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Consider Essential Oils

Author: Dr. Larita

4 essential oilsI think aromatherapy should be a bigger part of people’s lives. I just have a feeling that not enough people know about oils and their healing properties. Instead of turning to something that’s unnatural, aka manmade medicine, why not try a natural healing remedy? I think it brings me closer to nature and all things natural, personally. I’ve always been a fan of natural remedies.

There are so many different essential oils available. Some help calm, some help take care of the skin, some aid with digestion, and the list goes on. There are so many things that they can do. Not to mention, they smell good, too. That’s an added bonus in my opinion, as people always say my house smells nice because of it. Pills and such from the store don’t usually smell like anything.

As far as essential oils go, I really like using them. I try to use them over man-made medicine whenever I get the chance. I just like using more natural methods to help heal or calm myself whenever I get the chance. The cultural shift to using more natural means has been a positive one, and I’m glad I can be a part of it.

Relaxation and Sleep

Author: Dr. Larita


Having trouble sleeping in the humid weather? There are lots of elements that need to come together in order for someone to feel relaxed and have a good night’s sleep. Similarly, blends work best to solve the multifaceted problem of insomnia. Emma Mildon’s favorite essential oil blend for sleeping includes rosewood oil; which is grounding, relaxing, and holds antiviral properties. She recommend blending rosewood with frankincense, which is a mood balancer and de-stressor, and ylang ylang, which is an excellent oil for restoring the balance of your energies and recharging your energy centers. My favorite sleep blend is lavender and chamomile essential oil.

Source: Yoganonymous

Skin Care Recipes

Author: Dr. Larita

mask1 A homemade  facial mask takes only a few minutes to put together and once you have the basic ingredients ready in a jar or carton, you can have your own instant face mask made specifically for your particular skin requirements. If you are ready to start making your own facial mask, this blog is for you.

This is a recipe for a purifying, toning, soothing and rejuvenating mask. First, let’s just make the basic mask recipe so you can have it on hand. Since we often have areas of dry skin, oily skin and normal skin, you can use this basic mask recipe with several different facial formulas. We will be using green clay which you can purchase at your local drugstore or health food store. The recipe calls for 2 ounces of green clay and 3 teaspoons of corn flour. Mix the clay and corn flour together in a jar and keep it ready for combining into one of several different mask formulas that we will describe later. You can also use 1 tablespoon of this basic formula with enough of the other liquids needed for a particular recipe to form a paste and then add your chosen essential oils when you are ready. For each recipe, you will blend the ingredients together to form a smooth paste and leave it on your skin for fifteen minutes. Rinse it off with warm water and apply a facial treatment oil such as grapeseed or almond oil. Dab the face with a tissue after applying the oil.

Mask Formula for Normal skin

  • 1 tablespoon basic mask
  • 1 egg yolk
  • 1 teaspoon water
    Combine and use 1 drop
  • 2 drops geranium essential oil
  • 1 drop of rosewood essential oilyt

3 beautiful faceI have a routine that I follow every day. Because to me, that makes my life a whole lot easier. If I follow a routine, I don’t forget anything ever. I always get done what I need to get done. So when I’m getting ready for work, I never forget to use my essential moisturizers. They help my skin look absolutely gorgeous.

The one that’s the most important is my facial moisturizer. It keeps my face soft and smooth. Before I started using it, I looked like a real mess. My face was just so dry. I’m just really glad I was about to find it, because now I’m really happy with myself. My moisturizer helps keep my skin healthy and happy instead of dry and coarse.

While some people might think my routine boxes me in, I think it’s a great way to treat my morning. It would be way worse to forget something. I make sure everything is done, and that includes using my facial moisturizer. Because if I miss a day of that, who knows if my skin would get dry again. I love the way I look now, and my skin really thanks me for using my facial moisturizer.

Natural Bug Spray

Author: Dr. Larita

waspsWhen I get home from work, I usually open the mailbox and glance in to see if there’s mail. One evening I saw something moving in the box but I couldn’t tell what it was. I thought it was a huge spider so I turned on the flashlight on my phone. I saw a brand new wasp nest! Luckily, my husband was in the yard watering the grass and he came and sprayed water on them and they left but I thought they would return.

We decided to use peppermint essential oil to try and keep them away from the mailbox. We wiped out the inside of the box with a  face towel soaked in water and peppermint essential oil. Then we left the towel in the back of the mailbox. So far they haven’t returned and our mailman says we have the best smelling mailbox in town.

You can use essential oils to debug your home in lots of ways. Andrea Butje of Aromahead has a whole list of ways that I am sharing with you below.

