamomile.

To stop a nose bleed, put 3 drops of lemon and 1 drop of lavender on a tissue. Lie flat on your back and pinch your nostrils, then inhale from the tissue. Continue to pinch the nostrils while exhaling.

For bleeding gums, you can make your own mouthwash by adding 2 drops lemon, 1 drop lavender and 2 drops eucalyptus to  1/2 cup of warm water. Gargle with the mixture and swish it around your mouth, then spit it out. To make this mixture even more potent, you can dilute the essential oils in 1 teaspoon of brandy before you add them to the warm water. Do not swallow this mixture, it is not a cocktail!

Aromatherapy Cold Relief

Author: Dr. Larita
January 27, 2016


Common colds and the flu are prevalent everywhere but especially in close quarters like my office. Too often, people use antibiotics to treat colds and flu but I believe antibiotics may do more harm than good. Why use a synthetic medicine when you can use pure organic essential oils that are natural and have antibacterial and antiviral properties to treat your illness? To treat a common cold you can use the following oils in a hot bath. Just relax in the tub and inhale deeply.

2 drops – Thyme
2 drops – Tea tree
1 drop – Eucalyptus
3 drops – Lemon

If you would rather use the steam inhalation method, you can use one drop each of thyme, tea tree, lavender and clove in a bowl of steaming hot water. Put a towel over your head above the steaming blend and breath deeply for 5 to 10 minutes, taking a break whenever needed.

If you are away from home and can’t perform the steam inhalation method, you can add one drop each of peppermint, eucalyptus, and clove to a tissue. Inhale this aroma deeply whenever possible. You will love your portable inhalation method. It works very well in the office.

Before going to bed, massage the chest, neck and sinus area with the following essential oils diluted in 1 teaspoon of shea oil or another cosmetic grade vegetable oil of your choice:

1 drop – Lemon
2 drops – Eucalyptus
3 drops – Rosemary

Keep your risk of catching the common cold at a minimum by washing your hands frequently.


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