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3212291446_c0888961e0It wasn’t as much of a problem when I was younger but gradually I’ve noticed that I have some problems with my feet. The skin on the bottom of my feet – especially on the bottom of my toes – tends to get really dry very quickly. Sometimes it will even get so dry that it starts to crack and that can be painful depending on the circumstances and what kind of shoes I’m wearing.

Lately, however, I’ve found a way to help myself not have to deal with this issue. I’ve started using a moisturizing foot cream that helps keep my feet from drying out as badly as they had been. Ever since I started using these creams, my feet have stopped cracking and there’s been no bleeding and they just feel a lot better in general, which is a relief.

Mineral Oil – Do or Don’t

Author: Ron

Straight off the bat: it’s a don’t. Mineral and petroleum products come from the distillation of crude oil (which winds up in your  gas tank). It is used frequently in many inexpensive products because it is cheaper than plant based oil and its clear and odorless. It is commonly found in moisturizers for the protective residue it leaves behind on the skin, keeping toxins out and moisture in.

The downside is that mineral oil can very easily clog pores and lead to breakouts. In many cases, it causes allergic reactions, psoriasis, or acne. Your skin is like a sponge. Over time, the mineral oil residue will be absorbed into your body. The Cosmetic Safety Database states that mineral oil is associated with cancer, allergies, organ toxicity, immunotoxcity, and skin irritation, among other things. Many people stopped taking mineral oil orally because of the associated risks. Remember, what goes on your skin will still get into your body.

The best type of moisturizers to use on your skin should be plant based and preferably organic ones that have been cold processed to retain their natural healing properties. Shea Oil is one of the best plant based oils available. Shea Oil is a byproduct of Shea Butter production, which produces fractionated oil. Shea Butter and Shea Oil are used to protect the skin from harsh weather environments. The oil offers benefits for skin problems such as dermatitis, eczema, burns, dryness and other irritations. Shea Oil can be applied directly to the skin as a moisturizer and it can also be used as one of the main ingredients in certain skin care products.  Below is a list of some of the common uses of Shea Oil and its benefits:

Common Uses of Shea Oil:
* Lotions and creams
* Soap
* Anti-wrinkle creams
* Lip balms
* Body Butters

Benefits of Shea Oil:
* Moisturizer
* Soothes burns
* Effective in treating dermatitis and eczema
* Promotes elasticity in skin

A lot of people don’t know the difference between ‘healthy’ skin and ‘unhealthy’ skin. There are actually a number of glaring signifiers to determine whether or not your skin can be considered healthy. There are typically four criteria to look at in regards to healthy skin: hydration, even color, smooth texture, and normal sensations.

Hydration is in reference to whether or not skin is frequently overly dry or flaky; even color is referring to whether or not skin looks blotchy; smooth texture relates to acne, blackheads, scars, and wrinkles; lastly, normal sensations is referring to whether or not you may feel burning or itching on your skin. One of the best ways to ensure that your skin remains healthy is through organic body care.

If you are female and approaching the age of menopause or perimenopause, you will probably want to know that many women are successful at calming hot flashes using essential oils.  One of the most effective oils not only helps relieve night sweats, it also is proven to promote deeper sleep.

According to researchers shown in the Journal of the Chinese Medical Association, breathing in the scent of lavender can reduce hot-flash frequency and intensity by 53%. These researchers say the scent lowers stress hormone levels and also activates the hypothalamus (the brains temperature control center) to ward off hot flashes and night sweats.

Other research shows that lavender improves sleep. One study showed that those who breathed the scent of lavender essential oil before bed spent more time in deep sleep and were 50% more energetic the next day than people who didn’t inhale the scent.

If you want to get these benefits, try mixing 3-4 drops of 100% pure lavender essential oil into a dollop of unscented lotion and rubbing it into your skin. Or you can just pour a few drops of the oil onto a tissue or cotton ball and place it on your nightstand.


I’ve always preferred to use products that feature natural ingredients rather than products that use manufactured, man-made ingredients. There’s something about natural and organic products that tends to provide a better quality to most items. Obviously, this is something that I always pay attention to when it comes to food, but this idea can also apply to other items.

