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Happy St Patrick’s Day!

Author: Dr. Larita
March 17, 2017

Have a happy St Patrick’s Day and a great weekend!

Mango Butter Is My Best-Kept Secret

Author: Natural-Beauty
March 16, 2017

I love to experiment with skin care and finding some quality products makes it easy for me to perfect my skin care routine. People are always complimenting me on my skin and asking me what I am doing to keep it so young-looking. I have always looked about five or ten years younger than I really am and I want to keep it this way.

My little secret to keeping my youthful look going strong is great skin care essentials like my butter of the mango kind. This kind of butter is a great way to get some aromatherapy in, as well as reduce the appearance of wrinkles, age spots, and other signs of aging. The butter keeps my skin perfectly moisturized as well.

With my mango butter, I can enjoy having beautiful skin and the captivating glow that we all want to have. The butter is my go-to when I want to have smooth skin and fast healing from any small cuts or dryness as well. The butter is versatile for many needs and I love to use it with my favorite lotions or with my lip balms. People are always asking me what I am doing to keep my skin so beautiful and the butter is the answer.

An Oil Burner to Make My House Smell Great

Author: Natural-Beauty
March 15, 2017

2 oilKeeping my house smelling great is really easy. I have all sorts of oils at my house, because I like using essential oils and others. Some are therapeutic, some smell nice, and some are a bit of both. Nonetheless, if I want to release them into the air, I use a burner. And after just a little bit, my home feels fresher and smells great.

There are times when I like my house smelling more herb-y, and there are times when I prefer something fruitier. But no matter what mood I’m in, I have an oil I can use. My oil burner is always up to the challenge of making my house smell absolutely wonderful. So when I choose an oil to burn, the scent wafts throughout the whole house and is absolutely divine.

When I use my oil burner, it’s a really positive thing. Because the thing is, I have pet cats. So when I don’t use the burner, the litterbox tends to smell, and no one wants to smell that. I make an effort to use my oil burner often, just so I can drown out other unwanted scents in the house. And I have to say, it works great.

Pet Perfume

Author: Dr. Larita
March 14, 2017

petsYou know how you feel when you’re fresh from the shower and get all dressed up to go out? That’s a great feeling, right? Our pets feel great when they get all dolled up too. Take care of your animals the same way you take care of yourself, the natural way. Pet perfume can be used in the following ways:

  1. As a pet massage oil when blended with a carrier oil like sweet almond oil
  2. As a pet aromatherapy product
  3. As a pet deodorizer
  4. As an anti pest solution
  5. As a general natural pet care product

Pet perfume contains natural essential oils designed to keep your pet smelling fresh and pest free. Your pet will thank you for your loving care.



How to Treat Wrinkles

Laugh lines are natural, but wrinkles that start making you feel like your skin looks older than you feel are another thing completely!  Here’s how to deal with them:

1.  Sunscreen is the number one way to prevent sun damage and wrinkling.  Apply any time you’ll be spending time outdoors, whether it’s sunny or cloudy, summer or winter.

2.  Vitamin A (Retinoid) creams can increase sun sensitivity, making number one even more important!  Vitamin A stimulates collagen production and stops cells from breaking down further.

3.  Alpha Hydroxy acids exfoliate and increase collagen.  Just remember to be gentle with your skin!

4.  Antioxidants in your food and on your skin are the key to feeling and looking youthful!

Antiaging Essential Oils

Author: Dr. Larita
March 13, 2017

I am giving you a list of antiaging essential oils that will help you combat wrinkles when you use them alone or in combinations of two or more. You can use these oils in the bath, as a face oil, or for a body rub. Just remember to treat all of your skin, not just the skin on your face. Everyone’s skin regenerates at a different rate so give yourself at least 30 days to see outward signs of improvement.


