Fragrance Identity

Author: Natural-Beauty
January 16, 2013

126-20518I will always associate a particular aftershave balm with my father.  I could smell that fragrance anywhere and I would automatically think of my dad.  He still uses the very same one to this day and my mother tells me that he has been using it since before she met him.  I guess some guys have a fragrance identity and changing it could be harder than changing one’s finger print.  Some men are just consistent, I guess.

My husband doesn’t wear any kind of fragrance at all.  I would smell his deodorant and the soap he uses in the shower but nothing else besides that.  He told me he used to wear cologne when he was younger but then it got too expensive for him and he stopped wearing it ever since.  He told me he’s not opposed to wearing cologne again, but wonders if spending around fifty dollars for something he’s going to rarely use is a wise decision.  For his birthday, I wanted to surprise him with a bottle of cologne.  I knew he would be upset if I spent too much on it so I went to a store that specialized in discount fragrances and I got it for half the price.  He still doesn’t wear cologne every day, but he does wear it more often.

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