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Have Soft Hands Naturally

Author: Dr. Larita
April 25, 2018

I know that shea butter is great for my skin. I use it all the time but I had a problem remembering to use it after washing dishes because I keep my shea butter in the bathroom. I don’t know why I never thought to bring a jar into the kitchen to use right after washing dishes but I knew I had to do something right away. My hands look terrible because I like to wash my dishes by hand. I also wash my hands a lot at work and we only have these harsh paper towels that really dry out my skin. My cuticles looked really awful, they were all ragged and sore so I bought a jar of shea butter to leave in the kitchen window above my sink.

I always put shea butter on my hands after I finish the dishes now. My hands are soft again and I can more easily keep my cuticles pushed back. I bought some clear polish for my nails to add a finishing touch. I have no idea why I didn’t put the shea butter in the kitchen sooner but I sure am glad that it’s there now and believe me, I will make sure that I keep a jar in there from now on.

Natural Moisturizers Keep Me Selfie-Ready

Author: Natural-Beauty
April 24, 2018

In today’s world of social media and the internet being such a huge part of all of our lives, it has been important for me to make sure that I am always looking my best. It has been much easier to stay looking great with some awesome products that I have been shopping for online that ensure that I can put my best face forward.

The beauty and personal care products that I have been getting online have helped me to be able to look fabulous for each busy day and each selfie moment. I have especially loved the lotion that I got online recently. This lotion is perfect for giving me the soft and smooth skin that I love to show off in the springtime and in the summertime as well.

With some awesome natural moisturizers, I have been able to have glowing skin day in and day out. I love the amazing scent of the lotions, which is almost even better than the results that I get from the lotion itself. The natural lotions give me some amazing aromatherapy and they are awesome for waking me up in the morning and refreshing me in the evenings. My new lotion is an awesome lotion to keep the dry and cracked skin away.

Get Rid of Toenail Fungus

Author: Dr. Larita
April 24, 2018

A reader left a message after reading the Pretty Feet blog today. He said that he had toenail fungus for about 10 years and some very bad foot odor too. He read a previous blog about tea tree oil and smelly feet and he started to use the spray mentioned in the article for his shoes. He said there was great improvement in the shoe smell but his toenails were still thick because of the fungus.

He read that tea tree oil is anti-bacterial and anti-fungal so he started putting one neat drop of it on each nail every morning. He said that after about a week of daily use, he could see that his nails were less thick and there was less fungal growth. Toenails grow slowly so there is still some fungus there but he is beginning to see healthy nails growing in with no fungus. If he keeps that up, he will have pretty feet too, or should I say handsome feet?

Naturally Healthy Hair

Author: Dr. Larita
April 20, 2018

If your sebaceous glands are not producing enough oil to keep it healthy, your hair probably looks dry and flyaway. The protective oils produced by your hair are essential for protecting it from the elements but exposure to sun, wind, heat, and chemicals can damage hair, leaving it frizzy.  Split ends, broken shafts and a rough texture are all signs that your hair is lacking a sufficient sebum coating.

Ways to repair dry hair include:

  • Using a very gentle natural shampoo followed by a cream conditioner that you leave on your hair (not your scalp) for several minutes
  • Avoiding the use of chemical products such as hair dye and styling products because they can be very harsh on hair and wearing a hat if you’re going to be out in the sun, and a swimming cap if you’re going to be in chlorinated water
  • Adding a few drops of oil (coconut, jojoba, olive oil, etc) will give protective moisture to hair if you simply place a few drops  in your hands, rub your hands together and then work through your hair to give it a light sheen
  • Drying hair on the low or coolest setting if you must blow it dry
  • Combing your hair in the shower with conditioner in it because this is the time your hair is at its smoothest and strongest; otherwise, use a boar bristle brush, which will be more gentle and less likely to tear hair, as well as helping to distribute oil through the hair
  • Washing your hair less often and using a weekly deep conditioner
  • Having your hair trimmed if you are experiencing split ends- at least 1/2 inch above the splits

I promised I would give you some different essential oil blends for your aromatherapy deodorant yesterday in case you don’t like the Citrus Celebration blend. Of course, you can always use your favorite oils and come up with your own snazzy name for it too. My favorite one is something I made up by accident. I had a bottle of lavender lotion (unscented lotion that I had blended with lavender essential oil) and the bottle was running low. I was in a hurry so I added some lotion from another scented lotion I had that contained patchouli and I fell in love with that blended scent. It makes a wonderful deodorant fragrance too. Unfortunately, I can’t wear it to work because there are some people who do not like the fragrance so take that into account if you use patchouli. I think it reminds them of hippies!

1960 Blend1960s

  • 15 drops patchouli
  • 5 drops sandalwood

You Smell Like A Rose

  • 6 drops rose otto
  • 7 drops palmarosa
  • 7 drops geranium

I Don’t Care How It Smells – It Works

  • 8 drops tea tree
  • 4 drops lemon
  • 5 drops palmarosa
  • 3 drops eucalyptus

Larita’s Blend Plus

  • 6 drops patchouli
  • 8 drops bergamot
  • 6 drops lavender

Try one of these blends or come up with one you like and let me know how it turns out.

