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Organic Body Care Items Make it Easy for Me to Care for My Skin

Author: Natural-Beauty
October 28, 2016

1-healthy-skinWhile I have tried all kinds of different products that can be used with my skin on a regular basis, many of these different types of products are items that I just cannot use on my skin. Some of the products have harsh ingredients that can actually make it so that my skin begins to break out a lot. I have to do what I can to avoid different ingredients that are too harsh for my body.

To make sure that I can give my skin the best items possible, I try to make sure that I stick with something that has much more natural ingredients on the whole. It is best for me to use a complete range of different types of organic body care items that can make it so that my skin looks and feels its best. These items have the best nutrients for my body.

It is great to be able to have these items around since they really do a great job of improving the overall look and feel of my home. I feel really great whenever I have used a bunch of different types of these products on my body since I know that I am looking much more amazing than I would without them.

Online Natural Products Are A Great Way To Have Natural Beauty

Author: Natural-Beauty
October 26, 2016

4-massageThere are tons of natural products online that you can use to help bring out your natural beauty and to help care for yourself and your skin without resorting to anything that will be filled with chemicals that are harmful. It is nice to be able to pamper yourself and your skin and use products that you don’t have to be worried about at all.

There are lots of great natural products out there for helping you to look and feel your best whether you want to relax with some good massage and body oil or you want to get some natural cream that will help your skin to look fabulous each and every day. It is not hard to find some great natural products online that you can use and be happy with all the time.

It is nice to shop for online natural products because you can have a large selection and all of the kinds of products that you are looking for. You can have the best care for every part of you with natural hair products, natural massage oil, natural oils, and some good aromatherapy as well. The options are endless with the right natural products.

Alternative Care for the Flu

Author: Dr. Larita
October 25, 2016


Last flu season, my husband had the flu in all its glory for a week. He was coughing, sneezing, feverish and completely miserable. I took his temperature and it went from 100.7 to 101.5 and stayed high for two days before finally going down to 99.8. I knew I was at risk for catching what he had so I started treating myself with preventive alternative medicines. I sprayed with my thyme and lavender spray, drank my clove and lavender tea and kept my illness down to a minimum.

My worst day was Saturday. On Friday afternoon, I started coughing, sneezing and feeling headachy. I was on the phone with a client and he said I should drink cider vinegar to help get rid of my symptoms. I did that but I added my black seed oil to the vinegar. Another client said I should cut a clove of garlic and put it on my feet when I went to bed. I did that too, along with drinking my essential oil tea, rubbing my throat, chest and sinuses with jojoba oil mixed with a drop of thyme, 2 drops lavender and 3 drops eucalyptus essential oils. I still had a slight cough but I was basically well and I went to work the next morning while my husband was still sick. Essential oils and aromatherapy really work.

essential oils for coldsMany essential oils have anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties. If you have a humidifier in your home to keep the air from getting dry, you can add essential oils to the water. Another way to use them is to inhale them directly to treat any respiratory problems you may have. There are five essential oils that are awesome for treating respiratory problems.

  • Clove oil can be used in a home-made gargle by adding a few drops to a cup of warm water and gargling. Clove oil has a cooling effect and anti-inflammatory properties and this will sooth your sore throat.
  • Peppermint is a great essential oil to use as an expectorant and decongestant so it will really sooth a dry cough and sore throat. Simply add a few drops to a cup of hot water and sip. Rub a few drops on the back of the neck or on the bottom of the feet and any fever you have will simply vanish. Peppermint is also good for eliminating the headache that so often accompanies a cold.
  • Oregano is called a “natural antibiotic”.  It is very strong so only use 2-4 drops in a glass of water to eliminate sore throat and sinus infections.
  • Eucalyptus has anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, anti-viral, expectorant, antibiotic, decongestant and many more properties that make it an exceptional essential oil to use during the cold and flu season. Eucalyptus oil can be used to fight tuberculosis and it can have an antimicrobial effect on all kinds of bacteria and viruses. It is also known to cure bronchitis and asthma.
  • Juniper berry oil also has great anti-fungal and anti-microbial properties. For bronchitis, add a few drops of juniper to your vaporizer for a very soothing effect. For deep chest colds, use a combination of juniper oil mixed with eucalyptus in an inhalation therapy treatment for an even better result.


Facial steams are relaxing,  stress-relieving and great pampering routines that can be done once a week, or for those with very sensitive or dry skin, once a month. Steaming is an excellent way to increase circulation to the skin, promote the release of toxins and impurities, deep cleanse and open pores, and experience the benefits of essential oils and herbs.

