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Aromatherapy Diffusers

Author: Dr. Larita

Aromatherapy has been proven to elevate the mood, relax the senses, and even relieve various ailments such as headache and colds. For these reasons it has been used by many spas worldwide. More and more people are enjoying the effects of aromatherapy.

With the use of essential oil diffusers, a spa or your home can be kept fragrant for hours. All it takes is a few drops of essential oil in water and the place will smell relaxing and soothing. Diffusers come in many different designs and styles.

Massage Your Pain Away

Author: Dr. Larita

You can use massage techniques at home with essential oils. Use these techniques on yourself, your spouse or on other members of your family. One night last winter, husband began having pains in his back around his right shoulder blade last night. He had been shoveling snow and that is not something you do every day. Around bed time, he was really sore and could hardly take a deep breath. I thought he was having a heart attack or something so I asked him to take off his shirt so I could see his back.

His back and shoulders blade were very red so I took pity on him and offered to give him a massage which he graciously accepted. I poured about one teaspoon of jojoba oil into the palm of my hand and added four drops of rosemary essential oil (the bottle must already be open and ready to use.)  I used effleurage massage on his back. That is a big word that simply means you use firm or gentle soothing strokes to enable the essential oils to penetrate the body and bring about relaxation and calm to sore and aching muscles. When I stopped after only about ten minutes, he said it felt 100%  better.

Once we get older, many of us have problems with bad circulation in the hands and feet. To treat poor circulation, add 30 drops of geranium essential oil to two tablespoons of sweet almond or grapeseed carrier oil. Rub this combination on yourself from the hand to the elbow to aid circulation in your hands and from the foot to the knee to treat your feet and lower extremities.

Geranium is one of the best revitalizing oils there is so you can rub the above mixture all over your body. When you put it on your face you will improve the texture of your skin and make it firmer and smoother. Besides making you look younger, geranium is a very effective antidepressant so it will also cheer you up and make you feel great. Geranium smells very nice too!

In the U.S., personal care ingredients are not required to go through FDA approval, health studies, or market testing. The result is that there are some of the not so friendly ones ending up in your skincare products. We have listed  some of the more common harmful chemicals that you may find in your products:
Lauryl Sulfate. This can result in kidney and liver damage, and even eye damage leading to cataracts. It is a foaming agent found in toothpaste and shampoo, and it’s already banned in Europe and Central America.
Paraben Preservatives. Parabens disrupt hormones and have been linked to skin rashes and breast cancer. This germicide and preservative is found in a variety of products ranging from body lotions to hair dye.

If you are as concerned as I am about your family’s health, then you should carefully read the label on your make up, toothpaste, shampoo, body lotion and bath and shower products. Only purchase bath and shower gels, shampoos and body lotions, that are free of sodium lauryl sulfate and dangerous paraben preservatives.

Geranium Essential Oil

Author: Dr. Larita

Geranium is an essential oil that should be in everyone’s home because it works  intently on the emotions, is helpful with many medical conditions, and it smells incredible while it’s working. Most essential oils come directly from the plant of the same name but geranium oil is not extracted from the brightly colored flower. It comes from the species Pelargonium –  Geranium Robertianum.

Geranium makes chilblains disappear overnight and is used in skin care to bring a radiant glow. It is a fundamental ingredient in the treatment of endometriosis, very effective in treating menopausal problems, diabetes, blood disorders, throat infections, nervous disorders, and it works well as a sedative. Geranium is reported to help in cases of uterine and breast cancer but if nothing else, it will definitely help the sufferer to relax and cope with the illness.

30 Second Face Lift

Author: Dr. Larita

I guess I take too many things for granted. A girlfriend of mine said she wasn’t sure she was using our 30 Second Face Lift correctly. When I asked her why, she said, “Well, there are no directions on the jar.” So, in case there are any more of you who want directions for this wonderful moisturizing cream, I’m going to give them to you today.

The first thing to do when you are ready to moisturize your face is to cleanse it with a gentle natural soap. Lather the soap in your hands with warm water and use gentle circular motions. Don’t forget to lather your neck too because it should be treated just as lavishly as your face.  You can rinse your face with warm water or use a face towel soaked in very warm water and wrung dry to steam your face. Just lay the warm towel on your face for about 30 seconds and then pat dry.

Next, wipe your face with a natural astringent like witch hazel or vinegar. I use cotton rounds because they are lint free, but you can use a cotton ball too. I don’t use very much astringent so I don’t dry my face after applying it. If your face is wet after using the astringent, you are using too much and you should blot it dry this time and not use so much astringent next time.

The last thing in this scenario is to apply a natural moisturizing cream like 30 Second Facelift. Rub about 1/4 to 1/2 teaspoon of the cream on your palms and fingertips. Wipe it on your face in circular motions starting on your cheeks and moving up to your forehead don’t forget your neck, starting at the base and moving up to the chin. When you have rubbbed it in well, you can blot your face with a tissue. The only makeup I wear is a little  bit of lipstick. If you like, you can add eye makeup but you won’t need liquid makeup or powder since it just clogs your pores.

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