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Why You Need To Use Natural Moisturizer

Author: Natural-Beauty
November 19, 2018

The secret to healthy, youthful, and glowing skin is actually no secret at all. Get enough sleep, exercise regularly, hydrate often, and of course, use natural moisturizer. Healthy skin mirrors your good health, and it doesn’t happen by luck alone, you need to put in the effort. As such, moisturize daily and use only organic and natural brands for your face, hand, and skin.

Skin moisturizers are widely and readily available. It’s just a matter of choosing the right one that works well for you. There are drawbacks to some moisturizer products though, particularly those that contain chemical additives and harmful ingredients that do more harm than good. Avoid the risk of skin irritation and blemishes by using only natural moisturizer for your face and body. Natural lotions and moisturizing products use organic and natural ingredients which are especially great to use on sensitive skin.

Hydrating your skin with natural moisturizer come with therapeutic benefits, in addition to making you feel good and smell great. If you prefer them unscented, you won’t have any trouble finding those type of natural moisturizers, too. Take good care of your face and body, use natural moisturizer to maintain your skin’s healthy and youthful glow.

6 Essential Oils For Your Home

Author: Dr. Larita
November 19, 2018

The average person hears essential oils and they think it’s something that will make their home smell nice. And while that is certainly true, they also have many other uses that extend far beyond a pleasant fragrance.

There are a lot of essential oils out there, but if you plan on having only a few in the house, these are some good options.


If you only plan to have one essential oil in the home, this should be it. Used topically, it can treat skin rashes, acne and minor burns. It’s often used as an alternative treatment for insomnia and its calming scent helps treat nerves and anxiety issues. In addition, it’s been shown to decrease mental stress and anxiety as well as increase cognitive function.


Lemon Oil

Lemon has more applications than most other oils will ever dream of and is a great one to keep around the home. It can be used in water to treat bad breath, in shampoo to alleviate dandruff, or even be blended with aloe gel for use as a hand sanitizer.

And because lemon is calming, it can also be used to reduce mental fatigue, anxiety and nervous tension. It also has the ability to create a positive mindset and help reduce negative emotions.

Eucalyptus Oil

Eucalyptus is great for treating chest congestion and, because of its disinfectant properties, it’s ideal for spraying in the kitchen or bathroom or diffusing to reduce germs and odors. It also has a cooling and refreshing effect and helps treat stress. This essential oil is actually a stimulant that removes exhaustion and mental sluggishness.

Together, lavender, lemon oil and eucalyptus oil create a powerful combination to eliminate stress and help people relax. These three ingredients can be blended to make up a blend that is very relaxing. A favorite blend among our customers, they have told us they look forward to getting home and relaxing after trying this blend for the first time.


Peppermint is commonly used in tea to treat nausea. However, it can also be blended with pine and eucalyptus and applied to the chest to treat coughing and congestion. And with its antibacterial properties, it is a great addition to water when cleaning.

However, this essential oil is also a great solution for improving focus and concentration. For those who love energy drinks to keep them going strong during the day, our peppermint inhaler.


If you’re feeling overwhelmed, indecisive or confused, the soothing aroma of rosemary is a great solution for clearing your head. It also supports healthy digestion and respiratory function.

We have combined peppermint and rosemary oils together to improve focus, clarity and insight, which is why customers love our Fresh Peppermint and Rosemary Plug In Refill.


You may not be aware of this, but vanilla essential oil has powerful antioxidant properties that help to neutralize free radicals and protect the body from everyday wear and tear. It also helps to stimulate the body to repair damage that has already been done.

Vanilla also has a relaxing and calming effect on the brain and nerves, making it a great treatment for those needing help with anxiety and restlessness.

You can both relax and refresh with our Balancing Vanilla Peppermint Plug In Refill, which combines the calming of vanilla with the invigorating qualities of peppermint.

This article is shared by Scent Fill and written by Sheena White.

Facial Steaming

Author: Dr. Larita
November 16, 2018

Facial steams are relaxing,  stress-relieving and great pampering routines that can be done once a week, or for those with very sensitive or dry skin, once a month. Steaming is an excellent way to increase circulation to the skin, promote the release of toxins and impurities, deep cleanse and open pores, and experience the benefits of essential oils and herbs.

