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Ways to Use Essential Oils 2

Author: Dr. Larita
September 29, 2017

Yesterday we talked about some body methods you can use to get the maximum effect from your essential oils. Today let’s talk about a different method.

Water Methods

  • Baths – use a maximum of 8 drops of essential oils in the bath or the amount directed for use in a particular recipe. First, close the bathroom door and run the bath, then add the essential oil and swish the water around. Soak in the tub for at least ten minutes while relaxing and breathing deeply. You can dilute the essential oil in a carrier oil before adding it to the water to help your skin feel silky smooth while also relaxing your body.
  • Bidet – use 2 – 3 drops of essential oil diluted in 1 teaspoon carrier oil. Run warm water from the bidet or from the tap, add the essential oil and swish it around so the oils don’t irritate mucous membranes.
  • Douche – only use this method if you are under the care of a naturopath. Add the essential oil to boiled and cooled water from the tap or warmed, bottled spring water. Shake the douche thoroughly before using.
  • Jacuzzi – use 3 drops per person using the jacuzzi.
  • Sauna – use 2 drops per 2 1/2 cups of water. Use eucalyptus, tea tree or pine essential oils. Mix the eo in the water  and throw it onto the heat source as usual. Only use one of these three oils because they are the only ones that enter the body with inhalation and exit by perspiration. All three oils are very beneficial as cleansers and detoxifiers.
  • Shower – as directed or use a maximum  of 8 drops eo. First, wash as usual in the shower. Then add the essential oil to your washcloth or sponge and rub it over your body quickly as you stand under the running water. Deeply breathe in the aromatic steam.
  • Sitz bath – as directed in your recipe or 2-3 drops. Run a bath to hip level or use a bowl or pan that is big enough for you to lower your behind into it. Add your eo and swish thoroughly so the oils don’t irritate your delicate mucous membranes.
  • Hand bath – use 2-4 drops eo – soak the hands for a maximum of 10 minutes in a bowl of warm water.
  • Foot bath – as directed in your recipe or 2-6 drops. Soak your feet for twenty minutes in a bowl of warm water.

Ways to Use Essential Oils

Author: Dr. Larita
September 28, 2017

Essential oils can be used in many ways. This is a discussion of the three general methods that will help you get the best use from them.

Body Methods

  • Perfume – dissolve your essential oil (the strength is up to you) in oil and apply to the body as you would perfume.
  • Tissue or handkerchief – apply 1 drop and sniff as needed.
  • Inhaled as a vapor – use 2-3 drops  of essential oil. Pour hot water into a bowl, add the oil, cover your head with a towel and lean over the bowl with your face about 10 inches away and with your eyes closed. Breath deeply through your nose for 1 to 5 minutes, take a break and do it again as needed or until the water cools.
  • Massage oil –  use a maximum of 5 drops to each teaspoon of carrier oil or as directed in a particular recipe. Purchase a brown glass bottle and measure out your base oil. You can use sweet almond oil, jojoba oil, grapeseed oil, shea oil, coconut oil, etc. Add the essential oil and blend it into the carrier oil by turning the bottle upside down several times and then rolling the bottle briskly between your hands. You only need about a teaspoon of this mixture poured into the palm of your hand to massage the whole body.

This discussion will be continued with two other methods.

Staying Productive At The Office With An Oil Diffuser

Author: Natural-Beauty
September 27, 2017

It is great to be able to stay productive at the office with some nice aromatherapy. I love the power of scents to instantly wake me up and energize me for a busy day. It is great to have some aromatherapy for my needs so that I can feel great at the office and be ready to get lots of work done and to get quality work done as well.

Using a diffuser for oil at the office has worked out well for me so far. I love turning the lights down a little bit and creating a relaxing atmosphere to work in. Since I have my own office, I can enjoy creating the perfect mood so that I can work stress-free. My diffuser is a must for me at the office and it is nice to have one.

I often don’t get enough sleep and I need to be productive and to get lots of great work done for our clients despite how I may feel. Having a nice oil diffuser at the office is awesome for me because I can be woken up with some nice fragrances and please my senses. The diffuser really saves me from being tired and becoming unproductive.

Keeping A Festive Mood Going With Oil Burners

Author: Natural-Beauty
September 26, 2017

I enjoy having a nice festive atmosphere in my home that gives me a great way to relax and to get away from my work life and my everyday stresses. It is nice to go home and to forget about the stresses of the day and to just enjoy some time spent refreshing for the next busy day. I have been discovering how nice some great fragrances are for my space.

Finding some nice ways to give myself some aromatherapy has worked out well for me. I love using some burners for my essential oils to fill my room with the right mood. I first got the idea from a coworker, who likes to use oils to create the right vibe for his office area. The burners have been such a great addition to my home.

With my oil burners, I have been able to enjoy setting the right mood in my home and keeping the atmosphere festive. I like to have people over on the weekends and the burners have worked well for keeping my home ready for some nice conversation and some great times. I love experimenting with different scents as well. The burners are perfect for my home.

