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Have Soft Hands Naturally

Author: Dr. Larita
April 25, 2018

I know that shea butter is great for my skin. I use it all the time but I had a problem remembering to use it after washing dishes because I keep my shea butter in the bathroom. I don’t know why I never thought to bring a jar into the kitchen to use right after washing dishes but I knew I had to do something right away. My hands look terrible because I like to wash my dishes by hand. I also wash my hands a lot at work and we only have these harsh paper towels that really dry out my skin. My cuticles looked really awful, they were all ragged and sore so I bought a jar of shea butter to leave in the kitchen window above my sink.

I always put shea butter on my hands after I finish the dishes now. My hands are soft again and I can more easily keep my cuticles pushed back. I bought some clear polish for my nails to add a finishing touch. I have no idea why I didn’t put the shea butter in the kitchen sooner but I sure am glad that it’s there now and believe me, I will make sure that I keep a jar in there from now on.

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