To prepare a facial steam, you’ll need a large heat-safe bowl, boiling water, a towel, and the essential oils or herbs you want to use. Combine the hot water and essential oils/herbs in the bowl, place the towel over your head, and lean over the bowl in such a way that the towel creates a tent, keeping the steam in. Keep your face a comfortable distance above the water, breathe deeply and enjoy for five to ten minutes taking breaks every minute or two as needed.

Essential oils can be calming, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, balancing, and fungicidal. Some common oils you might already have include lavender, tea tree, chamomile, clary-sage, and neroli. You can use fresh or dried herbs as well, including comfrey, rosemary, lemon balm, chamomile, fennel, mint, and more. Choose your additions based on your needs at the time, or simply work with combinations that smell right to you, whether they are invigorating, relaxing or simply delicious!

Essential Oils for Your Feet

Author: Dr. Larita
November 15, 2018

It is time for holiday shopping. Some of my friends at work are boasting that they are done with their Christmas shopping! After a day of standing at work or a long day of shopping, your feet will enjoy a soak in a basin of warm water. To pamper your feet even more, add about a dozen marbles,  1 tablespoon of salt, and 4 drops of your favorite essential oils. Peppermint essential oil will refresh your feet at any time, calendula oil is great for hard skin and corns. Lavender, fennel or chamomile will relieve tired and swollen feet. You can breath in the wonderful aroma while you slowly and sensuously rub the soles of your feet back and forth over the marbles.

After you blot your feet dry, massage the whole foot including the toes with the following oils:

  • 6 drops rose
  • 4 drops lemon
  • 3 drops thyme
  • 2 drops chamomile

Blend these essential oils together in the above proportions and use 5 drops in 1 teaspoon of jojoba oil. A few foot baths and you will never want to give them up. Your feet will thank you too.

Jasmine Essential Oil

Author: Dr. Larita
November 14, 2018

worryJasmine essential oil comes from a beautiful but very delicate flower. It is so delicate that jasmine is not produced by steam distillation as are most essential oils but instead, it is processed using chemical solvents. This method of production gives us an “absolute” rather than an essential oil. Jasmine’s aroma is rich, floral, very heady and sweet.

While jasmine is non-toxic, it can be a potential skin irritant and sensitizer. Do not use jasmine in baths or massage if you have sensitive skin. Also, if you tend to get headaches or migraines, this oil’s strong scent may trigger an attack. Lastly, do not use jasmine absolute during pregnancy, but you can use it during labor.

Jasmine boosts and restores sexual vitality and aids the expression of intimate feelings. To warm the emotions, add to 4 teaspoons sweet almond oil the following essential oils: 2 drops jasmine, 4 drops sandalwood and 4 drops sweet orange oil. To heal constant emotional stress and withdrawal, take a bath with 2 drops jasmine absolute and 4 drops sweet orange.

Besides easing the mind, jasmine can help to heal your body too. To ease pre-menstrual syndrome (PMS)  blend jasmine and mandarin essential oil in jojoba oil and apply it clockwise to the abdomen. To help the uterus to contract during labor, blend 2 drops jasmine and 2 drops clary-sage  in 4 teaspoons of a carrier oil and ask your spouse to massage it into your abdomen. To revive mature skin, add 2 drops jasmine, 4 drops frankincense and 2 drops gardenia to 30 Second Face Lift. Apply this mixture to your face every night.


Skin Mousse Recipe

Author: Dr. Larita
November 6, 2018

To make your recipe, use a clean glass jar about the size of a small baby food jar or a little smaller. It needs to be big enough to hold 4 teaspoons of finished product and also have room to mix the formula. Of course, you can mix the ingredients in another container and then transfer it to a small jar that will hold just 4 teaspoons. Add 3 teaspoons aloe vera gel to 1 teaspoon jojoba oil and stir with a small spoon. When the oil and gel combine and start to thicken, add another 1/2 teaspoon aloe vera gel and keep stirring until the mixture gets smooth and becomes an opaque, pale cream color. This will make 4 tsp of mousse or enough for about 10 applications to your face.

If you like, you can leave the mousse unscented. If you are like me, though, you will want to add some beneficial fragrance. Try one of the blends below in the amounts given and stir again. Your mousse will last about four to six weeks if kept at a cool room temperature. These blends will leave your skin feeling amazing – calm, restored and soft.

