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Babysitting for my daughter is something I gladly do whenever she has weekend classes to get continuing education points or to update her chiropractic license. The last time I went to her home to babysit, she was all stopped up and had a sore throat but she went to the class anyway because she felt she had to. Well, a couple of days after I got back home, I started sneezing and my throat felt scratchy so I knew she had passed her germs on to me.

I started to treat my cold symptoms right away by using essential oils to raise my immunity levels and also fight the cold virus. First, I swished  5 drops of tea tree essential oil, 2 drops of lavender essential oil, and 2 drops of thyme essential oil into my bath water. When I got out of the tub, I massaged my chest, neck and back with 2 drops of tea tree essential oil and 3 drops of eucalyptus essential oil diluted in 1 teaspoon of sweet almond oil and got directly into bed.

To dispel cold germs in the home, I use a diffuser in the living area and also spray the bedroom with thyme and lavender. For the spray, add 8 drops lavender and 6 drops thyme to 1 cup of distilled water in a plant spray bottle and simply spray the air. Drink plenty of liquids and make a special tea by using 1 drop of clove essential oil and 2 drops of lavender essential oil blended with 1 teaspoon of honey in a cup of hot water. Sip this drink slowly to sooth your throat and help ease your symptoms. Colds have to run their course but you will feel much better and the symptoms won’t last as long if you follow this regimen.

Aromatherapy Shampoo

Author: Dr. Larita
February 22, 2011

The first thing people notice about us is our hair or more precisely, the color of our hair. Women are often described as, “the one with the curly red hair, the frizzy haired blond, or the brunette with the asymmetrical cut.” Women have been dying their hair for thousands of years and essential oils can not change the cut or color of your hair but they can enhance your color. Chamomile can lighten blond hair, sage is good for black or brunette hair, and carrot enhances ginger and red hair.

Whatever the color, cut and style of your hair, it should also be thick and shining. Using rich nutritious coconut plant based shampoo with pure essential oils will help normalize oil production, enhance circulation and support the health of your hair and scalp on the cellular level. This will give you the healthy radiant hair we all desire. The scent of a synergistic blend of essential oils provides a complete aromatherapy experience each time you shampoo your hair.

Natural Skin Care

Author: Dr. Larita
February 21, 2011

Moist, supple skin is the product of hydration and a good skin care regimen. I know it is sometimes hard to do, but not drinking eight 8 ounce glasses of water per day could lead to dry, sagging skin, eczema, cracked flaky skin, acne and pimples.

If you simply hate water, add water rich foods to your diet to help you stay hydrated. Some of the best water-rich foods are:

  • Cucumbers – 97% water
  • Tomatoes – 95% water
  • Zucchini – 95% water
  • Peaches – 87% water

Grains, beans, and pastas are also good sources of water because they absorb a lot of water as they cook. Use a good quality, chemical-free, natural moisturizing product to keep your skin moisturized on the outside too.

Natural Hair Care

Author: Dr. Larita
February 17, 2011

I decided to stop using permanent relaxers on my hair in the late 1990s because I was tired of always getting burned by the chemicals. I wore a huge Afro in the late 1960s so I first went back to that style. I wore several different lengths of Afro hairstyles and I liked how convenient the Afro was; I could wash my hair and just go! I did not like the fact that I never could get my hair cut the way I wanted it. I just had to go with whatever the hairstylist or barber did even though I explained what I wanted them to do.

When my daughter started wearing locks, I did not like the style at all but the longer she wore them the more they grew on me and the more I liked them. Finally, in May 2000, I took the plunge (you really do have to research and psych yourself up to do it) and started my own locks. I’ve been wearing them ever since. My hair eventually grew so long that it hung down to my lower back and I have cut it to shoulder length twice but I’ll be wearing locks from now on.

I searched a long time for natural hair care products to use on my locks and I have used several different things including shea butter to groom my hair. The products I like the best are the ones that use natural ingredients such as shea butter, tea tree essential oil, olive oil and bee’s wax. Just because I wear my hair natural doesn’t mean I don’t do anything to it. I keep my hair clean and groom it daily. I really love my locks, they make me feel spiritual and at one with nature.

Common Cold Relief

Author: Dr. Larita
February 14, 2011

No matter how careful you are, we are all bound to catch the common cold at some point during the year. It might be during the cold season or even worse during the warm summer months when we are least likely to be thinking about catching a cold. Whenever you are around a lot of people, you are susceptible to catching their cold symptoms.

You can use essential oils to relieve the symptoms of a cold in several ways:

  1. Mix 3 drops of eucalyptus, 2 drops of tea tree, and 3 drops of lemon essential oils in a hot bath. Lie back, relax and breath deeply.
  2. Mix 1 drop each of thyme, tea tree, lavender, and clove in a bowl of steaming water. Cover your head with a towel, lean over the bowl and breath deeply for 5 minutes, taking a break as needed.
  3. Place 1 drop each of thyme, peppermint, eucalyptus, and clove on a tissue and inhale deeply as needed. You can carry the tissue around with you all day.
  4. Massage the chest, neck, and sinus area (forehead, nose, and cheekbones) with 1 drop of lemon, 2 drops of eucalyptus, and 3 drops of rosemary essential oils diluted in 1 teaspoon of sweet almond oil.
  5. Rub the soles of your feet with 1 drop each of thyme, peppermint, eucalyptus, and clove diluted in 1 teaspoon of almond oil. Put socks on your feet and go to bed.

Having a cold can be a miserable experience for you or your family but you can ease cold symptoms quickly by using essential oils that contain no alcohol or harmful chemicals.

Aromatherapy Essential Oil Uses

Author: Dr. Larita
February 11, 2011

Mankind has benefited from the use of essential oils for centuries but the term aromatherapy was not developed until the 1920’s in France. These oils are drawn from plants and flowers by the process of distillation which results in a¬† fragrant and highly potent essential oil. Essential oils can be a skin irritant and should be diluted in a carrier oil for use on the skin. However, there are many different ways to enjoy aromatherapy essential oils.

  • Sprinkle a few drops in your hot tub, jacuzzi, trash cans, drains, or toilet bowls to fight bacteria and odors
  • Place a few drops on the filter pad of your vacuum cleaner to spread freshness throughout the room
  • Add a few drops on the edge of your toilet paper roll before placing on the holder
  • Mix from 15 – 30 drops of essential oils with 2 cups of purified water in a spray bottle and use as an air freshener

Remember, essential oils are highly concentrated and must be used with extreme respect and care. Always use caution when experimenting with essential oils.

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