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Easy Skin Mousse

Author: Dr. Larita
December 11, 2012

If you have dry, sensitive or sun damaged skin, a regular blend of essential oil in a carrier oil will not be as effective for you as a specially made skin mousse to sooth redness, irritation or burns. I was at a conference in Boston and the night before the meetings started I went out to dinner with friends and had lobster and shrimp. That wasn’t an unusual dish for me to eat but it was unusual for me to eat it in Boston. The next morning in the opening session, my neck and chest were very uncomfortable and when I went to the restroom, I saw hives all over that area. I wish I had known about this mousse then, it would have soothed my skin and stopped the itching.

Skin mousse is made up of pure Aloe Vera gel which you can get at your local health food or drug store. It will cool and hydrate your skin and reduce inflammation. ┬áCombine the gel with jojoba carrier oil which is a liquid wax that is very similar to your skin’s natural oils and has excellent softening properties. The mousse makes a delightfully special facial treatment and you can also apply it to problem skin anywhere on your body or as a soothing treatment for baby’s skin. We’ll talk more about making your mousse tomorrow.

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