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Natural Headache Relief

Author: Dr. Larita

Do you want a simple and inexpensive natural relief for stress headaches? I have one for you that really works. We recently visited St. Louis and one of my friends was stressed because she couldn’t get in touch with her daughter and she was worried about her because they usually talk several times a day. They live in a large city and she worries all the time since her daughter moved out of the family home. She didn’t believe an aromatherapy remedy would work for her but I told her to try it and see.

I gave her a dropper bottle of lavender essential oil and told her to rub it neat around her forehead, temples, and the back of her neck. We were talking while fixing dinner and suddenly she said, “Hey, my headache’s gone!” It only took a few minutes and the lavender worked. Right after that, her daughter called and said she had overslept but everything was all right.


Sexy Feet

Author: Dr. Larita

Spring is barely here and we had snow yesterday but already I have noticed many people wearing sandals or flip flops with dry crusty feet and cracked heels. I want  to tell them that they can get rid of dry crusty feet by exfoliating with a salt or sugar scrub in the shower and then gently sloughing calluses with a pumice stone. Use the pumice stone a little at a time over a week or two and the callus will be gone or greatly reduced. Celebrities are spending big money to care for their feet but you can do it for a lot less money with as good or better results.

After using your pumice stone, give your feet a deep moisturizing treatment with shea butter cream. Simply coat your feet with the shea butter and then put socks on before going to bed. You can  deep moisturize as often as you like but don’t forget to moisturize your feet after each shower too. The finishing touch for sexy feet that look good in those strappy sandals is to put on your favorite color nail polish.

Sore Muscle Therapy

Author: Dr. Larita

massage therapyLast Thursday I told you about the yoga class I attended Wednesday evening. People at the class told me I would be very sore on Thursday but I wasn’t and I attributed the lack of soreness to my Zumba classes because we use lots of muscle in there. I was still not sore all day Friday but I went to my Friday evening Zumba class and danced strenuously as I usually do. After my shower and then dinner, I sat down to watch a movie with my husband.

When the movie was over I could barely move my upper body. My neck, shoulders, back, arms, forearms and even my hands were extremely sore and I could not get comfortable at all. I iced those areas and then had my husband massage my back and upper extremities with an aromatherapy massage oil that we had on hand for just such occasions.  It contained 1 tablespoon of sweet almond oil, 20 drops of ginger, 5 drops black pepper essential oil and 5 drops nutmeg essential oil.

St. Paddy’s Cure

Author: Dr. Larita

green beerDid you drink too much green beer last night? The best remedy for a hangover is sleep and some extra rest and relaxation. If you can, sleep late and take it easy the today. Here is a relaxing blend of essential oils that will help your body deal with what it went through last night in the name of St Patrick.

The TLC Hangover Cure

  • 5 drops fennel
  • 3 drops lavender
  • 5 drops sandalwood
  • 10 drops lemon

Blend these in an amber colored bottle to have ready for the next emergency. Use 8 drops in a bath, rub 2 neat drops around your liver area (the right side of the body near the diaphragm and stomach) and 2 neat drops on the back of your neck. Drink plenty of water with honey dissolved in it and also eat a spoonful of honey into which you’ve blended 2 drops of carrot oil.

Fragrance Oil Burners

Author: Dr. Larita

I am not a fan of convenience store air fresheners. They smell like cheap perfume and hang heavily in the air. Instead, I like to freshen up the smell of my home with natural fragrance oils dispersed with oil burners.

Using my favorite scents, I’ve added a bit of this and a little of that to come up with a signature scent for my home. It smells clean, light, and subtly tantalizing. All I do is add the mixture to a few oil burners I have strategically placed around my home. I light the candle underneath the oil burners and let the fragrances get to work.

yogaI went to my first Yoga class this evening. The temperature in the workout room was 99 degrees and I was sweating before we even went into the room. The class was very stressful to me since I didn’t know what I was doing and I was using muscles that probably haven’t been used since I was a teenager.

