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My husband, Ron, bit his tongue while chewing gum yesterday. I told him he chews his gum too fast and I just laughed at him because he does it quite often. Later, we were talking and I asked him what he had in his mouth because he sounded like his mouth was full. He said his tongue was swollen from when he bit it and then he showed me his tongue. I almost fainted when I saw it because it was very swollen and it looked like he had bitten a chunk out of it.

There are essential oils for just about every health problem so I looked up abscess on Wikipedia. Big mistake – that was gross. His tongue does not have any pus coming out of it so I think it is just an abrasion because that is simply a wound with superficial damage to the skin.

To take care of the abrasion on his tongue, I had Ron put 1 teaspoon of hydrogen peroxide plus 1 drop of clove essential oil in a cup of warm water and gargle with it. His tongue is better now after one application. He will do it again before he goes to bed tonight. He says to tell everyone he is not going to chew anymore gum!

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