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Aromatherapy is a form of alternative medicine that has helped many practitioners to relax and obtain a sense of profound calmness. In today’s hustle-and-bustle business world, it’s nice to have a natural and pleasant retreat. For many people, that means inhaling the soothing or invigorating scent of essential oils. These oils affect much more than just the nose and the body’s olfactory senses. They travel to the limbic system to enhance your mood too. Whether you want a pick me up or something to calm your nerves, there is an essential oil to fulfill your needs.

Aromatherapy essential oils are derived by extracting and boiling down the essence of beneficial plants. Each essential oil can be used for many diverse purposes. These oils can be used to do everything from relieving sleep disorders or calming a bad cough to improving a  person’s overall outlook on life.  If you are overworked and stressed out, take a moment to pamper yourself with some much needed aromatherapy. Keep reading this blog to find out more ways to use essential oils in your life.

Essential Oils for Gas

Author: Dr. Larita

Have you ever heard this little rhyme? “Beans, beans, the tropical fruit. The more you eat, the more you poot!” It’s true that the foods you eat can lead to organic stomach gases but it can also be associated with a disease like gallstones or  some problem with the gallbladder. Then too, it could be that you’re swallowing air during the day and the gas could be functional with no disease present at all.

To cure functional flatulence simply change your eating habits and be aware of swallowing air during the day. Belching does not help this problem, it causes you to swallow even more air.  If you cut down on cellulose and starchy foods like potatoes, wheat, peas, and onions you will cut out a lot of your gas problem. After eating, sip on a glass of hot water to which you’ve added a pinch of bicarbonate of soda and 1 drop of  peppermint essential oil. This helps not only your stomach, but also the intestinal tract.

If your gas is giving you pain, make a massage oil blend of 1 teaspoon of carrier oil (sweet almond oil, jojoba oil, or shea oil) plus 2 drops cardamom essential oil and 3 drops of peppermint essential oil. Massage this mixture over your whole abdomen in a clockwise direction. Relief is on the way!

30 Second Face-Lift

Author: Dr. Larita

I wore makeup for the first time in quite a while yesterday. I discovered I didn’t have any makeup remover when I went to take it off. I would have gone to the drug store to get some except that it was raining cats and dogs outside and I really didn’t want to go back out in that weather.

I decided to use my 30 Second Face Lift. I use it everyday after I wash my face but I had never used it to take off makeup. I put a little of the cream in my hand, rubbed my hands together and then wiped the cream all over my face. Next, I used a tissue to wipe off all the makeup and 30 Second Face Lift. My face was free of makeup and it felt soft and smooth. Now I will use my 30 Second Face Lift every time I wash my face and whenever I want to moisturize my skin.

Daily Facial Scrubs

Author: Dr. Larita

A common question that many women ponder is how often to use a facial scrub. After all, scrubs can work wonders on clogged pores, but they can also be harsh on acne prone skin. As a rule of thumb, if you have dry skin, only use a facial scrub once a week.

People with oily skin can use a facial scrub two or three times a week. More than three times a week can have a damaging effect. If your skin is exceedingly dry and your skin is prone to frequent breakouts, avoid facial scrubs altogether. In those instances it is better to use a gentle cleanser twice a day and wipe away excess oil with toner.

Aromatherapy and Stress

Author: Dr. Larita

Everyone has varying degrees of stress in their life on a scale from positive to distressful. Your mind, body, and soul will greatly benefit from the use of pure, safe, natural, and effective essential oils. Aromatherapy essential oils may be exactly what you need if you are trying to reduce the mental stress caused by work, school, unemployment, or financial worries.

There are specific essential oils that can be used for mental stress and they can be used alone or in a synergistic blend. The oils to use are geranium, lavender, sandalwood, basil, bergamot, grapefruit, cardamom, and patchouli. A specific synergistic blend to use might be geranium, lavender and bergamot but you can blend others or simply use just one of the above mentioned oils.

Several ways to use your synergistic blend of aromatherapy essential oils for stress follow:

  • Use 6-8 drops of your chosen oils or synergistic blend in a warm bath or shower every night.
  • Add 5 drops per teaspoon of your essential oils or blend to a carrier oil (i.e., almond, jojoba, liquid shea) and use this formula as a massage oil. You can also massage it on your body before leaving your home and wear it as a fragrance oil.
  • Use the oils in a diffuser at home or at work.
  • Add 8-10 drops essential oils blend to 2 1/2 cups water in a plant spray bottle and spray occasionally in your office or other environment.
  • If you are not allowed to use a diffuser at work (I don’t know why not) you can put a drop or two on a tissue and sniff it occasionally; you can sniff the bottle in which you have stored the oils; or you can put a dab of oil on the space between your nose and upper lip.