I was so tired from all that exercise that I came home and had my husband give me a massage. The best oils to use when you are tired, whether from exercise, work or just life are whichever ones you like or have. If you want a blend of oils that are specifically for tiredness, use the following blend. You can use them in the bath, in a diffuser or in a massage.

  • lemon 10 drops
  • clary sage 5 drops
  • lavender 15 drops

Add 8 drops of this blend to your bath, or 5 drops to a tablespoon of a carrier oil like sweet almond oil for a massage. Put a teaspoon of water in your diffuser and add 15 drops of the blend. Do not let the water and essential oil mixture boil away.

Therapeutic grade essential oils are mainly concentrated herbs and people are missing out on their health benefits because of the misconception that they are only to be used for elevating mood and as perfume oils. Numerous essential oils also have properties that kill germs, purify the air and much more. They can be used as alternative first aid care for everything from acne to urinary infections.

If you would like to add additional essential oils to the basic three we discussed in the previous post, you may wish to include rosemary, peppermint, orange, geranium and lemon. Your Aromatherapy Essential Oil First Aid Kit should also include carrier oils such as almond oil, jojoba oil, grapeseed oil and or shea oil to mix your essential oils in, plus aloe vera, vitamin E and garlic oil. Garlic oil can be created by mixing garlic cloves with sweet almond or grape seed oil.

Essential Oil First Aid

Author: Dr. Larita

Every home has a first aid kit but there is an alternative, have you ever thought about assembling your own aromatherapy essential oil first aid kit? All you need is a good container marked Essential Oils, Alternative First Aid, or Aromatherapy to house the kit and keep your oils away from light, dampness and extreme heat so they don’t deteriorate. The three major oils to stash in your kit are Eucalyptus, Lavender, and Tea Tree Oil.

These three oils will aid with colds, wounds, burns, bruises, insect bites, muscle pain, fungal infections and much more. They can be dispensed in a number of ways depending on the need including directly from the bottle, in a carrier or base oil, in a steam bath, or on a compress. We will continue with more information about your aromatherapy essential oil first aid kit as well as a few more essential oils to add to your stash.

babyIf you are pregnant and want to use pure and natural essential oils to keep your baby in good health and treat him or her when necessary for illness, you should start looking now for appropriate small containers to keep the baby’s various creams and lotions in. Your essential oils will come in small brown glass bottles but you will also need tiny pots or pillboxes that have been washed and sterilized. When the baby’s here and you need an essential oil remedy, you don’t want to have to run around looking for a container for the very small quantities you will use.

The essential oils to use for newborn babies are dill, chamomile, or lavender and only in one of two different methods. The first method is to place a bowl of steaming water on the floor in baby’s room, away from the baby’s head. Add 1 drop of essential oil to the steaming water so that it fills the room as it rises with the steam. Do not  use more than one drop of essential oil added to a pint of water.

The other way to use essential oils in the baby’s room is to add it to a glazed surface diffuser. Do not use the natural-looking porous clay type of diffuser with babies and children because you need to be able to clean the diffuser thoroughly and that is not possible with clay diffusers. Even one single drop of essential oil added neat to a diffuser  is too much for babies. You must add 1 drop of oil to 2 teaspoons of water, mix well and then add a little of this mixture to the diffuser bowl.

Use dill essential oil if your baby is ill with any kind of digestive problem,  such as colic, indigestion, constipation, diarrhea, or regurgitation. If the baby has trouble sleeping, use chamomile in the diffuser. Use lavender essential oil to clean up the air in baby’s room and make it smell pleasant. Lavender is also exceptional for its antibiotic, antiseptic, disinfectant and  antiviral properties. Even though you only use 1 drop diluted in water in the baby’s diffuser, the fragrance will be lovely and much better for baby than chemical air fresheners that you can buy for the nursery.

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