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Natural Nail Health

Author: Dr. Larita

The older I get, the more problems I seem to have with my nails. Nails often become diseased and thicken as we age. I remember my mother having very distorted looking nails in her later years. I vowed I didn’t want my nails to get that way. If you have a fungal infection (especially on your toes,) use a blend of neem oil and tea tree oil. These two oils don’t smell good but you’re using them on your feet and they will end the fungal infection. You can use both oils neat to the infected area, 1 drop at a time.

If there is no fungal infection, you can massage the following blend around the nail and nail bed once weekly to keep it healthy and free of infection:

Nail Health Blend

  • 10 drops tea tree
  • 5 drops lavender
  • 2 drops peppermint
  • 5 drops lemon

Add these blended oils to 1 teaspoon of  and massage over toes as needed.


I notice that the older I get the more my digestive processes (among many other things) change.  Last night I had some delicious Chinese food but a little while after dinner, I was miserable. The garlic and onions in the food was killing me. I usually drink peppermint tea when I have indigestion but this seemed worst than usual so I wanted a little something extra.

I made my peppermint tea and then I added a drop of ginger essential oil. My husband likes to eat crystallized ginger which is a candy and a little too sweet for me. The ginger essential oil in my tea was much better to me. When I had finished the cup (and after an unladylike loud burp) my stomach felt much better.  The next time you have indigestion, try a drop of ginger  essential oil  in your peppermint tea. This is a good treatment for those youngsters who ate too much Halloween candy too.

When you get those sugar cravings, use your diffuser with essential oil blends to stop them before you give in. For me, the act of getting the diffuser ready helps me to think about something besides that sweet treat I want to get and that is the first step. After that, the following blends shut off the craving and I can go about my way without adding a 160 calorie Oreo cookie to my diet. Besides, I never could eat just one Oreo cookie and I had to have ice cream with it too.

“Curb Your Cravings” diffuser blend

3 drops dill essential oil

3 drops lemon essential oil


“In Control” diffuser blend

2 drops peppermint essential oil

2 drops lemon essential oil

2 drops bergamot essential oil


“Beat the Binge” diffuser blend

3 drops grapefruit essential oil

2 drops orange essential oil

1 drop cypress essential oil


“Kick the Habit” diffuser blend

2 drops dill essential oil

1 drop fennel essential oil

2 drops lavender essential oil

2 drops lemongrass essential oil


“Crush the Cravings” diffuser blend

3 drops cinnamon bark essential oil

2 drops cedarwood essential oil

2 drop frankincense essential oil

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My neighbor had car troubles last week. Her car would just shake and then not go. She got it to a mechanic to see what was wrong and he said mice had climbed up into the engine to get warm (we had a really chilly week of weather at the end of August.) You know mice like to eat everything in site so while they were getting toasty, they chewed on her engine wires!
It cost her $500 to get the car fixed thanks to those darn mice. She was not happy about that at all. She asked the mechanic how she could keep that from happening again and he said simply spray peppermint oil on the clean engine. Mice can’t stand peppermint oil.
My neighbor’s husband is a car buff and he has two Mustangs that he takes to shows. He decided to rush right over to Fragrance World of Topeka to get some peppermint oil to spray on all of their car engines.
Buying a bottle of peppermint oil can save you from having that same $500 car repair bill.

Today I am reporting to you the results of my experiment using peppermint essential oil as a natural stimulant to stay awake at work. I was supposed to let you know if it worked to keep me awake or not yesterday but I forgot to take the peppermint oil with me in my rush to get to work on time. Now that I am working a temporary job, I find myself getting sleepy at work quite often because this is a sit-down job and I’m used to being on the go all the time in my educational work. I wanted something natural to keep me awake because coffee stimulates me but it also gives me urinary tract infections. I like peppermint candy but who needs the extra sugar? I really meant to put a drop or two of peppermint essential oil on a tissue but in my haste I simply grabbed the bottle and stuck it in my purse.

I start work at 8:00 am and I started getting drowsy at 9:15 this morning – I know because I looked at the clock when I first started feeling sleepy. I decided to go get some water from the break room and take a trip to the restroom for this first bout of sleepiness and that woke me up until my 10:00 break. I noticed myself getting sleepy again about 11:15 so I dug around in my purse and got the bottle of peppermint out. I unscrewed the top and took a whiff. Whew! That peppermint is really potent. My eyes opened right up and I put the bottle back in my purse. About 11:45 I was getting sluggish again so I got my peppermint back out and took another whiff; again it woke me up.

