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I had trouble getting to sleep for a while and I finally have been able to sleep soundly, thanks to some great essential oils. I never knew that they would be the right remedy and I have been happy to feel the results. Getting some great diffusers for my essentials oils has let me fill my bedroom with some soothing aromatherapy.

The diffusers have been awesome for me and they have helped me to enjoy the kind of deep rest that I need. It has been awesome to have the diffusers for the home office and for other parts of my home as well. I finally can get to sleep quickly and enjoy getting a restful sleep, even if I am only getting a few hours of sleep.

With some great essential oil diffusers, I have been able to fall asleep quickly and to wake up feeling refreshed and ready for the day. The diffusers have been ideal for me and they help me to be productive every day because I have actually gotten some great sleep. It has been nice to have the diffusers for enjoying some true relaxation. I am excited to get a diffuser for the kitchen and for the entranceways as well.

I used to work out at the YWCA almost daily when we lived about two blocks away from it. One day after my workout, I was putting on lotion after my shower. A lady walked by me and said, “Wow, you really pamper yourself, don’t you!” I responded, this is a necessity. If I didn’t put lotion on my skin after my shower, I would turn as white as you. We both laughed and then she said she would try it. I never saw her again to find out whether or not she tried it. However, I do know that everyone needs to moisturize their skin after a shower or bath because most soaps really dry your skin.

The main ingredient in soaps that is drying to your skin is sodium lauryl sulfate. It is the same ingredient that is used in cleaning products to remove oily stains and residue. Why would anyone want to use that on their skin? You should only use soaps on your skin and hair that do not contain sodium lauryl sulfate. After bathing, always use a skin moisturizer. A lotion works well in warm weather but a thicker cream like shea butter is better when the weather is cold and drying to the skin. Either one will moisturize your skin but if your skin is oily, opt for the lotion.

My boyfriend and I love to treat ourselves to some massages and we have found the perfect carrier oils that have helped us to indulge in the most luxurious experiences. We love to relax after work or after a hard workout with a good massage. We have been experimenting with the kinds of carrier essential oils that we can use for some amazing results when it comes to our time to relax.

The carrier oils that we have been using include avocado oil, olive oil, sesame oil, grapeseed oil, and other kinds of great oils. My boyfriend loves avocados, so the oil of the avocado kind has been a favorite of his, and it has that juicy scent that he loves. We have been able to recreate our own massage therapy experience with the oils. I like to add a few drops of lavender and ylang-ylang essential oils to my carrier oil.

It has been awesome to use the aromatherapy carrier oils on a regular basis. We can use them for being able to glide over skin without the friction. The ones that we have been using don’t make our skin feel greasy and they don’t make our skin have a weird shine like some oils do. We are looking forward to experimenting with some great carrier oils in the future.

Andrea’s Flower Feet

Author: Dr. Larita

If Geranium essential oil owned a skin care spa, one of its most popular packages might be the “Flower Feet” package!

It would include a foot soak, foot scrub, and foot massage. Geranium is good at soothing feet that are sore from standing or walking all day, or due to joint and muscle pain. It also encourages swelling to go down, enhances circulation, and cools excessive heat.

Geranium essential oil can help you feel “pampered” while deeply supporting your health.

Here are the services geranium includes in its Flower Feet package . . . a foot soak, scrub, and a massage, all in one! It includes essential oils that are good for skin, sore muscles, preventing the proliferation of fungus, and (of course!) smelling beautiful.

Flower Feet

First, soak your feet in a warm bath with some essential oils. Combine:

  • 1 tablespoon (15 ml) jojoba
  • 1 drop geranium 
  • 1 drop palmarosa
  • 1 drop tea tree

Add the jojoba and essential oils to a tub of warm water, and relax while you soak your feet!

When you’re ready, use 1 oz (28 g) of pink Himalayan salt to scrub your feet. It helps to add about 1 teaspoon (5 ml) or so of jojoba to the salt, just to make it a little more manageable. (You already have jojoba in the tub of warm water, so you don’t need to add it to the salt to care for your skin—adding it to the salt just helps the salt “stick together” a bit so it doesn’t sprinkle out of your hands when you’re trying to rub it on your feet.)

You don’t have to use pink Himalayan salt for this blend. I just love the color of it! You can use any kind of salt you like. I prefer a small grain salt for blends like this (as opposed to a fine grain, like sand, or a coarse grain, that might be too big to offer much scrubbing effect). But again, that’s all up to you! Feel free to make this blend your own.

If you prefer to make a sugar scrub (rather than a salt scrub), you can simply make this recipe with sugar instead of salt. You can also try this Coconut Sugar Scrub blend I created for YouTube, made with coconut sugar, avocado oil, and Tea Tree.

Thanks to the jojoba in this Flower Feet package, you may not even need to use moisturizer after you’re done. Please be careful when stepping out of the tub though—both the jojoba and the water will be slippery! Dry off well with a towel.

Enjoy your Flower Feet!

Thanks to Andrea Butje, Aromahead Institute

Having good lotion for my face has been really helpful for me and I enjoy having the right ones for my needs. The right ones keep my skin from getting dry all day long and they help me so much with how dry my skin gets. Not only do the moisturizers keep my skin soft all day long, they keep it soft and smooth all year long.

Having the moisturizers has been a really big help and I enjoy having them for ensuring some healthy skin no matter what season it is. I have been using a lotion that helps to keep my skin looking youthful in addition to keeping it healthy. The lotion is great for using on a regular basis and to keep my skin renewing itself.

