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Author: Dr. Larita
September 21, 2016

constipatedConstipation is often caused by a weakness in the anal area and it can become so bad that the feces become impacted and must be removed by a doctor. Feces left in the rectum become dry and hard and as time passes, they become more and more difficult to pass.  Before it gets to that stage, you can try some diet changes as well as adding bulking agents like fiber to meals. It will help if you insert a tiny sliver of soap into the rectum or you can purchase glycerine suppositories. Drink plenty of water and eat dried stewed fruits.

Massaging the lower abdomen following the intestinal tract often helps to shift impacted feces allowing the bowels to move easier. Before massaging it is very helpful to drink a cup of hot water with 2 teaspoons honey, 1 drop ginger and 1 drop fennel essential oil added. Sip the drink slowly, wait ten minutes, then massage with the following oils in a clockwise manner over the stomach. Massage as deeply as possible without making it uncomfortable and then massage over the hips, lower back and down the spine  to right above the anus. Do this three times a day until your bowel movements become regular.

Essential Oils for Constipation

Formula for Constipation

Dilute the formula in 2 tablespoons sweet almond oil or another high quality carrier oil.

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