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Aromatherapy Shaving Cream

Author: Dr. Larita
November 15, 2017

I have no hair on my legs or under my arms so I do not have to shave them and this blog is not about my own experience. We have a customer who gave us a great idea. She purchases our unscented hair conditioner and uses it as her shaving cream. She boasts that it is the best thing she has ever used to shave her legs and underarms.

When she told us about this, we were intrigued so we asked her if we could add 20 drops of lavender essential oil to her 8 ounce bottle of unscented hair conditioner. She wanted to know what the lavender will do. We explained that lavender is antibacterial and will act as an antiseptic if you cut yourself while shaving. The lavender will accelerate healing of cuts and nicks that are inevitable when you shave delicate areas often.

When this customer returns to Fragrance World of Topeka, I will let you know what her response is to the lavender in her conditioner. She was already excited about using the unscented conditioner as a shaving cream because she discovered that use on her own. Why don’t you try it too. I believe you will be happy with either the conditioner alone or with the addition of lavender essential oil.

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