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My boyfriend and I love to treat ourselves to some massages and we have found the perfect carrier oils that have helped us to indulge in the most luxurious experiences. We love to relax after work or after a hard workout with a good massage. We have been experimenting with the kinds of carrier essential oils that we can use for some amazing results when it comes to our time to relax.

The carrier oils that we have been using include avocado oil, olive oil, sesame oil, grapeseed oil, and other kinds of great oils. My boyfriend loves avocados, so the oil of the avocado kind has been a favorite of his, and it has that juicy scent that he loves. We have been able to recreate our own massage therapy experience with the oils. I like to add a few drops of lavender and ylang-ylang essential oils to my carrier oil.

It has been awesome to use the aromatherapy carrier oils on a regular basis. We can use them for being able to glide over skin without the friction. The ones that we have been using don’t make our skin feel greasy and they don’t make our skin have a weird shine like some oils do. We are looking forward to experimenting with some great carrier oils in the future.

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