  • Clary-sage
  • Fennel
  • Rose
  • Lavender
  • Thyme
  • Patchouli
  • Chamomile
  • Frankincense
  • Myrrh
  • Lemon
  • Carrot
  • Oregano
  • Orange
  • Rosemary
  • Lime

Facing Life Confidently With Anti-Aging Cream

Author: Natural-Beauty
March 10, 2017

I love to find some great skin care products that make it easy for me to keep my youthful glow alive. Finding the right skin care really makes a big difference and I am always looking forward to getting some great products that will keep me confident and looking my best as I take on each busy day. I have been loving my anti-aging cream lately.

My cream has helped me to stay young-looking and have the natural beauty that I value so much. We live in a society that values youth so much and it seems like everyone is always trying their hardest to look and to feel young. When I have a good cream by my side, I don’t have to stress out as much about having aging skin.

My anti-aging cream makes it really easy for me to feel my best every day. When I look my best, I automatically feel my best and my confidence soars. It seems like the day just goes much better when I am looking my best. I love feeling beautiful as I go about my day and with my skin cream, I can ensure that I don’t lose my youthful glow.

Soft Smooth Skin Naturally

Author: Dr. Larita
March 9, 2017

I used to work out at the YWCA almost daily when we lived about two blocks away from it. One day after my workout, I was putting on lotion after my shower. A lady walked by me and said, “Wow, you really pamper yourself, don’t you!” I responded, this is a necessity. If I didn’t put lotion on my skin after my shower, I would turn as white as you. We both laughed and then she said she would try it. I never saw her again to find out whether or not she tried it. However, I do know that everyone needs to moisturize their skin after a shower or bath because most soaps really dry your skin.

The main ingredient in soaps that is drying to your skin is sodium lauryl sulfate. It is the same ingredient that is used in cleaning products to remove oily stains and residue. Why would anyone want to use that on their skin? You should only use soaps on your skin and hair that do not contain sodium lauryl sulfate. After bathing, always use a skin moisturizer. A lotion works well in warm weather but a thicker cream like shea butter is better when the weather is cold and drying to the skin. Either one will moisturize your skin but if your skin is oily, opt for the lotion.

dentures 2The methods discussed yesterday are definitely usable as methods to clean your dentures. The problem is that the soda and vinegar solutions are not as effective as the bleach method. The bleach solution is the one used the most but the American Dental Association advises against using bleach because it can whiten the pink part of your dentures.

Submerging your dentures in a bowl of water so they are covered and microwaving your dentures on high for 3 minutes has been found to kill germs. Be sure your whole denture is covered in water. It is best to check with your dentist first because the microwave can melt your dentures if they’re not fully submerged and also, you must know if there is any metal in your dentures. If there is you can not use the microwave method. When the dentures are cool, brush them with a cleaning solution and then rinse with mouthwash.

The safest way to disinfect your dentures is to use essential oils. A synergistic blend of 1 drop each of rosemary, tea tree and peppermint plus 3 drops of oregano essential oil in the water you submerge your dentures in will kill those nasty germs. Brush your teeth before placing them in the water and be sure to remove any adhesive you have used. Whichever method you use to disinfect your dentures, brush your tongue and the rest of the inside of your mouth because biofilms can develop there too.

denturesIf your wear dentures, you really need to read this blog. One of my readers asked me if there are any essential oils that can be used to clean her dentures. There are several ways to clean dentures naturally, some safer than others and some more effective than others. There are other ways that can keep your dentures clear of staph and MRSA infections.

There are three ways you can cleanse your dentures with products you probably have in your kitchen. You can use a solution of 1/2 water and 1/2 vinegar, or 1 teaspoon baking soda stirred into 8 ounces of water. The third solution is to use 1 part bleach to 10 parts water. Adding a teaspoon of calcium-chelating agent water softener to the bleach solution will help remove tartar buildup. For all three methods, soak your dentures for at least 20 to 30 minutes and be sure to rinse thoroughly before wearing. Tomorrow we’ll talk about keeping your dentures clear of infections that can develop into pneumonia.

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