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DIY Facials

Author: Dr. Larita
June 26, 2017

skin moisturizerPampering yourself can be easy and affordable when you use what you already have to create luxurious and beneficial facial masks. Mix up a mask that meets your skin’s needs, and then plan on kicking back and relaxing. You might consider a cup of hot chamomile tea or a hot foot soak to go along with your at-home spa theme.

Dry Skin: Mash one banana and add five tablespoons of ground oats and a tablespoon of honey. Apply to damp skin and leave on for about twenty minutes. Rinse off with warm water, blot dry, and apply a good moisturizer.

Oily Skin: Mix one egg white, half a cucumber and one drop of a mixture of one drop lavender essential oil and one drop rosemary essential oil in a food processor or blender and then refrigerate for about twenty minutes. This mask can be left on for fifteen to twenty minutes. Rinse off with warm water, blot dry, and apply a good moisturizer.

Blemished Skin: Mix chopped tomato, a tablespoon of instant oatmeal and a teaspoon of lemon juice in a blender until mixed. Let mask stay on skin for ten to fifteen minutes. Rinse off with warm water, blot dry, and apply a good moisturizer.

Tired Skin: Mash five ripe strawberries, a few teaspoons of heavy whipping cream and a teaspoon of honey together an apply to face. Leave on for half an hour and rinse off with warm water, blot dry, and apply a good moisturizer.

The average person hears essential oils and they think it’s something that will make their home smell nice. And while that is certainly true, they also have many other uses that extend far beyond a pleasant fragrance.

There are a lot of essential oils out there, but if you plan on having only a few in the house, these are some good options.


If you only plan to have one essential oil in the home, this should be it. Used topically, it can treat skin rashes, acne and minor burns. It’s often used as an alternative treatment for insomnia and its calming scent helps treat nerves and anxiety issues. In addition, it’s been shown to decrease mental stress and anxiety as well as increase cognitive function.


Lemon Oil

Lemon has more applications than most other oils will ever dream of and is a great one to keep around the home. It can be used in water to treat bad breath, in shampoo to alleviate dandruff, or even be blended with aloe gel for use as a hand sanitizer.

And because lemon is calming, it can also be used to reduce mental fatigue, anxiety and nervous tension. It also has the ability to create a positive mindset and help reduce negative emotions.

Eucalyptus Oil

Eucalyptus is great for treating chest congestion and, because of its disinfectant properties, it’s ideal for spraying in the kitchen or bathroom or diffusing to reduce germs and odors. It also has a cooling and refreshing effect and helps treat stress. This essential oil is actually a stimulant that removes exhaustion and mental sluggishness.

Together, lavender, lemon oil and eucalyptus oil create a powerful combination to eliminate stress and help people relax. These three ingredients can be blended to make up a blend that is very relaxing. A favorite blend among our customers, they have told us they look forward to getting home and relaxing after trying this blend for the first time.


Peppermint is commonly used in tea to treat nausea. However, it can also be blended with pine and eucalyptus and applied to the chest to treat coughing and congestion. And with its antibacterial properties, it is a great addition to water when cleaning.

However, this essential oil is also a great solution for improving focus and concentration. For those who love energy drinks to keep them going strong during the day, our peppermint inhaler.


If you’re feeling overwhelmed, indecisive or confused, the soothing aroma of rosemary is a great solution for clearing your head. It also supports healthy digestion and respiratory function.

We have combined peppermint and rosemary oils together to improve focus, clarity and insight, which is why customers love our Fresh Peppermint and Rosemary Plug In Refill.


You may not be aware of this, but vanilla essential oil has powerful antioxidant properties that help to neutralize free radicals and protect the body from everyday wear and tear. It also helps to stimulate the body to repair damage that has already been done.

Vanilla also has a relaxing and calming effect on the brain and nerves, making it a great treatment for those needing help with anxiety and restlessness.

You can both relax and refresh with our Balancing Vanilla Peppermint Plug In Refill, which combines the calming of vanilla with the invigorating qualities of peppermint.

This article is shared by Scent Fill and written by Sheena White.

