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Sciatica Relief

Author: Dr. Larita
February 28, 2018

sciaticaSciatica is often erroneously referred to as pain in the lower back. However, the correct meaning is pain at any point along the sciatic nerve caused by pressure on the nerve. This nerve begins in the pelvic area and moves below the sacroiliac joint to the buttocks, behind the hip joint, down the thigh and then divides at the knee into two branches which end up in the foot. Sciatic pain can happen at any point along the nerve’s pathway and can be caused by a bulging spinal disc, poorly designed chairs or even just poor posture. I think it may even be caused by jobs that require sitting for long periods of time.

The pain we have (yes, I do have it too) from sciatica is a symptom of some underlying problem so treating the symptom alone is not a good enough treatment. You must discover the cause of the pain and treat that too.  An osteopath may be able to help you as well as using better posture and getting yourself more supportive furniture. You might think massage would be helpful but I did not find that to be true. I almost jumped off the massage table when the masseuse touched my sore spot.

The best thing to use is a cold compress to which you have added a drop of chamomile or lavender essential oil to reduce the irritation and lessen the pain. I have even used an ice pack for 20 minutes when the pain was really bad. Gentle massage (which I do for myself because I’m the only one who can tell how much pressure I can take at that point) can be used at times when the pain is not too extreme. You can also use lavender or chamomile essential oil in a warm, not hot, bath for relief too.

Discount Fragrances Are My Must Have

Author: Natural-Beauty
February 27, 2018

The power of essential oils is amazing and I love to find some great oils that are perfect for my mental and physical well-being. It is nice to find some great fragrances for every aspect of my life. I can find something that works well for work and for sleep, and for keeping my mood up throughout the day. The right fragrances are perfect for getting through a busy day.

I really like that some essential oils give me some great natural healing. The essential oils are nice for enjoying some great sleep at night, for feeling wide awake in the mornings, and for staying productive at work. I can always find a new fragrance that I just have to have. There are so many fragrances out there and I can always find something perfect for myself or for a friend.

With discount fragrances, I can never go wrong. They are awesome for gifting as well. I can always find a great essential oil that is just what one of my friends or family members needed. Giving the gift of essential oil is easy and it is a great way to surprise someone with a unique gift. I love that I can always find a fresh new fragrance.

Natural Muscle Relief

Author: Dr. Larita
February 26, 2018

Over exercised muscles cause pain and sometimes even tremble as we try to continue using them. The best therapy is rest followed by a hot bath and a massage. Use ice if there is swelling or pain caused by inflammation. After the rest and ice, take a hot bath into which you have added two drops of lemon essential oil and three drops of marjoram essential oil and soak for as long as possible.

After your bath, massage the aching muscles with 5 drops each of eucalyptus, peppermint, and ginger essential oils diluted in one tablespoon of a carrier oil such as shea or jojoba oil. If there is no relief after this, you may have an injury and you should see a physician!

Bath Oils Give Me Soft And Beautiful Skin

Author: Natural-Beauty
February 23, 2018

I have been using some great bath oils recently and they have been a nice addition to my morning routine and my weekend routine as well. The oils are nice for giving me the luxurious bath experience that I am wanting to have. It is nice to take a hot bath and to let my whole body just refresh after a long week or after a long day.

The oils that I have been using are perfect for ensuring smooth and healthy skin. My skin tends to get really dry in the wintertime, and it can even get so dry that it starts to crack and bleed. I have tried everything to avoid this happening, but nothing has worked except for the oils. The oils are perfect for using during every bath.

Getting some nice bath oils online is easy and I love that I no longer have to hide my skin thanks to the oils. They make it easy for me to enjoy the kind of bath experience that I want to have. The oils are great for soothing me and for moisturizing my whole body. I love the way that I feel when getting out of the bath tub after using some great oils. I feel so fresh and ready for the world.

Cellulite 3

Author: Dr. Larita
February 23, 2018

bath2We talked about using essential oils in the bath so they can penetrate your skin by osmosis. You can use any of the following oils in your bath to fight cellulite:


  • oregano
  • juniper
  • grapefruit
  • lemon
  • cedarwood
  • fennel
  • cypress
  • thyme
  • rosemary
  • sage
  • basil
  • patchouli


Place 2 handfuls of epsom salts and 1 handful of rock salt in your bath. Now run the water and add 8 drops of the following synergistic blend:

  • 6 drops each oregano and juniper
  • 10 drops each lemon and grapefruit
  • 8 drops basil

Blend this mixture together well in the tub. Massage the cellulite problem areas while they under the water.