Thanks to Aromahead, I have a recipe for a great aromatherapy deodorant that is organic, easy to make, feels good and smells good too. You can still use the crystal deodorant if you like and don’t want to take time to enjoy blending this easy recipe. I love the crystal deodorant but I am going to make the recipe myself because occasionally, I like to try something new. Who knows, I might like it even better!


  • 1 ounce coconut oilnatural deodorant
  • 1 tablespoon baking soda or arrowroot powder
  • 1 tablespoon green clay
  • 18 drops essential oil (your choice)

You will need a 2 ounce glass jar to contain the deodorant after you blend it.


  1. Mix the coconut oil, clay and baking soda or arrowroot in a small bowl, blending well.
  2. Add your choice of essential oils (choose from below)
  3. Use a small amount under your arm as a test to ensure that the baking soda or arrowroot doesn’t irritate your skin. In most cases it will be fine.

Citrus Celebration Blend

  • 10 drops lemon
  • 5 drops distilled lime (use distilled because it is not phototoxic)
  • 5 drops sweet orange

I’ll have some more blends for you to use to customize your natural aromatherapy deodorant in tomorrow’s blog so hold up! You may want to try a different blend because of the different essential oils we’ll be using.

Natural Body Scrubs

Author: Dr. Larita
April 13, 2018

There are plenty of skin care products out there that are best left to the professionals.   Salt and sugar scrubs, on the other hand, can be made quite easily in your kitchen, so for those who enjoy homemade products and custom scents, here’s your opportunity.  The scrubs are a way to gently exfoliate your body and promote healthy skin. They can be used before or along with your bath or shower.

The first thing you need to decide is whether you prefer salt or sugar.  Those with sensitive skin often do better with sugar, which is more gentle and melts away faster in the warm water.  Then, it’s time to collect your ingredients.

The basics of the recipe are sugar or salt, food grade oil (such as jojoba, grapeseed, or avocado), and essential oils.   You can use a variety of different oils depending on your skin’s needs. For example, grape seed oil is slightly astringent and great for oily skin, while sweet almond oil is great for dry skin that needs a lot of moisturizing.  You might also choose to use a bit of honey, especially in sugar scrubs, to help smooth out the texture of the scrub.  You can get creative with seasonal scents, or even add some coffee crystals for a little extra wake-up power in your shower.

Here’s a sample recipe:

8 cups salt OR sugar (raw or light brown)

2 cups jojoba oil

1/2 cup avocado oil

Your choice of essential oils (a few drops)

Honey for texture

Slowly mix the oils into the sugar or salt. You are aiming for a consistency that is wet, yet allows you to ball it up without it dripping back through your fingers.  Add honey and/or more oil as needed.  When you have achieved your desired texture, mix in your essential oils.

Note: be sure to use pure essential oils and not fragrance oils which are often synthetic and can be highly irritating.

All Natural Deodorant

Author: Dr. Larita
April 6, 2018

Our body controls temperature and eliminates toxins by sweating. Stopping underarm sweat with antiperspirant is not healthy and is often thought to be one reason for the rise in breast cancer. The  medical profession does not support this idea and considers it a myth but it just makes sense that if toxins are trapped in your body they can lead to health problems.

If you don’t want to take a chance with your health, it is worth your while to try Crystal Deodorant. It is 100% natural and contains potassium alum mineral salts. It is non-aerosol, ozone friendly, hypoallergenic, unscented, non-staining, contains no alcohol, and kills odor causing bacteria.  Do antiperspirants contribute to breast cancer? Physicians may say they do not but I say, why take a chance if you don’t have to? Try Crystal Deodorant for yourself.


We have had a few nice spring days and already I have noticed co-workers wearing sandals or flip-flops with dry crusty feet and cracked heels. I want to tell them that they can get rid of dry crusty feet by exfoliating with a salt or sugar scrub in the shower and then gently sloughing calluses with a pumice stone. Use the pumice stone a little at a time over a week or two and the callus will be gone or greatly reduced.

Next, give your feet a deep moisturizing treatment with shea butter cream. Simply coat your feet with the shea butter and then put socks on before going to bed. You can deep moisturize as often as you like but don’t forget to moisturize your feet after each shower too. The finishing touch for sexy feet that look good in sandals is to give yourself a pedicure and put on your favorite color nail polish.

Teen Facial Scrub

Author: Dr. Larita
April 3, 2018

teen skinMy 16-year-old granddaughter is very beautiful but she stresses over everything like clothes, school, boys, girls and her skin. She doesn’t really have a skin problem, but she has friends who do. The only reason she even cares about her skin having a blemish is because of the selfies she constantly takes that are always close-ups. She always makes a face at the camera so I don’t know why she ever worries about blemishes.

For teens who do have skin problems, it is crucial to cleanse your skin to clear away dead skin cells and to avoid further breakouts. This is a facial scrub to help you avoid skin problems and keep your skin healthy.

Mix these components well and put a dab into the palm of your hand. Rub this mixture onto your face with a rolling motion. Then wash it back off with a gentle soap and plenty of water. Pat your skin dry and then dab your face with lavender water which you can easily make by adding 5 drops of lavender essential oil to 2 tablespoons of spring water. Use this treatment daily to clear your skin and keep it that way.

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