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We’re continuing with the discussion of cedarwood essential oil and hair loss. We talked about the medications that are out there that for hair loss. They are often expensive and may or may not work. If you want to go natural, try cedarwood essential oil. You can put a drop or two into your current shampoo and conditioner or try something even more natural and use an unscented shampoo. Below are two cedarwood recipes you can try.

To relieve dandruff:

  • Blend 6 drops cedarwood, 6 drops rosemary essential oil and 4 drops cypress oil with 1 ounce sweet almond oil. Massage into the scalp and leave to soak overnight. Shampoo thoroughly the next day.

To combat oily hair:

  • Another useful recipe is to blend 4 teaspoons grape seed oil with 5 drops each of cedarwood oil, cyprus oil and peppermint oil. Add to 1/4  cup of fresh lemon juice. Massage into the scalp and leave for at least 2 hours before washing out.

Bonus: Cedarwood Essential Oil is very calming and relaxing making it great for stress and anxiety! It also has a sweet, light, and woodsy scent so while giving yourself a scalp massage, imagine yourself being in a spa as you rid yourself of the tension.

Shared by Amanda Robertson

If your hair is dry, it is probably because your sebaceous glands are not producing enough oil to keep it  healthy. The protective oils produced by your hair are essential for protecting it from the elements but exposure to sun, wind, heat and chemicals can damage hair, leaving it frizzy.  Split ends, broken shafts and a rough texture are all signs that your hair is lacking a sufficient sebum coating.

Dry hair fixes include:

  • Using a very gentle shampoo followed by a cream conditioner that you leave on for several minutes (on your hair, not your scalp)
  • Avoiding the use of chemical products such as hair dye and styling products because they can be very harsh on hair and wearing a hat if you’re going to be out in the sun, and a swimming cap if you’re going to be in chlorinated water
  • Adding a few drops of oil (coconut, jojoba, olive oil, etc) will give protective moisture to hair if you simply place a few drops  in your hands, rub your hands together and then work through your hair to give it a light sheen
  • Drying hair on the low or coolest setting if you must blow it dry
  • Combing your hair in the shower with conditioner in it because this is the time your hair is at its smoothest and strongest; otherwise, use a boar bristle brush, which will be more gentle and less likely to tear hair, as well as helping to distribute oil through the hair
  • Washing your hair less often and using a weekly deep conditioner
  • Having your hair trimmed if you are experiencing split ends- at least 1/2 inch above the splits

Tips for Younger Looking Hair

Author: Ron

Adopt a healthy-hair diet. Eat more salmon, sardines, oily fish (or fish oil/DHA supplements), bran, eggs, nuts, avocados and green tea. Avoid red meat.


Wash your hair according to its needs. Over-washing hair can cause it to appear dry and brittle. Many find that as they age their hair becomes dryer and so requires less washing. In some cases it can even be helpful to skip every other shampoo, while still conditioning your hair.


Choose a cut that falls somewhere between your chin and your shoulder blades. Avoid too many layers for thinning hair, and go for thicker bangs when possible. Remember, longer layers help lengthen a round face, while shorter, framing layers will help soften an angular face.


Deep condition hair with natural oils, such as coconut or shea oil. Rub oil into hair, leave in for a few hours, then wash the oil out for a youthful shine.

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