Aromatherapy Massage 1

Author: Dr. Larita
February 4, 2013

aromatherapy massageMassage is an event that you can plan for yourself or a partner. Either way, preparation is the key. First, set up the space for your massage and be sure to get all your materials ready, including already prepared aromatherapy blends and paper towels in case of spills. You can give a friend or partner a massage by asking them to lie on the floor on a large pad like a large floor cushion or a futon mattress. Cover the pad with clean bath towels and have extra towels on hand  to cover your partner’s body with them after you have massaged a specific area. Extra cushions are needed to support his or her head and knees.

Do not start giving the massage until you have prepared yourself. Release your own stress and center yourself for a few minutes and then start. Turn off your phone and play some peaceful music to help set a relaxing atmosphere. Lastly, remember that there are sometimes when a massage  should not be given. They are listed below and please run through this list before starting a massage.

  • Avoid massage when there are symptoms of high temperature, colds or flu. The body is fighting infection and needs rest.
  • A professional massage therapist can use specific techniques to help headaches and migraines but beginners should avoid massage.
  • Experienced massage therapists can work above and below varicose veins but again, beginners should avoid massage.
  • If there is inflammation as a result of an injury of some sort, avoid giving massage because it could worsen the condition.
  • If there is a physical injury, like a broken bone for example, avoid massage –  it could increase any swelling and pain.
  • Avoid massage during the first trimester of pregnancy and after that time only use gentle soothing strokes.

Tomorrow, we will start a discussion of massage strokes to use.





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