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Essential Oils for Work

Author: Dr. Larita

No matter what type of work we do, we have little control over the work environment. Office workers are exposed to sick co-workers, stale air, fluorescent lights, and computer screen radiation. According to a study funded by the Health Promotion Research Trust, 80% of 4,000 workers questioned reported feeling unwell as a result of working in a particular office.

The symptoms  most commonly reported and the essential oils I am recommending you use in your diffusers to disperse them into the room are  listed below:

  • Dry throat – grapefruit or lemon essential oil
  • Dry and/or itchy eyes – tea tree essential oil (used in a humidifier)
  • Headaches – lavender essential oil
  • Lethargy – grapefruit, eucalyptus or lemon essential oil
  • Stuffy nose – tea tree or rosemary essential oil

The above symptoms occur mostly in air-conditioned offices but air conditioners are not the only culprits. Faulty humidifiers become bacteria breeding grounds that spread diseases to unsuspecting office workers. Add to that; dust extractors that give off a discharge, carpet cleaning fluids,  poorly maintained photocopiers that give off ozone and nitrogen dioxide and you have an office or even a whole office building that is causing all the usual problems, plus itchy skin, rashes, nose bleeds, tightness in the chest and shortness of breath.

Essential oils fight bacteria and viruses. If an office manager provided room diffusers and a few antiviral essential oils for the office, the investment would pay for itself within a week during the cold and flu season. Not only do the essential oils combat illnesses, they can also create a calm productive atmosphere. Try using grapefruit and lavender essential oil in a room diffuser – the grapefruit will keep employees alert and the lavender is an antibiotic with antiviral properties which will also keep everyone calm and tranquil. The citrus scent in the grapefruit is very pleasant and few people object to the aroma.

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