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Enjoy Your Weekend

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I love using some mango butter to help me to have the youthful and glowing skin and appearance that I want to have. It is nice to find some mango butter online so that I can enjoy having the right ingredients for my lotions and lip balms and other skin care essentials. It is so nice to be able to buy the mango butter and to use it as I see fit.

Mango butter has been my little secret when it comes to having a beautiful glow. I love using it all the time and people are always asking me what I am doing to stay looking so young. People always think that I look about ten years younger than I actually look. I love having a youthful appearance and keeping the wrinkles away.

Keeping the signs of aging away is a lot easier with the mango butter. It is very affordable and it is natural as well. I don’t have to worry about what I am putting on my skin with the butter. It is an easy way for me to ensure that I have the youthful glow that I want to have and that I can feel confident wearing all of my favorite outfits.

Easy At-Home Facials

Author: Dr. Larita


Pampering yourself can be easy and affordable when you use what you already have to create luxurious and beneficial facial masks. Mix up a mask that meets your skin’s needs, and then plan on kicking back and relaxing. You might consider a cup of hot chamomile tea or a hot foot soak to go along with your at-home spa theme.

Dry Skin: Mash one banana and add five tablespoons of ground oats and a tablespoon of honey. Apply to damp skin and leave on for about twenty minutes. Rinse off with warm water, blot dry, and apply a good moisturizer.

Oily Skin: Mix one egg white, half a cucumber and one drop of a mixture of one drop lavender essential oil and one drop rosemary essential oil in a food processor or blender and then refrigerate for about twenty minutes. This mask can be left on for fifteen to twenty minutes. Rinse off with warm water, blot dry, and apply a good moisturizer.

Blemished Skin: Mix chopped tomato, a tablespoon of instant oatmeal and a teaspoon of lemon juice in a blender until mixed. Let mask stay on skin for ten to fifteen minutes. Rinse off with warm water, blot dry, and apply a good moisturizer.

Tired Skin: Mash five ripe strawberries, a few teaspoons of heavy whipping cream and a teaspoon of honey together an apply to face. Leave on for half an hour and rinse off with warm water, blot dry, and apply a good moisturizer.

What can you do about backne, those ugly pimples on your back? Acne always seems to crop up when you least expect or want it and “backne” usually comes when we’re stressed and at the most inconvenient times too, like prom time or sundress time.  To help control breakouts, you can eat right, drink plenty of water, get enough sleep and exercise regularly.

When you get hot and sweaty it is important to shower to prevent your pores from becoming clogged. Use an acne-fighting soap for your back and make sure that you exfoliate gently on a regular basis.  Then use a good moisturizer on your back to help clear up backne and treat dry skin.

Using some nice massage oils is always great for a refreshing massage experience that helps me to really get away from my stressful life for a bit. I have been experimenting with massage oils for a while and it has been nice to get some that have a nice scent and the really help to replenish and to refresh my skin.

It is nice to find some massage oils that are stimulating and invigorating. I can always find some massage oils online that are perfect for my most relaxing massage experience. It is nice to find some great deals on the oils that are the best ones for my needs. I like to get a massage on the weekend after a long week.

It feels so good to get a massage after a hard workout or after a long week in general. With some great aromatherapy massage oils, I can ensure that I am getting the best massage experience possible every time. The ones that I have been using are great for really awakening the senses and having me feeling refreshed for the next busy week. I am excited to see what I can find next when shopping massage oils online.

I have been enjoying the benefits of some great skin care for my whole body. I love finding some natural skin care that gives me some nice aromatherapy at the same time. The right skin care helps me to ensure that my skin stays soft all year long. My new lotion has been giving me some awesome aromatherapy day in and day out.

Taking great care of my skin is important, so that I am not itching my dry skin all day or having to deal with little cuts all over my hands that are painful. It can be very hard to do the dishes and other tasks that require constant use of my hands when my hands are really dry. With my new lotion, I have been enjoying really youthful skin.

