Aromatherapy Care for Burns

My granddaughter decided to be brave and twirl a sparkle for the first time. She did great with the sparkle but afterwards she picked up the lit end and burned her palm. There were a lot of tears, but Grandma came to the rescue with some alternative first aid and lots of TLC. I told her I had something that would make her hand feel better and asked her if she wanted to try it. We went inside and after washing her hands in cold water and drying them, I put a dab of shea butter and two drops of lavender essential oil on her palm. After a few hugs and kisses, I asked her if the treatment worked and she smiled through her sniffles and said we could go back outside and watch the fireworks together.

She did not pick up another sparkler but we both had a great time watching the older children and grandpa lighting fireworks. The shea butter was soothing to her skin and lavender essential oil not only has properties to help heal her skin, it also has sedative properties that allowed her to calm down and begin to feel better. Before the night was over, we were laughing at the boys when they lit firecrackers and then ran like the dickens to get away before the bang. We had lots of laughs and I had a great time because I don’t like lighting fireworks and I got to hold my granddaughter in my lap, which doesn’t happen very often now that she is a “big girl” except for when she is sleepy.



May 2022