Dogs have great instincts when it comes to essential oils. If you put a digestive oil on one hand and a pesticide oil on the other, your dog will always go for the one that will do him the most good. If he has an upset stomach, he’ll go for the digestive oil but if he has fleas or other pests, he will go for the pesticide. Since dogs’ sense of smell is much stronger than humans, you can use a minimum amount of essential oil.

Below is a good remedy to rid your pet of fleas and at the same time, help keep his coat well conditioned. Essential oils do not disturb the natural oil balance of your dog’s skin and coat and it will do nothing but good for him. Use an old steel brush and a piece of material the same size as the brush face. The material should be thick. A piece of towel or sheet folded several times will do the trick. Pull the material down over the teeth of the brush so it is about an inch over the base, depending on the length of your dog’s hair.

Make a bowl of warm water and mix in 4 drops of cedarwood or pine essential oil and soak the brush you prepared in it before brushing your dog’s coat with it. This treatment will disinfect your pet, condition his coat, and collect parasites and eggs in the brush. Be sure to rinse the brush thoroughly in the bowl of essential oil water several times during the brushing treatment. We will continue this discussion tomorrow.

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