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Top Ten Essential Oils

Author: Dr. Larita
January 14, 2013

aromatherapy7There are over 300 essential oils  in the world of aromatherapy. It would be mind-boggling to have to check through that many essential oils and their properties to find one to help your symptoms. Here is a much easier way,  I’m going to give you a list of the top ten essential oils as compiled by NAHA or the National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy as well as some ways to use them to good advantage.

  1. Lavender:  Relaxing, and also useful in treating wounds, burns, and skin care. Helps to balance hormones in women, good for balancing the skin. Can be both relaxing and uplifting, as well as antidepressant.
  2. Peppermint: Useful in treating headaches, muscle aches, digestive disorders such as slow digestion, indigestion, and flatulence.
  3. Eucalyptus: Helpful in treating respiratory problems, such as coughs, colds, and asthma. Also helps to boost the immune system, and relieve muscle tension.
  4. Ylang ylang: Helps one to relax, and can reduce muscle tension. Good antidepressant.
  5. Geranium: Helps to balance hormones in women, good for balancing the skin. Can be both relaxing and uplifting, as well as antidepressant.
  6. Lemon: Very uplifting, yet relaxing. Helpful in treating wounds, infections, and house cleaning and deodorizing.
  7. Clary sage: helpful in treating muscular aches and pains. Very relaxing, and can help with insomnia. Also very helpful in balancing hormones.
  8. Tea tree: A natural anti fungal oil, good for treating all sorts of fungal infections including vaginal yeast infections, jock itch, athletes foot, and ringworm. Also helps to boost the immune system.
  9. Chamomile (Roman):  Very relaxing, and can help with sleeplessness and anxiety. Also good for muscle aches and tension. Useful in treating wounds and infection.
  10. Rosemary: Very stimulating and uplifting, good to help mental stimulation as well as to stimulate the immune system. Very good for muscle aches and tension. Stimulating to the digestive system.


Essential Oils for Back Pain

Author: Dr. Larita
January 11, 2013

Chronic back pain can come from specific physical reasons such as a slipped disc, lumbago, sciatica, or fibrositis and there are often medical remedies for these types of back problems. More often, back pain is the result of the strains of daily life. It may come from lifting heavy boxes, gardening, sitting at a keyboard all day, bad posture or even from lugging in the groceries after shopping. Falls and whiplash can come back years later in the form of back pain too.

Essential oils can greatly relieve chronic back pain. They penetrate deeply into contracted muscles encouraging them to expand and they increase blood flow to the area and the muscle tissues needing to be repaired by the body. The best way to use essential oils for this purpose is in a synergistic blend although you can use any of the oils alone. All three of the following synergistic blends are wonderful for alleviating back pain.

Synergistic Blend Iback pain2

  • 10 drops of rosemary
  • 10 drops of marjoram
  • 10 drops of sage
Synergistic Blend II
  • 10 drops of lavender
  • 10 drops of eucalyptus
  • 10 drops of ginger
Synergistic Blend III
  • 10 drops of peppermint
  • 10 drops of rosemary
  • 10 drops of basil
Dilute the 30 drops of your synergistic blend in 2 tablespoons of your favorite carrier oil. Massage eases any kind of back pain although you may need to get a friend to do it for you. If no one is available to help, you can massage your lower back on your own but the upper back is more difficult although it can be done. Ice massage is very helpful for treating lumbago, sciatica and fibrositis which are often caused by sitting in one position for too long (that’s where my pain is coming from!) You just need to freeze several Styrofoam cups with water, freeze them and then cut the cup down so there is about 2 inches of ice protruding. Massage in a circular pattern over the sore areas in your back.

The Easy Way Out

Author: Natural-Beauty
January 8, 2013

mqdefaultWith every new year, I say to myself that this is the year to take better care of myself.  I usually start off strong by exercising every morning before I go to work and eating healthier but as the days pass by, I find myself skipping some exercise sessions and rationalizing my selection of fast food for lunch or dinner.  My problem, I think, is my lack of dedication.

The one thing I can do easily all year long is taking vitamins and using moisturizers every day.  These take the minimal amount of effort from me and can be done in a matter of seconds so there is no real excuse for me not to do it.  Plus these usually come with immediate results which would keep me motivated to do it every day.  I know it’s not much, but it is better than doing nothing.

Aromatherapy Inhalations

Author: Dr. Larita
January 8, 2013

coldDo you feel a cold coming on? Do you already have a miserable cold and feel stuffy? Aromatherapy inhalation is a method of using essential oils that will help you tremendously. All you do is add a few drops of essential oil to hot water to make a therapeutic steam. Inhaling this steam will help to open your airways and improve your breathing during colds, flu, hay fever and sinusitis. The essential oil travels up your nose through the vapor and then the tiny molecules of essential oil help to loosen blockages and sooth mucous membranes in your nasal passages. As you breath deeply and breathing becomes easier, the essential oil vapor travels farther down the respiratory passages toward your lungs. This will ease your cough and tight chest.

