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Remarkable Rosemary Essential Oil

Author: Dr. Larita
September 25, 2012

Rosemary essential oil is an excellent one for treating all muscular aches and pains. Its antiseptic properties make it popular for treating muscular sprains, arthritis, rheumatism, depression, fatigue, memory loss, migraine, headaches, coughs, flu and diabetes among many other conditions. Rosemary is used in many beauty products for everything from acne and cellulite to hair care. This essential oil is also invaluable to cooks, sportsmen and gardeners.

I have started walking around the neighborhood again now that it is not as hot outside. When I came in a couple of nights ago, I had an ache in the joint of my big toe (of all places.) I looked through my essential oil tool kit and decided to try some rosemary on it. I put two drops neat on the joint and massaged it in. I didn’t expect it to work right away but when I put my sock back on and went in the kitchen to get some water, I told my husband that I couldn’t believe it but my toe didn’t hurt anymore.  I had complained the last 10 minutes of our walk about how much it hurt so we were both pleasantly surprised. I think I will be using rosemary on my aches and pains more often.

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