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The last two days, we have discussed ingredients to use in winter skin care scrubs that will banish the chill of winter and perk up the holiday blahs. Exfoliating skin with a scrub a couple of times a week encourages cell turnover and hydrates, repairs and rejuvenates winter damaged skin. When you add a feel good essential oil to the mix, it will lift your spirits too.

Skin Scrub Recipe:

  1. Scoop 1/12 cups of an exfoliant into a bowl. We discussed baking soda, epsom salts, oatmeal and sea salt.
  2. Mix in 3/4 cup of a carrier oil like olive oil, coconut oil or avocado oil.
  3. Add 5 drops of a mood altering essential oil like vanilla, lavender, sandalwood or peppermint essential oil. (Remember start with just one drop of peppermint until you can tell if it is irritating to your skin or not.)
  4. You can also spoon in 1 teaspoon of a beautifying powder like ginger to lighten and brighten discoloration, turmeric to ease muscle pain and swelling, seaweed to improve lymph flow and flush trapped fluids or charcoal to absorb acne causing bacteria.

To use your scrub, massage the scrub onto your skin for 2 minutes during your shower using circular motions and then rinse. This shower scrub makes a great personalized last minute gift. Just double the above recipe, pour it into a 16 ounce Mason jar and shake well. Add a festive ribbon and tag to make an easy and festive holiday gift.

Body polishes are used to remove any dead skin cells that remain after using a washcloth or body brush in the shower or bath.  There are many sugar options for your use in this recipe. A high-quality body polish will contain an ingredient that will remove the remaining dead skin cells plus skin protecting ingredients that can protect the new skin that is revealed.

Sweet Body Polish Recipe

  • 9 oz sugar (brown or white)
  • 3 1/2 oz jojoba oil
  • 10 drops mandarin essential oil
  • 2 drops sweet orange essential oil
  • 5 drops geranium essential oil

A relatively common condition among aging individuals, arthritis can put a significant damper on physical activity. Osteoarthritis, the most widespread form, is caused by a combination of trauma to joints and the natural aging process. Rheumatoid arthritis, another well-known variant, occurs when the body’s immune system inflames joints and cartilage in an effort to ward off disease.

No matter the specific type of arthritis, the condition is characterized by debilitating pain. A variety of treatment options exist, and the best solution may very on a case-by-case basis. For some people, a lifestyle change such as a healthier diet or increased exercise regimen does the trick. Others turn to topical creams or foot creams for their arthritis pain relief. Either way, arthritis should be treated at its earliest signs so that the sufferer can get back to the business of living.

great-skinOne of the things that has often been a big focus for me when it comes to making myself look nice is my skin. I have found that my skin is a part of my body that I can easily make look a lot nicer just by caring for it the right way. It is so easy for me to use great products to give my skin the nutrients and the vitamins that it needs so that it will be a lot healthier on the whole.

To do this, I use a lot of great products that can help me to keep my skin as healthy as possible. I mostly use some different kinds of products that are ones that are natural as these seem to affect my skin the best. Getting quality items like some natural facial scrub can also make it so that my skin is able to stay a whole lot healthier on the whole.

With so many great products, I am able to keep my skin looking absolutely beautiful all the time. It just has so much more radiance and feels smoother and softer thanks to the different products that I use on a regular basis. I am so happy to be able to have all of the right items that I need to use around my home.

Men-Skin-CareWhen I was younger, I had a bad case of acne, but my biggest problem was with blackheads. As I’ve grown up, both of those problems have been reduced significantly, but even in my adulthood, I still frequently find myself with many blackheads on my nose. For a while, I wasn’t sure what to do about it and it was something that really bothered me.

Recently, I discovered a facial cleanser that works perfectly when I combine it with other natural skincare  products and it’s been clearing up my blackheads like you wouldn’t believe! Ever since I started using natural soap, it has given me so much more confidence now that my skin stays clear. I’m very happy with the results I’ve seen so far.

There are plenty of skin care products out there that are best left to the professionals.   Salt and sugar scrubs, on the other hand, can be made quite easily in your kitchen, so for those who enjoy homemade products and custom scents, here’s your opportunity.  The scrubs are a way to gently exfoliate your body and promote healthy skin. They can be used before or along with your bath or shower.

The first thing you need to decide is whether you prefer salt or sugar.  Those with sensitive skin often do better with sugar, which is more gentle and melts away faster in the warm water.  Then, it’s time to collect your ingredients. The basics of the recipe are sugar or salt, food grade oil (such as jojoba , grapeseed, or avocado), and essential oils.   You can use a variety of different oils depending on your skin’s needs. For example, grapeseed oil is slightly astringent and great for oily skin, while sweet almond oil is great for dry skin that needs a lot of moisturizing.  You might also choose to use a bit of honey, especially in sugar scrubs, to help smooth out the texture of the scrub.  You can get creative with seasonal scents, or even add some coffee crystals for a little extra wake-up power in your shower. Here’s a sample recipe: 8 cups salt or sugar (raw or light brown,) 2 cups jojoba oil, 1/2 cup avocado oil and 8-10 drops of essential oil plus honey for texture. Slowly mix the oils into the sugar or salt. You want a consistency that is wet, yet allows you to ball it up without it dripping back through your fingers.  Add honey and/or more oil as needed.  When you have achieved your desired texture, mix in your essential oils. Note: be sure to use pure essential oils and not fragrance oils which are often synthetic and can be highly irritating.

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