It is easy to do an aromatherapy inhalation at home. Half fill a heatproof bowl with near boiling water. Remove your glasses or contact lenses, add up to a total of 6 drops essential oil to the hot water, lean over the fragrant steam with a towel draped over your head and the bowl. Lift the towel every 2 to 3 minutes so you don’t become uncomfortable. Breathe slowly, deeply and steadily so the aromatic fragrance enters your nose and lungs for up to 15 minutes. You will feel the essential oils clearing your head and nose, bringing a feeling of lightness and relief.

These inhalation blends are safe for all adults except those with asthma. If you have asthma, these may be too strong for you and you should not use inhalations. Instead, you should take an aromatherapy bath to ease your breathing.

  • To ease a stuffy head, use 3 drops eucalyptus and 3 drops pine
  • To unblock the nose, use 3 drops peppermint and 3 drops oregano
  • To sooth the throat and chest, use 3 drops cedarwood and 3 drops frankincense
  • To help ease a chest infection, use 3 drops tea tree and 3 drops lemon

Grapeseed Oil

Author: Dr. Larita
January 7, 2013

oiling faceGrapeseed oil, a by-product of the wine-making industry, comes from pressing the pips of grapes. The oil is light green in color and very high in polyunsaturated fatty acids. This gives it a light texture and makes it easy for the skin to absorb. It also is very useful in skin softening treatments. The original oil has a somewhat unpleasant odor but after being slightly refined, it can be used in cooking or massage. This processing does not affect the oil’s beneficial properties.

Grapeseed oil is excellent for massaging into oily skin. Darker complexioned people can use this oil extremely well because their skin is already well lubricated with their own natural oils. This skin type may not absorb the richer carrier oils making their skin feel slippery. They will not have that problem when using grapeseed oil. Massaging with a very light carrier oil such as grapeseed leaves no oily residue and gives the skin a lovely smooth finish. It is completely safe for all skin types and is often used by aromatherapists as a safe carrier oil for people with nut allergies.

To Tone Normal and Oily Skin

Add to 4 teaspoons of grapeseed oil:

  • 2 drops cypress
  • 6 drops grapefruit
  • 2 drops fennel

To Smooth Normal Skin

Add to 4 teaspoons of grapeseed oil:

  • 4 drops lavender
  • 4 drops lemon
  • 2 drops vetiver

Calming Chamomile

Author: Dr. Larita
January 4, 2013

There are several types of chamomile essential oil but chamomile Roman is especially good when used for the treatment of insomnia and nervous conditions. Chamomile is an essential oil that is antibacterial, antiseptic, and disinfectant but it is most useful for its internal and external anti-inflammatory properties.

Chamomile can be used when children have teething problems and can be added to the bath to ease nerves and tetchiness. It can also be used to treat burns, sunburn, psoriasis, eczema, asthma, hay fever, diarrhea, sprains and strains, nausea, fever, and nervous or depressed states. Chamomile’s analgesic, diuretic, sedative and calming properties make it absolutely essential to have in your home.

Hangover Aromatherapy 3

Author: Dr. Larita
January 3, 2013

Today’s blog is my last on hangovers for a while and it is for those of you who party a little too much on a night when you have to go to work the next morning. I have an aromatherapy formula that will give you the stimulation you need to get the children off to school and get you to work. This formula has a diuretic effect. Use this formula like the one in yesterday’s blog; put 8 drops in a bath, rub 2 neat drops around your liver area and 2 neat drops on the back of the neck. Also, like with yesterday’s formula, drink plenty of water and take honey in it too.

The Aromatherapy Hangover Formula for Workers

  • 10 drops grapefruit
  • 7 drops rosemary
  • 4 drops fennel
  • 3 drops juniper

Blend together and bottle in these proportions.

Hangover Aromatherapy 2

Author: Dr. Larita
January 2, 2013

The best remedy for a hangover is sleep and some extra rest and relaxation. If you can sleep late and take it easy the next day, here is a relaxing blend of essential oils that will help your body deal with what it went through the night before in the name of fun.

The TLC Hangover Cure

  • 5 drops fennel
  • 3 drops lavender
  • 5 drops sandalwood
  • 10 drops lemon

Blend these in an amber colored bottle to have ready for the next emergency. Use 8 drops in a bath, rub 2 neat drops around your liver area (the right side of the body near the diaphragm and stomach) and 2 neat drops on the back of your neck. Drink plenty of water with honey dissolved in it and also eat a spoonful of honey into which you’ve blended 2 drops of carrot oil.  Tomorrow, I’ll have one more blend for the days you have to go to work after that fun night out that resulted in a hangover.

New Year Wishes

Author: Dr. Larita
January 1, 2013

new year


Have a safe, prosperous and blessed new year.




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