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Certain scents are associated with the different events we celebrate throughout the year. For me, the scents of orange, peppermint and pine are associated with Christmas. We eventually started using artificial trees because they are more convenient but that pine smell still reminds me of my younger days. The smell of turkey roasting always brings back memories of family gatherings at Thanksgiving because my mom always cooked the turkey early in the morning and we woke up smelling that delicious mouth watering scent. With the fast paced lives we live today, we may not have the traditional scent of a live tree at Christmas and we may not cook our own turkey; but with the convenience of essential oils we can re-create some of the aromas of yesterday that bring back those fond memories.

Since most of us have wonderful memories of Christmas, I’m going to begin with that celebration. Even if you do bring home a real Christmas tree instead of a silver one, real trees are now coated with preservatives to keep the needles from falling all over the place because of our centrally heated homes. With essential oils, we can re-create the memorable Christmas aroma. Mix 6-12 drops of pine essential oil into 1 cup of water and spray your tree or you can put several drops of pine oil on cotton balls and place them inconspicuously around the tree. I’ll continue with more on celebrating with essential oils in my next blog.


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