  • If you have an ant problem, try placing cotton balls with a few drops of peppermint essential oil on them at the places where you think the ants are coming in, and along any trails they usually make through your house.
  • Make your own Aromatherapy bug spray! Andrea has a recipe here that you can use.
  • To keep spiders and pests out of drawers and cabinets, put a few drops of eucalyptus essential oil on a cotton ball or paper towel, and place it at the back of the drawer.
  • Discourage moths from living in your closet! Soak a few paper towels in frankincense hydrosol. Add two drops of juniper berry essential oil  and two drops of cedarwood essential oil to each paper towel. Drape them over the horizontal bars of a few clothes hangers in your closet. If your hangers don’t have horizontal bars, you can just drape the wet paper towel over the neck of the hanger. It will dry there and stay in place. (You can also use this trick in drawers.)
  • Discourage mosquitoes from settling on screen doors, so they don’t find their way in when you open the door. Make a spray with 1 oz (30 ml) water and 18 drops patchouli essential oil. Spritz it on your screens.
  • Worried about bed bugs? Make a linen spray with 4 oz frankincense hydrosol, 10 drops palmarosa essential oil, and 8 drops cedar wood essential oil. Make your blend in a 4 oz spray bottle.

Diffusing essential oils, using room sprays, and burning incense are also helpful for repelling flying insects from your space. Use the essential oils mentioned above to get creative! For the blends with water and hydrosols, it’s best to make them fresh every few weeks.

Oh My Achy Breaky Back

Author: Dr. Larita

back painWe have been working 10 hour days at work. That’s a long time to sit in front of a computer. By the time I go home, my back is killing me. It’s kind of hard for me to put an ice pack on my back. But I have found something that helps just as much. Peppermint essential oil is the best for soothing inflammation. It’s cooling, comforting and encouraging. Here is a peppermint massage oil for your back or any other sore muscles.

Cooling Peppermint Massage Oil


1 facial masksWhen it comes to my health and beauty, I put it as a priority I my book. I like looking young and taking care of myself at the same time. I mean, who wouldn’t? That’s why I use beneficial facial creams and masks that make my skin soft and youthful. They are all natural and make me feel absolutely fantastic once I use them. It’s really relaxing.

I really like using facial masks in particular. The one I have has a special blend of natural ingredients, like shea butter, grape seed oil, and vitamin E. It really helps moisturize my skin and keep it soft in the long run. Whenever I use this stuff, I always feel great afterward. I can practically feel my skin getting healthier with all the nutrients I introduce while using it.

So whenever I get the time, I like using facial masks and creams to keep my skin healthy and shining bright. I think they really help me. I like that I can continue to take care of my skin and look youthful, even when I’ve left my actual youth behind years ago! It’s a great feeling when I look in the mirror and am content with what I see.

foot massageYesterday I talked about my swollen feet problems and on that note, I want to continue talking about feet. Reflexology is the application of measured pressure to specific points and areas on the feet, hands, or ears and essential oils are often used in combination. Reflexologists believe that these areas and reflex points correspond to different body organs and systems, and that pressing them has a beneficial effect on the organs and the person’s general health. Every nerve line in the body ends in the feet.  According to research, each foot has 7,200 nerve endings. In most reflexology systems, the big toe represents the brain and head. The next two toes represent the eyes, and the next two toes represent the ears. The top third of the sole is our chest, the mid third is our stomach and digestive system… it can get very complicated, but is very interesting. No wonder we apply oils to our feet; they represent the entire body.

You are safe from skin irritation and sensitivities when oils are applied to the bottom of the feet because the skin on the soles of the feet is less sensitive than the skin on the rest of the body. You can use the “hotter” oils like peppermint, oregano, thyme and citrus oils on the feet without the need for dilution. The pores are thicker on the sole of the foot and our legs act like straws sucking up the compounds quickly into the bloodstream. If applied all over the bottom of the foot, the oil can be detected in every cell of the body within 20 minutes. Using the foot application, the oils bypass the liver and do not accumulate there.  Instead of being processed by the liver, the oils actually reach the area in need.

spring_skin_cleaning_skin_care_for_spring1I’ve never really understood my girlfriend’s usage of makeup and skin products, but whatever it is she’s doing seems to be working for her, because I think she is beautiful. Walking into her bathroom is like walking into a cosmetics store; she’s got everything that you could possibly imagine in there. She’s always talking about how she wants to look young even when she gets old.

I don’t know very much about the things that she uses, but I know she’s got a very specific daily regimen that involves facial moisturizers and a number of other skin care products and things like that to ensure that she has youthful skin and avoids getting wrinkles as she ages. Even though I’m not sure how it works, she has great skin and I assume it comes from these products.

diffusersDo you like to keep your surroundings smelling nice? When things start getting a little funky, it’s tempting to spray some commercial air freshener but please don’t do that.  That cute little can is really a chemical bomb in a can. You really don’t want that if you want to stay healthy.

When you think about the detrimental health effects of the every day environmental chemicals we encounter, especially in our homes, it is very important that you use a healthy alternative when possible. Burning candles often contain chemicals too so it is more healthy to use the natural essences found in essential oils in an easy and inexpensive alternative essential oil diffuser.

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