To prepare a facial steam, you’ll need a large heat-safe bowl, boiling water, a towel, and the essential oils or herbs you want to use. Combine the hot water and essential oils/herbs in the bowl, place the towel over your head, and lean over the bowl in such a way that the towel creates a tent, keeping the steam in. Keep your face a comfortable distance above the water, breathe deeply and enjoy for up to five minutes taking breaks as needed.

Essential oils can be calming, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, balancing, and fungicidal. Some common oils you might already have include lavender, tea tree, chamomile, clary sage, and neroli. You can use fresh or dried herbs as well, including comfrey, rosemary, lemon balm, chamomile, fennel, mint, and more. Chose your additions based on your needs at the time, or simply work with combinations that smell right to you, whether they are invigorating, relaxing or simply delicious!

Facial Cleansers

Author: Dr. Larita
October 20, 2016

facial cleansers

If you use regular soap to wash your face, you probably know that this kind of soap can irritate your skin. Soap that is not designed specifically for your face can be much too tough on sensitive facial skin. For that reason, facial cleansers are a great way to remove the grime and dirt of the day without damaging or drying out your face.

When you use a moisturizing facial cleanser, remember that you should wash twice a day, once in the morning and once at night. Give the facial cleanser time to work. Rub it into the skin in a circular motion, and then let it sit for about half a minute before removing.

When washing and drying your face, be careful not to pull at the skin, especially the skin around your eyes because it is sensitive and can stretch over time when repeatedly pulled. Know the benefits of your specific facial cleanser. If it contains moisturizers, you could be done after the initial face wash. If your skin feels dry, however, apply a basic face specific moisturizer.

A Skin Tightening Cream Helps You Look Good Without Surgery

Author: Natural-Beauty
October 19, 2016

3-great-skinYou don’t have to go through a painful procedure to be able to look your best when you can have some quality skin products working for you. These products will help to ensure that you can keep your youthful glow alive no matter what age you are. Using some good cream for skin tightening can really help you look your best every day.

Having great skin really shows and it is always nice when you can have the skin that you can be proud of and that you can show off without feeling like you want to hide your skin or your face. A good cream can do wonders for your complexion and leave it bright and leave your skin looking youthful and having that glow that people love.

A good skin tightening cream can really do wonders for how your skin feels and the way that it looks. It is a nice alternative so that you can have a natural remedy and you don’t have to worry about having dry skin or skin that is saggy. An all-natural cream is definitely something to look into for your skin needs. You can use this cream and feel good about doing something that is natural and without chemicals.

breast-sizeWe are continuing yesterday’s blog with a couple of treatments to help you on your journey to increase and firm your breasts. For the first treatment, you will dilute 3 drops of cypress oil in 1 teaspoon of witch hazel. Add this to a bowl of cold water and splash the breasts alternately 10 times (at least) each. Alternate your splashes to allow for contraction and dilation. Then massage the breasts in circular movements with the formula below.


Apply this firming treatment every day after exercise.


Dilute these oils into 2 tablespoons of either grapeseed or almond carrier oil. If the ice-cup method is too cold for you, use cold water from the shower.

pectoral-exerciseIncreasing or decreasing our breasts is mostly out of our control. It mainly depends on our personal adipose fatty tissue which is  what gives our breasts their shape. We can, however keep them upright and firm if we start early and work hard at it. Exercise that involve the pectoral muscles will keep your breasts from showing signs of sagging or drooping. The breast stroke is an excellent example and another good breast firming exercise is pushing your hands against each other at chin level keeping the elbows stuck out on either side. Essential oils used with cold water and ice treatments can also help because the cold water contracts the tissue.

Splash your breasts or apply an ice-cup in circular movements around the breasts and follow up by applying massage oil. Massage is the best way to help prevent stretch marks caused by gaining and losing breast weight. The best carrier oil to use on breasts are grapeseed or almond. Make your massage oil using 5 drops of essential oil to each 1 teaspoon of carrier/base oil. The best essential oils to use for increasing and firming breasts are fennel, clary-sage, sage, lemongrass, geranium, cypress, carrot and spearmint.

frankincense2I have talked about frankincense in this blog before and the fact that it takes so long to harvest it. Well, now it seems that we may be running out of frankincense trees all together as well as people to farm and harvest the sap used for frankincense essential oil.

It would be a shame for us to lose frankincense essential oil in the name of progress. Frankincense forests are declining because of progress in areas such as agriculture and job growth or because other trees such as the Acacia tree grow faster and are taking over the forests.

Cancer begins when the DNA code in a cell becomes corrupted and shuts the cell down. Scientists have discovered that there is some agent in frankincense that can reset a cancerous cell and stop it from closing down. Wouldn’t it be awesome if we could get a cure for all the different cancers there are in the world from something so natural as an essential oil? That is a really good reason for finding a way to preserve the frankincense forests in the Middle East.


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