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My skin tends to get very dry and it has been that way for my whole life. I have always suffered from dry and itchy skin and it gets so dry that it cracks and bleeds and I have little cuts all over my hands. This happens especially in the wintertime, when the weather is very cold. I get dry skin mostly on my hands, but it pops up on my legs and face and arms as well.

My daily tasks are not a help to my very dry skin. I like to wash the dishes by hand and this is very hard on my skin. All of the washing and drying and dampness dries out my skin. When I am at work, I often don’t have time to thoroughly dry my hands after washing them, and leaving my hands half-dry so often only makes my dry skin worse.

I finally found a great body cream, however, that helps me to ensure that my skin is always moisturized and replenished. This is the only thing that has really worked. I tried lots of different lotions in the past and they only helped a little bit and they helped temporarily. The body cream deeply hydrates my skin and it is good at helping my skin recover from the winter cold and the daily tasks that are hard on my hands. Body creams like this one really work.

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