Today’s blog is a continuation from yesterday. Enjoy learning more about essential oils to enhance your health and beauty routine.

Peppermint oil

If you suffer from digestive issues or stomach problems, peppermint oil just might be your saving grace. Just one whiff of this oil can help calm an upset stomach, as well as curbing your appetite, and putting a bit in your tea will promote a healthy digestive system.

This oil also provides a cooling effect when massaged into the skin with a carrier oil, making it great for releasing tension in sore, aching muscles. And, thanks to peppermint oil’s antiseptic and antimicrobial properties, it can be an effective way to clean and heal cuts and scrapes.

  1. Chamomile oil

Get the best sleep of your life thanks to this amazing essential oil. A cup of chamomile tea, a few drops in a hot bath, or even applied to your pillow can help chase away insomnia and promote the restful sleep you need to look and feel your best.

Sleep is one of the most important tools you have to enhance your health and wellness, and chamomile oil can give you a bit of extra help to ensure you get a solid eight hours each night – letting your body heal tissues and cells.

  1. Jasmine oil

This feel-good oil works great in a diffuser to help ease your mind while you’re working around the house. It can prevent symptoms of depression and promote relaxation – keeping your nerves calm and your stress down. You can even keep a bottle in your desk or car for a quick whiff whenever you feel your anxiety rising.

This scent has also proven to stimulate the libido – so add a few drops to a carrier oil for a sensual massage experience with a loved one. A healthy sex life can improve your mood and keep you active, so let this seductive aroma work its magic in your bedroom.

Remember to always look for oils that are pure, with a therapeutic grade label. These may be slightly more expensive, but will provide the most benefit for your money. If you have chronic health concerns that don’t get better or even get worse with the use of these oils, check with your health care professional to make sure there isn’t a more serious cause behind your symptoms.

Thank you to Jon Reyes who wrote this article. Jon is a guest author from Steam Shower Store and is a respected and expert voice in a plethora of health related subjects with over 10 years of writing under his belt.


With antioxidant, antimicrobial, and anti-inflammatory properties, essential oils have a wealth of uses. For centuries, people have used these naturally therapeutic oils to enhance their health and beauty – and even today, we are discovering even more ways that essential oils can benefit our wellbeing. These oils can be used to prevent acne, combat cellulite, reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, and improve the appearance and texture of both skin and hair – as well as providing relief from a wide range of physical symptoms.


There are hundreds of oils out there that have properties that will enhance your health and beauty, but some essential oils provide more benefits than others. This guide will help you choose the best essential oils for health and beauty, so you can invest your money on the best oils for your body.


  1. Carrot seed oil


Rich in antioxidants, this oil is essential for anyone looking for a natural skin-care treatment. Not only does this oil help enhance your skin’s smooth texture, it has a rejuvenating effect – even promoting cellular regeneration. This means carrot seed oil can help your scars and stretch marks fade away, and balances the tone of aging skin.


The detoxifying effect of carrot seed oil will lessen inflammation and help clear your skin of the toxins that can lead to wrinkles. You’ll also benefit from this oil’s ability to treat a variety of infections.

  1. Geranium oil

For anyone with oily skin, this is an invaluable tool. With regular use, this oil can help control your skin’s oil production, which can reduce the frequency and severity of breakouts. Your skin will also feel tighter, and wrinkles will fade away thanks to the astringent properties of this oil.

Geranium oil also enhances blood circulation to the areas where it is applied to the skin with the help of a carrier oil. This way, it can reduce the appearance of bruises and heal skin conditions like burns, cuts, eczema, dermatitis, ringworm, and even broken capillaries.

Jon is a guest author from Steam Shower Store and is a respected and expert voice in a plethora of health related subjects with over 10 years of writing under his belt. We will have more from him tomorrow.

Shea Butter Keeps My Skin Glowing

Author: Natural-Beauty
June 14, 2017

I love to use shea butter on my skin and it has been an awesome solution for me for a long time. This kind of butter is great for treating my skin when I have a sunburn or a cut and for keeping my skin refreshed and soft. I have been getting so many compliments on my skin and the way it looks ever since I started using this natural skin butter.