Peppermint Essential Oil

Author: Dr. Larita
September 25, 2017

No basic essential oil kit would be complete without peppermint essential oil. It is immensely helpful in all digestive tract problems including indigestion, flatulence, irritable bowel syndrome and stomach derived halitosis. It is also beneficial in respiratory and circulatory system conditions as well being an all around tonic.

Peppermint is an analgesic, antiseptic, cooling, anti-inflammatory essential oil and also has some antifungal properties. It can be used to treat catarrh, headaches, migraines, skin irritations, rheumatism, toothache and fatigue. Small amounts of peppermint can be blended into perfumes or room fragrances to provide a subtle back note. It can be used in cooking and it is a natural pesticide that will keep ants, fleas and mice away. Don’t forget to add peppermint essential oil to your basic care kit.

Rosemary Essential Oil

Author: Dr. Larita
September 22, 2017

Rosemary essential oil is a must have for the sportsman, cook or gardener. It is an analgesic oil that is useful to treat all muscular problems, and also joint conditions like arthritis and rheumatism. It is also used for respiratory tract issues and for liver and kidney conditions.

This essential oil is very stimulating and has an effect on both the physical body and the analytical mind. Rosemary is an energizing oil and that makes it wonderful to use if you are facing an exhausting, mentally challenging day or if you need a pick me up after a physically stressful day.

Rosemary helps your memory and is used in the treatment of depression, migraine, headaches, anxiety and stress. It is also helpful in many beauty treatments, including treatments for cellulite, acne and hair care. Rosemary essential oil is in my basic care kit and I do use it often.

Chamomile Roman Essential Oil

Author: Dr. Larita
September 21, 2017

Chamomile essential oil is a truly versatile oil that works on the mind, body, and spirit, the psychological and also the physical. It has outstanding properties that make it highly valued for a wide range of conditions. It is anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and antibacterial and if blended with other oils, it can be analgesic.

Chamomile roman, mixed with other oils, is used in recovery from burns including sunburn and also for asthma, sprains, strains, diarrhea, nausea and fever. This oil is often used for  a variety of skin care issues including skin rejuvenation treatments. Chamomile is calming and sedative so it is very effective in treating nervous conditions, states of depression and insomnia. It is a very soothing oil that is good to use with children and also with our own inner child. I would definitely included this oil in my basic care kit.

Natural Moisturizer Is A Must As The Temperatures Drop

Author: Natural-Beauty
September 20, 2017

I am someone who tends to get super dry skin and my skin has been that way all my life. My lips tend to get really chapped and cracked and my skin has gotten so dry in the past that it has cracked and it started bleeding. I used to especially get really dry skin on my hands and it was embarrassing to have wrinkled and dry hands.

I love using some great moisturizer and the natural one that I have been using has been such a lifesaver for me. This lotion has been working well to ensure that I don’t have to deal with dry and itchy and embarrassing skin. The lotion works well for putting all over my body and I love the way that it gives me a healthy glow.

I enjoy my lotion not only for its skin benefits, but for its aromatherapy as well. The lotion instantly energizes me with its great scent and it is a great way for me to be in a good mood and feel like I am fresh to take on the day. I really enjoy having the natural moisturizer for my daily needs and the way it makes me confident to show my skin.

Geranium Essential Oil

Author: Dr. Larita
September 20, 2017

Geranium essential oil smells lovely and is often used in place of rose oil which is much more expensive. The clean floral scent is enjoyed by people of all ages but it is also an effective antiseptic and antibacterial oil.  Because of those antiseptic and antibacterial properties, geranium is a great oil to use in your anti-infective blends as well as being an analgesic.

Geranium treats circulatory and blood disorders; helps chilblains disappear and alleviates the effects of frostbite. Geranium balances hormonal disorders and is essential in addressing female reproductive disorders including menstrual and menopausal problems and infertility.

Many natural body care products include geranium as it brings a radiant glow when used in skin care. Its astringent properties also make it a wonderful essential oil to use in your basic care kit. Geranium works on emotions because of its sedative properties so it can serve as a nerve tonic. I use geranium in many of my blends because one drop will often mask an aroma from a medicinal smelling essential oil and make it easier to use. It makes everything smell better so it is a great essential oil to use in a diffuser as a room fragrance that is also a mood enhancer.

Lavender Essential Oil

Author: Dr. Larita
September 19, 2017

Everyone should have lavender essential oil in their home. It is indispensable for use at home or on the go. I have a bottle in my office as well as at home. You’d be surprised how many of my colleagues have asked to use it for a number of reasons. Lavender is considered the mother of all essential oils because of its power and versatility.

Some people don’t like the aroma of lavender – I must say I didn’t when I first smelled it many years ago but now I love it. Even when I didn’t like the smell of it, I used it because it is excellent to use if you have a minor burn, or scald, a cut or graze, an insect bite or headache, a tooth abscess or sleeplessness. This essential oil is an outstanding healer that also prevents scarring, brings calm, relaxation and stress relief. It is a natural antiseptic, antibiotic and antifungal agent that also has sedative and antidepressant properties. Lavender is one of the few essential oils that can be applied neat (directly) to the skin.

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