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vacationWe took a long driving trip with three of our grandchildren and two of them got car sick a couple of times. Eating all those snacks on the first couple of days didn’t help any but it was lucky I had my essential oil travel kit. Aromatherapy essential oils can help you keep your trip safe and fun by not allowing minor injuries, sunburn, insect bites or motion sickness to interfere.

The oils I used for my grandchildren’s upset stomach and motion sickness during our recent trip were peppermint and ginger.  You can put a couple of drops of either or both oils on a tissue and sniff to relieve motion sickness. For an upset stomach, use the oils in a carrier oil like liquid shea oil or sweet almond oil. You should make this oil before you go on vacation and when someone has an upset stomach, rub the oil (I especially like to use peppermint for this treatment) in a clockwise fashion on the stomach. My friend likes to go on cruises and she tells me that when she gets an upset stomach at sea, the ginger works better for her.

If you have red skin, soreness or inflammation due to overexposure to the sun, aromatherapy essential oils will ease the pain.  Use lavender, chamomile, peppermint or geranium in an unscented lotion base. Of course, you can make a synergistic blend of essential oils by combining a couple of these oils like lavender and peppermint or chamomile and geranium. That way you get the benefit of both oils when you make your lotion. Rub your aromatherapy lotion on to soothe the burning and redness of sunburn.

When you get insect bites, essential oils can definitely ease your condition. Just combine tea tree and lavender or geranium and eucalyptus and mix the blend in an unscented lotion. Rub this lotion over your bites and it will be very soothing. For a very itchy bite, put 1 drop neat of lavender or tea tree to ease the itch. My friend had a large mosquito bite on her back and she put peppermint on a Q-tip and rubbed that on it. I think peppermint is too strong for direct application but it helped her. You can also keep from getting bites  by making a spray or a massage oil using citronella or lemongrass essential oil.

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