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Bath Oils for Pregnancy

Author: Dr. Larita

Pregnancy is both a beautiful and stressful experience for women. Since the baby is so connected to the mother, when the mother is stressed out her baby may feel stressed out as well. Taking a relaxing soak with aromatherapy bath oils can put mother and child in a good frame of mind.Not only will a relaxing soak with bath oils reduce stress, it also surrounds the mother with beautiful smells. Many pregnant women report sensitivity to smell. Doctors recommend mothers surround themselves with pleasant smells to ease the mind and prevent nausea.

You can dilute 5 drops of any of these essential oils – tangerine, grapefruit, geranium, chamomile, ylang ylang, lavender in 1 teaspoon of shea, grapeseed, or almond oil to make a wonderful bath oil. If you or a loved one are going through a difficult pregnancy and have a hard time relaxing, consider giving bath oils a try.

Bath Bombs

Author: Dr. Larita

bath bombsIn this fast paced world, most of us are very busy and always in a hurry. If you are like me, you usually take a quick shower because you don’t have time for a bath. If I am going to take the time for a bath, I want it to be memorable.  The next time you want to feel special, you should try a bath bomb. This is an amazing way to relax in the bath and make your skin feel wonderful.

Bath bombs are composed of natural ingredients including pure aromatherapy grade essential oils like lavender and chamomile. The fizz in the bombs will surprise and please you and adding the essential oils of your choice will make you extremely happy. Your skin will feel silky smooth and you will feel relaxed and rejuvenated.

Pep Pep Pep Peppermint

Author: Dr. Larita

If you want to start using natural essential oils in your home medicine cabinet, the ones I suggest for your basic care kit are lavender, tea tree, peppermint, chamomile, eucalyptus, geranium, rosemary, thyme, lemon, and clove. These essential oils are chosen for their medical properties first and second for their ability to take care of a broad range of health problems. Today, let’s talk about peppermint essential oil.

Peppermint has been used by many cultures (Egyptians, Chinese, and American Indians) for thousands of years because of its healthful properties. It is a superb digestive aid, it helps the respiratory system and promotes circulation, it is an anti-inflammatory and it is an antiseptic. These qualities make peppermint oil excellent to use in the treatment of indigestion, flatulence, bad breath, headaches and migraines, skin irritations, toothache, and fatigue.

It can also help to keep pests like mice, fleas, and ants away! The best property of peppermint essential oil for me is that it is a natural stimulant. I use it in the shower to help get me going in the mornings and also sniff it when I get sleepy at work, it helps me stay awake so I don’t have to drink a gallon of coffee.

I have been using some great bath oils recently and they have been a nice addition to my morning routine and my weekend routine as well. The oils are nice for giving me the luxurious bath experience that I am wanting to have. It is nice to take a hot bath and to let my whole body just refresh after a long week or after a long day.

The oils that I have been using are perfect for ensuring smooth and healthy skin. My skin tends to get really dry in the wintertime, and it can even get so dry that it starts to crack and bleed. I have tried everything to avoid this happening, but nothing has worked except for the oils. The oils are perfect for using during every bath.

Getting some nice bath oils online is easy and I love that I no longer have to hide my skin thanks to the oils. They make it easy for me to enjoy the kind of bath experience that I want to have. The oils are great for soothing me and for moisturizing my whole body. I love the way that I feel when getting out of the bath tub after using some great oils. I feel so fresh and ready for the world.

3-bathWhen I recently began to find a lot of different types of oils that I might be able to use in the bath, I wasn’t really sure what I should be doing with all of these different types of items. It was really great for me to be able to find them though just because I knew that these were different types of items that were super comfortable to use on a regular basis.

With so many different types of oils that I could be using all of the time to make myself smell great, I felt a lot better about the way that I smelled. It was so easy for me to be able to find a lot of different types of oils that I would be able to use in the bath. These bath oils were perfectly scented to make it so that when I got out of the bath I took with me a bit of the scent.

It was really wonderful for me to be able to pick out all kinds of different types of oils that I might be able to use on a regular basis. There were so many different oils that were ones that I really loved having all of the time. The oils that I use now are ones that are so good for me to use.

Holiday Bath Crystals

Author: Dr. Larita

Essential oils can be used in your bath four different ways. First, you can just add them neat to your bath water and swish it around. You will have a luscious aroma plus the therapeutic properties of whichever oil you use. The oils can also be used  to make homemade bubble baths, bath oils, and bath crystals.

If you like bath crystals, you will love the fact that you can make your own and not pay a lot of money for fancy packaging like you do when you buy them in the stores. To make your own you will need some attractive glass jars. You can save them over the year for next holiday season or for any occasion when gifts are given. If you don’t have any for this holiday season, you can put the crystals in a small gift bag from a party store or simply put them in a plastic sandwich bag and tie a ribbon around it.

All you need to make your bath crystals is washing soda crystals, a little food coloring, and the essential oils of your choice. Just crush the washing soda crystals, add a little food coloring (your choice of color) and the essential oil you want for that color. Use a corresponding color for the essential oil you choose like yellow for lemon or red for peppermint. To each 9 ounces of colored crystals add 20 drops of essential oils. Tie a ribbon around the jar or bag and voila, you’ve got your holiday gift.

In the U.S., personal care ingredients are not required to go through FDA approval, health studies, or market testing. The result is that there are some of the not so friendly ones ending up in your skincare products. We have listed  some of the more common harmful chemicals that you may find in your products:
Lauryl Sulfate. This can result in kidney and liver damage, and even eye damage leading to cataracts. It is a foaming agent found in toothpaste and shampoo, and it’s already banned in Europe and Central America.
Paraben Preservatives. Parabens disrupt hormones and have been linked to skin rashes and breast cancer. This germicide and preservative is found in a variety of products ranging from body lotions to hair dye.

If you are as concerned as I am about your family’s health, then you should carefully read the label on your make up, toothpaste, shampoo, body lotion and bath and shower products. Only purchase bath and shower gels, shampoos and body lotions, that are free of sodium lauryl sulfate and dangerous paraben preservatives.

That special day for your loved one is coming up and you haven’t found the right gift yet so here is a helpful and good smelling idea. Give Mom or your loved one a gift of aromatherapy products that can elevate their mood and make them feel pampered. Of course, you can always purchase a ready-made gift basket but your loved one will feel really special if you put some thought, planning and time into building the gift on your own.

Now let’s think about what aromatherapy items to place in your basket for the perfect gift. The items you might use include fragrance oils or body oils with scented lotions and shower gels to match; aromatherapy shampoos and conditioners; body butters such as shea butter, mango butter, or cocoa butter; and air fresheners and essential oils with diffusers to disperse the fragrances.

Once you have decided on the items to put in the container you will arrange them by placing them on a filler. The filler is  a cushion on the bottom of your basket (something like crumpled colorful paper or confetti – be creative!) Next you can decoratively arrange the items in the basket and cover it with cellophane or simply tie a ribbon on the handle. Happy shopping!

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