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I know some of you may be really tired of me and my aches and pains but I like letting people know what helps me because it might help them too. Yesterday, I went to the grocery store and everything was fine. When I got home, I had to lug all the bags upstairs and when I was done, my knee was was aching terribly. I still had to put away groceries and make dinner so I couldn’t stop and rest yet.

After dinner, my husband saw me limping around and asked me what I had done to my leg. He told me to put some shea butter on it. Well, I said I would but I still had lots to do before I could sit down and rest. He asked me again a couple more times before I actually went to the bedroom and put the shea butter on my knee. By the time I went in there, I was limping badly but the warmth of massaging the shea butter in my skin actually made my knee feel better right away. I didn’t stop limping right away but this morning my knee felt fine and I didn’t have any problems with it today at all. (Does this mean I should listen to my husband more often?)

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