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Stress-Free Environment

Author: Natural-Beauty
January 29, 2013

pt_1277_5526_oMy wife has been trying to make our house a more relaxed and stress-free environment ever since my doctor informed me of my high blood pressure.  My wife thinks I get enough stress at work and I should come home to a peaceful, quiet home so I can unwind and forget about all of my daily troubles.  I appreciate her thoughtfulness and I do feel a lot less stressed at home ever since.

The first thing my wife invested in was a small water fountain.  It’s nothing too elaborate; the sound of streaming water is designed to calm nerves.  It does its job well.  Next, my wife bought an aromatherapy diffuser to disperse scented oils into the air.  It has a pleasant smell and doesn’t overpower the entire room like what happens when you burn incense.  My wife also makes sure to designate a tea time for us every day at the same time.  During that time, we just talk about our day and make plans for what to do the following day.  I could feel my stress levels going down every day and I have my wife to thank for that.  If only I can bring her with me to work every day then I wouldn’t have any stress at all.

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