For instance, I also like to use natural products when it comes to skin care, as well as other natural health-related products. One of the items that I’ve been using most frequently has been a line of natural moisturizers that I think have been working like a charm. I attribute the product’s ability to work so well on its natural ingredients, because they’ve always worked great for me thus far.

banish-breakouts-mainWhen I turned about thirteen, I suddenly got hit by puberty and puberty hit me hard. I was plagued by greasy skin and acne and it became very embarrassing for me. I would wash my face constantly with soap and water when I was at home, but my acne didn’t seem to be going away at all and it really lowered my self-esteem, which is tough enough as it is for a teenager.

In my later teenage years, I started to use some different skin care beauty products that I had heard might help me through my long-lasting acne problems. I began to notice a change almost immediately once I picked the right products. As I grew older and continued using these products, I noticed that my skin started to feel better than it ever had before.

If you love your body, then it should concern you how often you use organic body care products for your skin maintenance. Natural body products have been proven to be the best for skin care. But be warned because not all products on the shelves with the “Organic Body Care” inscription are genuinely organic. Look for only those made of USDA certified ingredients free of harmful chemicals.

These products provide your skin with a combination of botanicals, minerals, and vitamins which are essential for your skin restoration and hydration. Remember every surface needs to be hydrated. Since they are purely organic and free of harmful chemicals, they help conserve our environment and protect the soil.

Though organic products are the best, it must not be assumed all the skin products which are organic and natural are suitable for your skin. Some may be repulsed by your skin and in turn subject your skin to adverse effects. The most important thing, therefore, is to understand your skin; its texture and allergies (if any) before you can choose which natural organic product to use. Also, ensure that you seek expert advice from skin care specialists to avert any adverse effects by using these products.

My skin tends to get very dry and it has been that way for my whole life. I have always suffered from dry and itchy skin and it gets so dry that it cracks and bleeds and I have little cuts all over my hands. This happens especially in the wintertime, when the weather is very cold. I get dry skin mostly on my hands, but it pops up on my legs and face and arms as well.

My daily tasks are not a help to my very dry skin. I like to wash the dishes by hand and this is very hard on my skin. All of the washing and drying and dampness dries out my skin. When I am at work, I often don’t have time to thoroughly dry my hands after washing them, and leaving my hands half-dry so often only makes my dry skin worse.

I finally found a great body cream, however, that helps me to ensure that my skin is always moisturized and replenished. This is the only thing that has really worked. I tried lots of different lotions in the past and they only helped a little bit and they helped temporarily. The body cream deeply hydrates my skin and it is good at helping my skin recover from the winter cold and the daily tasks that are hard on my hands. Body creams like this one really work.

I need to have some good lotion for my skin so that I can ensure that my skin doesn’t get too dry and that it looks healthy all year long. The changing weather conditions can be very hard on my skin, as well as spending lots of time outdoors. I enjoy living an active lifestyle and I like to go hiking or to go on a half-day kayaking trip out on the ocean.

Being in the sun all day long can really dry out my skin and the changing weather can really dry out my skin as well. It is nice to have some great lotion to rely on so that I can make sure that my skin is staying soft and smooth and I can enjoy my daily outdoor activities freely. The lotion that I have been using has a nice lemongrass scent and it is amazing.

I like that this lotion is not too thick and that it absorbs easily into my skin and leaves me feeling fresh and ready for the beach or for a day at work. I use the lotion all the time and it has really helped my skin to stay healthy even during the harsh winters and when the weather gets unpredictable. The skin lotion is a nice way for me to ensure a healthy glow.

I tend to get really dry skin and I feel that it has something to do with genetics, because it is something that I have been struggling with all my life, like my dad. It is nice to have some good moisturizer to ensure that my skin stays smooth and soft, no matter what season it is. The right lotion has really helped me to have the beautiful skin that I want to have.

I have been using a great lotion that is perfect for using all over my hands and my body. The lotion is scented, which is an added bonus. I can put some on in the morning and feel fresh for work or I can put some on in the evening and let my skin heal while I am sleeping. It is great to finally have a lotion that I can really rely on.

The moisturizer has been ideal for getting my skin through the harsh winters, the harsh summer sun, windy days, and all kinds of outdoor and indoor conditions. My skin used to get so dry after being outdoors for few hours, that it would crack and bleed. My hands would make me look like I was an elderly woman instead of a young adult. Now that I have the lotion, I finally have normal, beautiful skin.

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