The natural skin care has been such a big help for me and I have been loving the results that I have been getting with it. This skin care gives me some therapeutic essential oils and it is great for keeping my skin soft and beautiful no matter what. I can wash my hands and do the dishes often without my skin getting really dry because of all of the wetting and drying.

Use a 2-ounce plastic jar to make your own cedar and citrus blend bath salts. This aromatherapy blend will help your soul if you have a cold and need to get some sleep. In your jar add the following ingredients:

  • 2 oz  medium grain pink Himalayan salt
  • 1 tsp jojoba oil
  • 3 drops cedarwood essential oil
  • 2 drops sweet orange essential oil

First, pour the salt and jojoba oil into the jar then add the drops of essential oil. Blend the mixture with the flat end of a spoon to distribute the oils evenly throughout the salts. This is just enough for one bath. If you want to make more at one time you can double or triple the recipe but don’t make more than you will use within a few weeks. You can always make more.

Using Essential Oils

Author: Dr. Larita

perfume oilsTry this: Use the essential oils like lavender, rosemary or lemongrass in baths or with compresses to loosen muscles, relax the mind, and destress after a long day. Add some Epsom salts in there and you’ll feel like a new person when you emerge from the waters like Venus in her shell.

I say that a Soul Searcher is not fully dressed if they are not wearing essential or perfume oils. Consider your personal scent blend like the fabled little black dress for your soul—essential. And most importantly, a Soul Searcher can be empowered to be more connected, sympathetic, and loving to those they surround themselves with if they embrace aromatherapy in their day-to-day life. Like a fresh cool breeze on a stinking hot summers day!

Source: Yoganonymous

I tend to get really dry skin and I feel that it has something to do with genetics, because it is something that I have been struggling with all my life, like my dad. It is nice to have some good moisturizer to ensure that my skin stays smooth and soft, no matter what season it is. The right lotion has really helped me to have the beautiful skin that I want to have.

I have been using a great lotion that is perfect for using all over my hands and my body. The lotion is scented, which is an added bonus. I can put some on in the morning and feel fresh for work or I can put some on in the evening and let my skin heal while I am sleeping. It is great to finally have a lotion that I can really rely on.

The moisturizer has been ideal for getting my skin through the harsh winters, the harsh summer sun, windy days, and all kinds of outdoor and indoor conditions. My skin used to get so dry after being outdoors for few hours, that it would crack and bleed. My hands would make me look like I was an elderly woman instead of a young adult. Now that I have the lotion, I finally have normal, beautiful skin.

aromatherapybath2If you had a stressful day and need to take some time out, take a bath; even better than that, take an aromatherapy bath – one enhanced with your favorite essential oils. The fragrant effects of the essential oils along with the warm water of the bath are a form of holistic treatment. I am usually in a big hurry and take my shower with essential oil enriched shower gel but it is not the same as an aromatherapy bath.

To get your aromatherapy bath ready, light candles around the bathroom and play soft music so the ambiance is right for relaxation. Run the water at a comfortably warm temperature and when it is run, swirl in one of the following water softening agents,  depending on the kind of treatment you want.

  • To detoxify your body’s systems use 4 ounces of epsom salts
  • To soften the water and soothe your skin use 4 ounces of full cream milk
  • To nourish dry skin, use 2 teaspoons of unscented dispersing bath oil

Now you are ready to choose your essential oils, use a total of 6 drops, swish the water and get in. Soak for at least 20 minutes, adding hot water if necessary. Relax and enjoy your bath. Below are some suggestions for essential oils to use in your aromatherapy bath. If you are pregnant and past your first trimester or have sensitive skin, you should halve the drops in each of the combinations.

  • To relax: 2 drops ylang ylang and 4 drops sweet orange
  • To improve sleep: 4 drops lavender and 2 drops sandalwood
  • To detoxify the body’s systems: 2 drops myrtle and 4 drops grapefruit
  • To soothe the skin: 2 drops chamomile and 4 drops geranium

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