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The Three ‘C’s Of Essential Oils

Author: Natural-Beauty
January 14, 2015

In ancient times, cedar wood oil was used by the Egyptians to preserve mummies. Now it is often used for stress reduction. It also works well as an expectorant and antiseptic. The aroma of cedar wood is woodsy and spicy but it also has a medicinal odor. This pure essential oil is great to use in massage oils and can also be used to treat diseases like arthritis, eczema and acne.

Chamomile is known for its calming aspects. It is often used to ease symptoms of irritable-bowel syndrome and menstrual cramps. Insomnia and anxiety sufferers can benefit from the sedative qualities of chamomile. It is also an antiseptic used to sooth skin irritations.

Cajeput pure essential oil smells a bit like camphor and is pale yellow in color. Using cajeput can benefit muscle aches, oily skin, asthma, coughs, bronchitis and sinusitis.

Moisture: Inside and Out

Author: Dr. Larita
January 13, 2015

Having moist, supple skin is the product of both hydration and a good skin care regimen. Not drinking enough water daily could lead to dry, sagging skin, eczema, cracked flaky skin, acne and pimples.

Stay hydrated with water-rich foods: cucumbers, 97% water; tomatoes and zucchini, 95% water; peaches, 87% water; and grains, beans, and pastas are also good sources of water because they absorb a lot of water as they cook. Use a good quality chemical-free natural moisturizing product to keep your skin moisturized on the outside too.

Coconut Oil Pulling

Author: Dr. Larita
January 7, 2015

coconut2I know that coconut oil is good for you. My daughters go to Jamaica once a year and they have become coconut oil disciples. They use it for everything from cooking to hair preparation. I recently came across a new use for this versatile product that I am going to try for myself. It is called “oil pulling.”

Oil pulling is simply the process of swishing a tablespoon of organic, cold pressed and extra virgin oil in your mouth for a whole 20 minutes. You can use any kind of oil but coconut or sesame are reportedly the best. The practice of oil pulling is said to remove toxins from your body as well as aiding in your general well being. It aids in oral hygiene, clears skin problems, relieves sinus pressure, aids the lymphatic system, decreases body and organ toxicity, regulates menstrual cycles, alleviates allergies, relieves migraines/headaches, reduces insomnia, improves vision, corrects hormonal imbalance and many other health benefits.

Essential Oils for Relaxation

Author: Dr. Larita
January 2, 2015

Aromatherapy is a kind of alternative medicine that makes use of essential oils and other aromatics extracted from plant materials in order to affect the person’s health or mood. Aromatherapy is also widely used for its soothing effect to the body. Thus, those who need to improve their mood and calm their stressed muscles—preferably after a stressful time or work—best consider the use of aromatherapy. For some, it is also used to add a sweet fragrance to their homes.

You can actually make your own aromatherapy recipes using different aromatherapy supplies such as essential oils, aromatherapy diffusers, massage oils, and lotions. Just make sure that all the supplies and raw ingredients you will use are of top quality for best efficacy. If what you want is to spread the scent of the aromatic ingredients, you can place them in hot baths to release the scent and let them linger in every corner of your place.


Author: Dr. Larita
January 1, 2015

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