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Shea Butter for Scars

Author: Dr. Larita
May 5, 2015

sandalOne summer, my husband had a pair of sandals he really loved and he wore them quite often. Those sandals had a buckle that rubbed a sore spot on the top of his instep. It was an unsightly scar when it healed and he started massaging¬†shea butter¬†on it every day. He always puts shea butter on his feet after a shower anyway but he put a little extra on the scar every day and massaged it in. It worked so subtly that we couldn’t really tell if it was working or not but he put the shea butter on the spot diligently.

Yesterday he asked me if I remembered the dark spot that had been on his foot from his sandals. I told him that I thought I did and that I did remember that they left a dark scar on his foot. He told me to come and look at his foot. When I did, I could tell that the scar was practically gone. I could barely see where it had been. I think I’m going to go ahead and put the shea butter on my baby stretch marks. That shea butter really works well.

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