With the right facial moisturizers, I can ensure that I am feeling confident no matter where I am and who I am meeting. I love to get some lotions online that are made especially for the soft and sensitive skin of the face. These kinds of lotions have really done wonders for my skin and I no longer struggle with skin that is always dry and flaky and looking dull.

Green clay is the best of the clays and it can be used on all skin types. It is good for treating acne and other skin disturbances as well as providing an antiaging effect for mature skin. Green clay balances combination skin, normalizes oily skin and revitalizes dry skin. It is rich in calcium, magnesium, potassium, and sodium and energizes connective tissue. It stimulates very gently and it is effective in increasing the lymph flow and circulation allowing oxygen to speed the elimination of waste products.

Of course, you can purchase a face mask that you squeeze from a tube providing an instant face mask but these products contain all kinds of unnecessary ingredients that may even be harmful to your skin. When I look at the expiration date on a product and it is a year or two away, I wonder how that product can be good for my skin and I want a natural alternative. That’s why I make my own facial masks and cleansers. A homemade mask takes only a few minutes to assemble and once you put your tailor made product in a jar you have your own instant face pack ready to use at any time and tailor-made for your own skin type. When you use essential oils in your facial mask, you can target the skin problems you want to target.

Facial masks have beneficial effects for many skin types because they can nourish, rejuvenate, and stimulate; refine, cleanse, and peel off the outer skin layer; soothe and calm inflammation; clear acne, loosen blackheads; and act as an anti-wrinkle treatment and natural face-lift. For natural skin care, you can use practically any fruit or vegetable in your refrigerator and many other foodstuffs. You can purchase a flower water to blend your dry ingredients but I prefer to use plain spring water as the moisturizer with essential oils that are good for your skin like lavender, geranium or bergamot added for the properties they bring to the mixture.

Clay masks are wonderful because the clay has absorbed the sun and the plants and minerals of earth over thousands of years giving it rejuvenating and anti-aging benefits for our skin. Clays come in an assortment of colors from all over the world and can be found in health food stores and pharmacies. When we combine  the clay with essential oils they complement each other with a synergistic effect providing natural skin care that is highly beneficial. White kaolin clay is best used on normal to oily skin because it has an astringent effect. It removes impurities from the skin as it cleanses and it improves lymphatic flow, increasing blood circulation the the area. Fuller’s earth is a stimulating clay that is a soft brown in color. It is a cleansing clay plus it removes dead skin cells. It is useful on oily to normal skin only. We will discuss more on facial masks tomorrow!


Today I’m going to give you a recipe I like for a perfume made from essential oils. You will need small glass bottles and pipettes to transfer the oils, and a small notepad to record your recipe so it can be reproduced or adjusted.

To create our perfume we are going to start by using a couple drops of vetiver and cedarwood as the base notes. This is trial and error, you try it and if you like it good, if not you can change it. Keep track of the number of drops of each essential oil you use on the notepad. When you have your base notes the strength you want, add a few drops of clove bud for the middle note and a few more drops of orange and ginger as the top notes.

Let the essential oils sit for 24-48 hours away from heat and sunlight. Your perfume blend will change somewhat as it matures. If you like the blend, go ahead and dilute it by adding fractionated coconut carrier oil to the bottle. Add a little carrier oil at a time until you feel the dilution is right. If you want to change the blend, you can adjust it before adding the carrier oil and let it sit another 24-48 hours. While adjusting, keep track of the number of drops of oil you use. This recipe will give you a spicy perfume blend. Try other essential oils to make your own unique scents.

I live a very busy life, like most people do, and it can be very hard for me squeeze everything in. I used to go through most of my days being really stressed out about what I needed to do and how I was going to get through the day. On the really busy days, when unexpected things come up, I sometimes don’t have much time to sleep.

Having some good oils for aromatherapy has really helped me with stress and anxiety. I used to stress out about how I was going to have a good workout when I was dead-tired after work or how I was going to fit a writing project in after work on top of the writing that I have to do at work. It has been great to find some nice oils that give me the help I need.

With my aromatherapy oils, I have been able to enjoy having some great help when it comes to getting through each day. It has been nice to have the oils, like the chamomile essential oil that has been awesome for me. This essential oil is great for relieving anxiety, soothing sore muscles, and reliving stress, and the like.

Making your own perfume or body oils using essential oils is a lot like making music in a band or orchestra. You need base notes, middle notes and top notes for the blend to be beautiful and to smell wonderful. These notes in perfume making can be either male or female and in some cases they are for either sex so I say, if you like the way it smells – use it. Below are some essential oils in each category for you to experiment with and make your own blends.

Base Note Essential Oils (Always start with the base and go up)

  • Benzoin
  • Cedarwood
  • Cinnamon
  • Frankincense
  • Myrrh
  • Sandalwood
  • Patchouli
  • Vanilla
  • Vetiver

Middle Note Essential Oils

  • Carnation
  • Clary Sage
  • Clove
  • Geranium
  • Ginger
  • Jasmine
  • Marjoram
  • Rose
  • Thyme

Top Note Essential Oils

  • Anise
  • Bay
  • Bergamot
  • Cumin
  • Lavender
  • Lemon
  • Lemongrass
  • Lime
  • Mandarin
  • Pettigraine

Tomorrow we will talk about the strength of your aromatic mixture and the kind of bottles you will need to store it in. Right now, you can go to your local perfumery and start sniffing the essential oils above to see which ones you want to experiment with when you make your first perfumes.


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