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Oven Fried Lime Tilapia

Author: Dr. Larita
August 12, 2013

I have been cooking with essential oils and I’ve had some delicious results. I recently made this dish and I thought I would give you the recipe again. We eat mostly chicken, turkey and fish rather than red meat so that’s mostly what I’ve been experimenting with so far. I’m going to give you a fish recipe that we really enjoyed today. If you have tried others, please let me know which essential oils you used so I can try it.

Oven Fried Lime Tilapia Fillets

  • Heat oven to 425 degrees
  • Mix 1 dropĀ limeĀ essential oil with 1 tablespoon olive oil
  • Brush 4 tilapia fillets with 1 teaspoon of the lime/olive oil blend and set the rest aside
  • Sprinkle the fillets with Mrs. Dash, cayenne pepper, garlic powder and sea salt to taste
  • Sprinkle uncooked Cream-o-Wheat on top of the fillets
  • Cover your pan (I use a dark cookie sheet) with aluminum foil and spread the remaining lime/olive oil on the foil
  • Wipe the top of each fillet in the oil on the pan and then lay it on its back side – that way some of the seasonings and cream of wheat will also be on the back of your fillets
  • Cook for 7-10 minutes or until the fish flakes with a fork. Tilapia fillets can be thick or thin so gauge your cooking time according to the size of your fish
  • Serve right away with seasoned rice and salad
  • Bon appetit!



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