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Amazing Tea Tree Oil

Author: Dr. Larita

Tea tree or melaluca oil is taken from the melaluca tree native to Australia. It is used by the aboriginal people there to treat colds and sore throats as well as skin disorders. The leaves and twigs from the melaluca tree are crushed and inhaled or sprinkled on wounds. Use of the oil did not become popular until the 1920s but its popularity died out in the 1940s when chemical antibiotics became available. Use of the natural tea tree oil became popular again in the 1970s when interest in using natural products resurfaced.

A number of essential oils fight bacteria and viruses but not many of them are also effective anti-fungals. Tea tree oil helps to control fungal infections by reducing the rate at which the fungus reproduces. It is often used as an alternative medical remedy to treat fungal infections like athlete’s foot. Tea tree oil is very versatile and should be included in your aromatherapy pharmacy to treat acne, dandruff, candidas, cold sores, mites, scabies, lice and head lice.

With plants being living organisms, it makes sense that tea tree oil can treat their fungal infections too. By just diluting 4 or 5 drops in a spray bottle of water you can treat plant fungus and mold. This treatment will also rid the plant of a variety of insects which makes tea tree oil an excellent ally for your garden as well as for us humans.

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