For normal skin, add to the mousse 2 drops geranium and 1 drop rosewood essential oil to the mousse. For dry skin, add 1 drop chamomile and 1 drop rose to the mousse. For oily skin add 1 drop lavender and 1 drop rosemary to the mousse. For acne add 1 drop chamomile, 1 drop lavender, 1 drop juniper and 1 drop patchouli. Whichever formula is right for your skin, you will be pleased with your mousse.

Skin Moisturizers Should Be In Your Beauty Arsenal

Author: Natural-Beauty
November 5, 2018

Take good care of your skin as you would with the rest of your body. Don’t skip on using skin moisturizers to keep your skin fresh, hydrated, and radiant looking. Proper exercise, a healthy diet, good sleep, and drinking enough water daily are your natural ways of maintaining your skin’s natural glow and moisture. But it doesn’t hurt to use skin moisturizing products to give your skin and body the extra pampering it deserves.

Skin moisturizers and hand and body lotions lock in moisture into your skin and prevents it from roughness and drying. It’s a staple in your beauty arsenal and one that you should use on a regular basis. Moisturizing your skin helps you feel relaxed and rejuvenated. With regular use, it can smooth calluses and help soften rough parts on body. Not only that, moisturizing products are available in various scents and that’s another perk – your skin won’t only feel well-hydrated but smell great, too. Definitely a confidence boost!

What you put on and in to your body reflects on your skin, so it goes without saying that it’s important to know the best type of moisturizing product to use. Go for brands that use natural ingredients, but if you want to be extra sure, there’s no harm in talking to a skin expert.

Cellulite 3

Author: Dr. Larita
October 26, 2018

bath2We talked about using essential oils in the bath so they can penetrate your skin by osmosis. You can use any of the following oils in your bath to fight cellulite:


  • oregano
  • juniper
  • grapefruit
  • lemon
  • cedarwood
  • fennel
  • cypress
  • thyme
  • rosemary
  • sage
  • basil
  • patchouli


Place 2 handfuls of epsom salts and 1 handful of rock salt in your bath. Now run the water and add 8 drops of the following synergistic blend:

  • 6 drops each oregano and juniper
  • 10 drops each lemon and grapefruit
  • 8 drops basil

Blend this mixture together well in the tub. Massage the cellulite problem areas while they under the water.

celluliteThose dimples on your hips, thighs, stomach and buttocks are actually pockets of fat that are very unsightly. The causes of cellulite can be anything from poor circulation and a lack of oxygen to water retention or hormonal changes. It could be related to anything from poor lymph drainage to menstrual cycle problems. Whatever the cause of your cellulite, there are several things you can do to lessen or eliminate it from your body.

Treatment for cellulite is not easy and may be a lifelong struggle if it runs in your family genetically. There are some things you can do whatever the cause of your cellulite. The first thing to do when you attack cellulite is to pay attention to your diet. You may be able to reverse that cellulite by changing your diet. Eat lots of fresh vegetables, buy free-range chickens, turkeys and eggs, organically grown whole grain bread, pulses (beans) and rice. Drink only spring water, fruit juices and herb teas. Do not eat dairy products from cows and cut out any fermented foods. Do eat raw cabbage. It is the best food in the world to eliminate toxins from your body.

Here are four anti-cellulite essential oil synergistic blends.  You can try two oils that you already have or two that you wish to try. I usually use the blend that smells the best to me. My favorite of these blends is the rosemary and juniper blend but sage and patchouli are also nice. Whichever you choose, remember to massage your cellulite areas while they are under water. For all of these blends, use the following proportions for use in the future or use the quantity below for two baths. Use only 6 drops per bath.


Blend 1

  • 8 drops thyme
  • 4 drops lemon

Blend 2

Blend 3

  • 6 drops rosemary
  • 6 drops juniper

Blend 4

Tomorrow we will discuss a plan of action against cellulite.

Anti-Cellulite Massage Formulas

Author: Dr. Larita
October 23, 2018

toweling offWhen you finish your anti-cellulite bath, you are ready for an anti-cellulite massage. It is important to use the correct base oil for the anti-cellulite massage oil formulas below. You will need 2 tablespoons of almond oil plus 5 drops of carrot oil and 5 drops of jojoba oil. You can always multiply your recipe  for the carrier and essential oils.


Formula 1

  • 14 drops juniper
  • 10 drops lemon
  • 6 drops oregano

Formula 2

  • 8 drops fennel
  • 10 drops lemon
  • 12 drops grapefruit

Formula 3

  • 10 drops basil
  • 8 drops thyme
  • 12 drops grapefruit


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