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Anti-Aging Skin Care

Author: Dr. Larita

Your skin is a living breathing organ and it must be kept hydrated just like the rest of your body. To improve the condition of your skin and delay or even reverse the aging process, do the following:

  1. drink plenty of water
  2. eat a diet rich in antioxidants
  3. wash your face with a gentle natural soap
  4. use a good moisturizing cream

Be gentle when you wash your face and don’t scrub too hard because scrubbing is not good for your skin. I splash lukewarm water on my face and then make a soapy lather in my hands but you can also use a soft cloth to wash your face. After rinsing well, I use an astringent like witch hazel on a cotton ball before moisturizing with 30 second face lift.

I love burning candles. It gives a sense of peace to my home. What I don’t I enjoy is the fact that once a candle has burned to its lowest point there’s nothing left to do but throw it out. Candles can be pretty pricey, especially when you enjoy them as much as I do.

I have found a great alternative to candles in oil burners. First, you purchase an oil burner that fits into your décor. Then you simply need to choose the oil scents that you enjoy. You can choose seasonal oils, meditative, romantic or therapeutic oils. Oils are great because you don’t have to worry about wax getting all over the place when it melts down. The oil burners are so versatile that you all you need to do is purchase the oils as refills. You just wipe them out when you want to change the aroma or, of course, you can purchase more than one oil burner. They give you the same ambiance as candles, they smell just as wonderful and you can blend your oils for different scents.

What are Carrier Oils?

Author: Dr. Larita

Carrier oils or base oils are used to dilute essential oils. Oils used in aromatherapy penetrate the skin, so they need to be diluted properly so you reap the best benefits from your massage session. A carrier oil is basically used to carry the essential oil and open the gateway for them to make an entry into the skin and render the health benefits from your aromatherapy session. These carrier oils are also referred to as cold-pressed vegetable oils and they are easily absorbed into the skin. Some types of aromatherapy carrier oils include almond, coconut, jojoba, grape seed, and aloe vera. Almond oil is also a great moisturizer and suitable for all skin types. Another often-used carrier oil, is olive oil.

Most of the oils that we find in grocery stores are heated, and not cold pressed, so they have less health benefits. You or your therapist has to balance your aromatherapy carrier oil with the essential oil to maximize the health benefits of your session.

Aromatherapy Skin Care

Author: Dr. Larita

I’ve been writing blogs about natural skin care with aromatherapy and essential oils for over a year now and I’m wondering if you are getting tired of what I have to say about it. I am a true proponent of natural skin care and I would like for all my friends to be also. Maybe I should tell you that I not only write about skin care, I also read about it from other bloggers and newsletters. If you don’t believe me, why don’t you look into it further.

If you want to keep your skin looking and feeling young, try using natural products. You will find that these products really work for you and often they do not cost as much as the name-brand products in department stores. For a fresh and young looking face, wash with a gentle soap, use a natural astringent like witch hazel, and then use a natural moisturizer. You will be a believer in no time!

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