Essential Oil Uses

Author: Dr. Larita

In today’s world most of us are very conscious of what we are doing to the earth’s ozone layer with commercial aerosol air fresheners. When you use essential oils to scent your home, you are providing your family with a much better option and your home will have a delightful aroma. You can scent your home with essential oils in the following ways:

  • Use  about 8 drops of essential oil to 2 1/2 cups of water and spray as finely as possible towards curtains and carpets. Test curtain and wood materials before spraying to avoid water stains.
  • Purchase a light bulb ring or use one drop of essential directly on a light bulb in a standing lamp. Make certain the light is turned off before applying the oil because essential oils are flammable. Once the oil is applied, turn on the light and the heat from the bulb will release the scent into the room.
  • Turn a log fire into a fragrant event by applying one drop of essential oil (try cypress, pine, sandalwood, or cedarwood) to each log. Your guests will think you are using imported wood for your fire!
  • Diffusers are an easy effective way to scent a room. Wipe them clean before applying a different oil or blend. If you don’t have a diffuser, place a bowl of boiling water with 5-6 drops of essential oil in a centrally located place in the room. Remove the bowl when the water cools and keep it out of the reach of children and pets.
  • Add 4 drops of essential oil to a cotton ball and place it close to your heat source in winter months or put as many drops as you like in a humidifier.

Diarrhea Essential Oils

Author: Dr. Larita

Recently, I had a bout with diarrhea which can be caused by many things but the reasons usually fall into either food, nerve or viral related categories. Whatever the cause, if you have diarrhea you should drink plenty of water.

If you have food related diarrhea, use one of these oils to make a massage oil; peppermint, eucalyptus, thyme, chamomile, or tea tree. A good synergistic blend for food related diarrhea is 2 drops chamomile, 3 drops peppermint, and 1 drop eucalyptus. Mix this blend into 1 teaspoon of jojoba oil and massage over the whole abdominal area.

For nerve related diarrhea, make a synergistic blend of  1 drop chamomile, 2 drops eucalyptus and 3 drops lavender and dilute it into 1 teaspoon of a good quality carrier oil. The viral oils to blend are 3 drops thyme, 2 drops lavender and 1 drop tea tree. Make it into a massage oil in the same manner.

You can also make a drink by adding 1 drop of essential oil to a teaspoon of honey and stirring it into a cup of warm water and sipping the drink slowly. Use peppermint for both food related and nerve related diarrhea and use eucalyptus for viral related eucalyptus.

Skin Care for Men

Author: Dr. Larita

Women often talk about how to care for our skin because we  love to look beautiful. Most men aren’t concerned with their skin until there is a problem that needs solving. The first thing people notice about you is your face so here are a few tips for you men to ensure that your skin stays healthy and you look good.

  • Cleanse by washing your face daily with a natural soap like Dudu-Osun Natural Black Soap. It not only cleans but also exfoliates so that you get a deep cleansing and your pores stay clear and your face looks healthy.
  • Tone your skin with a natural astringent containing 1 ounce witch hazel, 3 ounces distilled water, 1 teaspoon cider vinegar and the following essential oils: 2 drops juniper berry, 1 drop lime, and 1 drop grapefruit. This mixture must be shaken each time you use it.
  • Moisturize your face daily with a natural moisturizer that contains no alcohol or fragrances.
  • Protect your skin by: avoiding overexposure to the sun, eating healthy, staying in shape with exercise, and steering clear of alcohol, smoking, fatigue and stress.

Supple Skin For You

Author: Dr. Larita

Having moist, supple skin is the product of both hydration and a good skin care regimen. Not drinking eight 8 ounce glasses of water per day could lead to dry, sagging skin, eczema, cracked flaky skin, acne and pimples.

Stay hydrated with water-rich foods: cucumbers, 97% water; tomatoes and zucchini, 95% water; peaches, 87% water; and grains, beans, and pastas are also good sources of water because they absorb a lot of water as they cook. Use a good quality chemical-free natural moisturizing product to keep your skin moisturized on the outside too.

Crystal Deodorant

Author: Dr. Larita

Our body controls temperature and eliminates toxins by sweating, so stopping underarm sweat with antiperspirant is not healthy and is often thought to be one reason for the rise in breast cancer. The  medical profession does not support this idea and considers it a myth but it just makes sense that if toxins are trapped in your body they can lead to health problems.

If you are not willing to take a chance with your health, it is worth your while to try Crystal Deodorant. It is 100% natural and contains potassium alum mineral salts. It is non-aerosol, ozone friendly, hypoallergenic, unscented, non-staining, contains no alcohol, and kills odor causing bacteria.  Do antiperspirants contribute to breast cancer? Myth or fact, you decide.

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