Cellulite 2

Author: Dr. Larita
February 22, 2018

massage fat blasterHere are some strategies to help you on your journey to get rid of cellulite:

  1. Use a brush of real bristles to increase blood circulation by brushing in upward movements all over your body. When you finish with your shower, turn on the cold water (I use a hand held shower head) and use upward movements on the hardest setting especially on your thighs and upper arms.
  2. Perform exercises that specifically work the areas where you have cellulite. These are often places that don’t get much exercise and therefore they gather toxic waste in your body like stagnant water.
  3. Massage your whole body every day, not just the cellulite areas. Cellulite may only show in certain areas but it is a whole body problem.
  4. Use essential oils in your bath, they enter your skin by osmosis. While you are soaking in the tub, thump and bash cellulite areas to help break down those fat deposits.
  5. A healthy body needs oxygen so breathing deeply is very important. Breathing exercises actually help shift cellulite and can make an impressive difference.
  6. Take time to relax as relaxation is needed to let the body shift waste and fat deposits. In contrast, stress causes cellulite to stick around.


celluliteThose dimples on your hips, thighs, stomach and buttocks are actually pockets of fat that are very unsightly. The causes of cellulite can be anything from poor circulation and a lack of oxygen to water retention or hormonal changes. It could be related to anything from poor lymph drainage to menstrual cycle problems. Whatever the cause of your cellulite, there are several things you can do to lessen or eliminate it from your body.

Treatment for cellulite is not easy and may be a lifelong struggle if it runs in your family genetically. There are some things you can do whatever the cause of your cellulite. The first thing to do when you attack cellulite is to pay attention to your diet. You may be able to reverse that cellulite by changing your diet. Eat lots of fresh vegetables, buy free-range chickens, turkeys and eggs, organically grown whole grain bread, pulses (beans) and rice. Drink only spring water, fruit juices and herb teas. Do not eat dairy products from cows and cut out any fermented foods. Do eat raw cabbage. It is the best food in the world to eliminate toxins from your body.

Here are four anti-cellulite essential oil synergistic blends.  You can try two oils that you already have or two that you wish to try. I usually use the blend that smells the best to me. My favorite of these blends is the rosemary and juniper blend but sage and patchouli are also nice. Whichever you choose, remember to massage your cellulite areas while they are under water. For all of these blends, use the following proportions for use in the future or use the quantity below for two baths. Use only 6 drops per bath.


Blend 1

  • 8 drops thyme
  • 4 drops lemon

Blend 2

Blend 3

  • 6 drops rosemary
  • 6 drops juniper

Blend 4

Tomorrow we will discuss a plan of action against cellulite.

An Aromatherapy Diffuser Creates The Best Environment

Author: Natural-Beauty
February 20, 2018

I have been discovering all of the vast benefits of aromatherapy, and it has been great to see what kinds of amazing scents I can find for work and home alike. I can get some great aromatherapy products online and ensure that I can work in a productive environment and relax in a great environment as well. The right fragrances help me to always be in the perfect state of mind.

My new diffuser has been great for the office. I love smelling the uplifting scent in the morning and enjoying working all day long with some energizing scents. The diffuser that I got has been nice for ensuring a productive environment. I don’t get tired towards the end of a long shift with the diffuser and it makes it easy for me to be wide awake in the morning.

The aromatherapy diffuser is perfect for ensuring an enjoyable work environment. I love using it all the time and it has really changed the way that I feel about coming into work in the mornings. I am not a morning person at all and I am usually wishing that I could just stay in bed and am not in the best mood in the mornings, but the diffuser has been changing that.

Moisture Miracle

Author: Natural-Beauty
February 20, 2018

My skin gets chapped, chaffed and dry during the cold months, so I am always on the lookout for a good skin moisturizer. I was using an anti-aging formula that was supposed to decrease cellulite and tighten the skin. But, after a few weeks of using the stuff I hadn’t noticed any visible results, and the product seemed to make my skin even drier than it was before. I needed a quick fix.

While shopping at my local health food store I noticed that many of the skin products contained grape-seed oil. I decided I would give it a try. I bought some grape-seed oil lotion and applied some after my nightly shower. My skin felt so soft and smooth, and the lotion had a clean fresh scent. The next morning my skin was still hydrated and supple. My husband even commented on how soft my hands were!

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