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Shea Butter is Great for My Skin to Have

Author: Natural-Beauty
May 26, 2016

shea butterI have had a lot of trouble with lotions in the past because I find that with most skin lotions I am either allergic to the lotion or to the fragrance that is added to it. This makes it almost impossible for me to use any kind of lotion on my skin. This is a problem because my skin is often far too dry which leads to all kinds of different problems for me.

I have been trying to use some more natural products now because I feel that these products will be much better for me to use on my skin all of the time. I know that my skin is less likely to react to the lotion and my nose won’t have to worry about any harsh fragrances. I have tried a few things, but recently fell in love with shea butter.

There is nothing at all that is better for my skin than this stuff is. I am able to rub it into my skin and instantly have my skin looking and feeling much better. I feel very confident when I use this kind of oil all over my face and on my skin as well. I love how soft my skin feels after I use it since it really does transform my skin.

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