It is so nice to put some butter on my skin in the mornings and to use it as an important part of my personal care routine. I love the results that I have been having so far with the butter. It is a wonderful way for me to make sure that my skin is looking its best. I no longer have dry and itchy skin which is something I had for most of my life.

I really like the natural youthful glow that my skin has with my shea butter. This butter is great for healing and for keeping my skin moisturized as well. Shea butter helps to keep my skin wrinkle-free also as I am getting older and have a few wrinkles starting to appear. I am so happy that I have this butter to rely on every day.

Pretty Feet

Author: Dr. Larita
June 9, 2017

The first thing I notice about anyone wearing sandals is how their heels look now that they are exposed for all to see. Are they dry and cracked after being cooped up in socks and boots all winter? People don’t realize how those dry, cracked feet look to others! I always want to help them get soft and appealing feet that look beautiful in sandals. There are only a few steps to take for you to have pretty feet too.

First, exfoliate your feet by using a salt or sugar scrub in the shower to help remove dry and dead skin, eliminate the appearance of cracked heels, and start the healing process. If you also have calluses on your feet, gently use a pumice stone to start sloughing the callus down but do it gradually over a week or more.

The second thing is to give your feet a deep moisturizing treatment with either raw shea butter or shea butter cream by coating your feet with the butter and then putting your socks on before going to bed. You can do the deep moisturizing treatment as often as you like but don’t forget to moisturize your feet after each shower too. The finishing touch for feet that look good in sandals is to give yourself a pedicure and, if you like, put on your favorite color nail polish and enjoy the summer!

Anti-aging Moisturizers

Author: Dr. Larita
June 5, 2017

It is not uncommon for people to skip the moisturizing phase of skin care, but we really shouldn’t because moisturizing is important for reducing the visible signs of aging. As we grow older, our skin becomes less hydrated which necessitates the use of anti-aging moisturizers to have healthier looking skin. In the winter, when skin is at its driest, it is imperative that we moisturize daily. There are hundreds of different moisturizer products available, and choosing the right one can be a challenge.

We don’t want to spend an arm and a leg on moisturizing products, nor do we want a product that doesn’t work well. Not all moisturizers are created equal, so it’s important to shop around, ask friends, and read customer reviews to find the best products. When you’re using a great moisturizer, you’ll notice an immediate difference in the look and feel of your skin.

Happy Memorial Day

Author: Dr. Larita
May 29, 2017

May God Bless You and Your Family

Have a wonderful day

Natural Exfoliants

Author: Dr. Larita
May 19, 2017

Exfoliants remove dry, flaky surface skin and cleanse deep within the pores. Use your exfoliant instead of soap. Make a small amount at a time so it doesn’t spoil and store it in a covered container so it won’t dry out quickly and use it within 3 days. If this is too much work for you, you can always use a natural exfoliating soap that is gentle to the skin.

Facial Scrub

  • 1 part oatmeal
  • 1/3 part cornmeal
  • 1/3 part herbs lavender and peppermint
  • sprinkle of clay

Grind the ingredients in a coffee grinder to a fine powder and store it in a closed container. To use the scrub, make a paste using 1 teaspoon scrub powder and enough water (from your steam tea) to moisten. Apply the paste to your dampened face and gently scrub. Rinse with warm water. If you want, you can use the mixture as a mask by leaving it on for 10 minutes before you rinse.




Using a facial steam increases circulation, opens pores, moisturizes and stimulates your skin. The steam will not only clear your complexion but also clear your sinuses to relieve congestion at the same time. Below is a basic facial steam recipe that you can use and or modify by using your choice of essential oils.

  • 1 quart of boiling water
  • 1 large handful of herbs appropriate for your skin type
  • 5 drops of essential oils appropriate for your skin type

Steep the herbs in the boiling water for at least 5 minutes, covered. Remove the lid and add your essential oils. Cover your head with a towel over the pot and steam your face for up to 10 minutes. Strain the herbs from the water and save the tea to use as the final rinse water at the end of a facial.

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