I go to lunch at noon for 30 minutes so while eating, I started thinking about the amount of time between my sleepy periods. I thought that maybe if I took more than one whiff of peppermint at a time, the stimulation would last longer. The next time I got sleepy I took three long breaths inhaling peppermint oil on each breath. I didn’t get sleepy again at all for the rest of the afternoon. I did inhale it again though because a co-worker from another floor saw the bottle on my desk and asked why it was there. While I was demonstrating, I accidentally touched the dropper top to my upper lip! That really woke me up – now that is stimulating but I would not suggest you do that unless you have felt peppermint oil on your skin before.


Ok, I confess. I was going to tell you about the results of my stimulating peppermint essential oil experiment today. Unfortunately, I was running so late I forgot to take the peppermint with me this morning. I was so sleepy at work again today that I almost fell off my chair at one point. I stayed up extra late last night writing the blog and unpacking etc. from our stay at Clubhouse Inn. I thought I would have the peppermint to help me stay awake but since I forgot it I’ll have to report to you tomorrow. I am going to go get the peppermint as soon as I finish this and put it in my purse! I promise to report out to you tomorrow!

Did you know that you should eat your carrots because they can help you have great eyesight? This is something my grandmother used to tell me and I thought it was an old wives tale. Now I know that the beta carotene which gives carrots their orange color has been shown in studies to help protect the eye, particularly the cornea, and to be useful in the prevention or slowing down of cataract formation and age-related macular degeneration.

Carrot oil is also an abundant source of carotenoids or antioxidants which  are important for fighting the effects of harmful oxidants, or free radicals in the body. Free radicals can attack and destroy healthy tissue, causing many health problems, one of which is cancer. Because of the antioxidants it contains, carrot oil can reduce the risk of developing certain types of cancer and it is often used in sun tan oils to prevent over exposure to UV radiation from the sun.

Babysitting for my daughter is something I gladly do whenever she has weekend classes to get continuing education points or to update her chiropractic license. The last time I went to her home to babysit, she was all stopped up and had a sore throat but she went to the class anyway because she felt she had to. Well, a couple of days after I got back home, I started sneezing and my throat felt scratchy so I knew she had passed her germs on to me.

I started to treat my cold symptoms right away by using essential oils to raise my immunity levels and also fight the cold virus. First, I swished  5 drops of tea tree essential oil, 2 drops of lavender essential oil, and 2 drops of thyme essential oil into my bath water. When I got out of the tub, I massaged my chest, neck and back with 2 drops of tea tree essential oil and 3 drops of eucalyptus essential oil diluted in 1 teaspoon of sweet almond oil and got directly into bed.

To dispel cold germs in the home, I use a diffuser in the living area and also spray the bedroom with thyme and lavender. For the spray, add 8 drops lavender and 6 drops thyme to 1 cup of distilled water in a plant spray bottle and simply spray the air. Drink plenty of liquids and make a special tea by using 1 drop of clove essential oil and 2 drops of lavender essential oil blended with 1 teaspoon of honey in a cup of hot water. Sip this drink slowly to sooth your throat and help ease your symptoms. Colds have to run their course but you will feel much better and the symptoms won’t last as long if you follow this regimen.

I know some of you may be really tired of me and my aches and pains but I like letting people know what helps me because it might help them too. Yesterday, I went to the grocery store and everything was fine. When I got home, I had to lug all the bags upstairs and when I was done, my knee was was aching terribly. I still had to put away groceries and make dinner so I couldn’t stop and rest yet.

After dinner, my husband saw me limping around and asked me what I had done to my leg. He told me to put some shea butter on it. Well, I said I would but I still had lots to do before I could sit down and rest. He asked me again a couple more times before I actually went to the bedroom and put the shea butter on my knee. By the time I went in there, I was limping badly but the warmth of massaging the shea butter in my skin actually made my knee feel better right away. I didn’t stop limping right away but this morning my knee felt fine and I didn’t have any problems with it today at all. (Does this mean I should listen to my husband more often?)

Happy Memorial Day 2020

Author: Dr. Larita

In this strange time of social distancing, stay at home orders and a whole new normal, I hope you are staying safe. Please remember loved ones lost and have a memorable Memorial Day 2020.

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