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Treating my body and my skin after a long week is a must. I work ten-hour days during the work week, squeezing them into Monday-Thursday. The benefit is having three-day weekends every week, but it does come with a price. During those crunch days, I feel tired, I look tired, and I am afraid that my skin is going to be completely lifeless.

The weekend is definitely a time to recharge and bring my skin back to life. I like to treat myself to a spa-like experience in my own bathroom. Facial masks are a great way to replenish and rehydrate my skin and they have been an awesome option for me for a long time. They give me not only benefits for my skin, but the whole experience is great for my soul.

I enjoy the experience of putting on the facial masks, then letting them do their work, and seeing the result afterward. I always feel like I have replenished my glow after a hard week. I get worried that I have permanently ruined my skin sometimes, as those hours of working late into the night really can take a toll and make me just feel numb altogether. Luckily, at the end of it, I can use a facial mask and see that everything is alright, my skin is still alive and well.

Aromatherapy for Anemia

Author: Dr. Larita

I used to give blood about every 6 weeks but the last time I tried, they said my red count was too low. I went to the doctor and found out that I have anemia. I am not alone with this condition. It affects about 3.5 million Americans; especially women, young children and people with chronic conditions.

There are several essential oils that have been shown to protect the vascular system and strengthen the tiny capillaries that carry oxygen and essential nutrients to all of our cells. The most effective oils are cinnamon, ginger, lemon and spikenard.

You can look for iron and vitamin B12 supplements to help ease your anemia symptoms. Even easier than that though is to add 1-2 drops of lemon essential to a drink several times a day as needed to help ease those anemia symptoms.

I sneezed a couple  of times yesterday but I didn’t think too much of it. Today at work I sneezed a lot and I am still sneezing this evening. I really don’t feel like writing a blog but I am because I want to tell you what I’m going to do about all this sneezing.

First, I will put 1 drop each of thyme, tea tree, lavender and clove essential oils in a bowl of hot water. Then I will put a towel over my head and breath deeply for 5 minutes. At this point I will also drink a cup of hot water containing 1 tablespoon of honey, 2 drops of eucalyptus, 1 drop of lemon and 1 drop of tea tree essential oil.

Later tonight, I am going to take a hot bath into which I will add 2 drops of thyme, 2 drops of tea tree, 1 drop of eucalyptus and 3 drops of lemon essential oil; then I will lie back and inhale deeply. When I get out of the bath, I am going to massage my neck, chest and sinus area with 1 drop of lemon, 2 drops of eucalyptus and 3 drops of rosemary diluted in 1 teaspoon of sweet almond oil.

Tomorrow I am going to carry a tissue containing 1 drop each of peppermint, eucalyptus, clove and ginger essential oil. I’ll sniff that during the day and keep the sneezes at bay. When I get back home I’m going to do it all over again. I have to go now, the teapot is whistling for my steam inhalation. I hope I feel better soon.

The freshness of a space can really make or break your productivity, your mood, and the overall atmosphere. Having a fresh environment in which to work, play, even exercise is important. I like to make sure that my office area is fresh, that my home is fresh, and that my car is fresh as well. With my new little air freshener, that is easy.

My air freshener comes in a cute little bottle and it is all I need to turn a space from uninviting to fresh and alive. The air freshener is great to have with me in my purse as well. I like to spritz a wonderful fragrance into the air when I am at a hotel or staying over at a friend’s house. I definitely don’t want to make a bad impression, and the air freshener saves the day.

Sometimes, I am in a rush to get to work on a hot summer day and I don’t want to come into the office smelling like sweat. A scented air freshener is ready to be whipped out in a snap. Other times, I just want to have a fresh smell to wake me up in the mornings or to surround me when I get home from a long day at work and reenergize me. My air freshener has been my buddy for all these things and more.

Having skin that is too dry or too oily used to be a big problem for me. I would have some parts of my body that would get really dry while other parts would always be really oily. If I even touched those oily parts of my face a few times a day, I would get a break out. The dry parts of my skin would be hard to deal with as well.

Balanced skin that is not too dry and not too oily is a joy to see in the mirror, now that I have been using some great toner for the face as well as some other quality skin care products. I am no longer surprised to see a big blemish on my face when looking in the mirror during the day and then wondering how many people noticed it before I did.

My facial toner has been awesome for helping me to reduce excess oil and have healthy and beautiful skin overall. I used to feel very self-conscious when talking to someone face-to-face and being very close to them. Now, I feel confident meeting clients face-to-face, talking to my coworkers, and meeting new people. I know that my skin is clear and healthy and that people are noticing it for the right reasons.

Aromatherapy diffusers offer many benefits for your health, your sleep, your stress, and your overall well-being. They are a nice choice whether you are looking to get better sleep at night or to create an office atmosphere that is soothing and relaxing. I have enjoyed using a good diffuser for helping me to wind down at night and get into a blissful state of mind.

My diffuser adds to the décor of my home and it is a cute little way for me to have a relaxing atmosphere in my bedroom! I tend to be very wound up at night and full of energy. Sometimes, I work out later in the evening and that definitely doesn’t help. I tend to naturally be a night owl, so getting to bed early is always a struggle for me.

Finally, I have a good way to help myself calm down and get into the right state of mind at night. I have to be up early for work and I can finally wake up feeling fresh and ready, instead of feeling like all I want to do is close my eyes and sleep for a few more hours. Aromatherapy diffusers are an amazing natural way to improve your quality of sleep.

I have a reader question that I would like to discuss today. Jenny asked if I would help her with more information on how to lose weight with patchouli essential oil. First, Jenny, there is no wonder drug or essential oil that will help you to eat less. It is really about self control and your own mindset that you want to change your body through diet and exercise. Visualize a piece of meat and imagine cutting and separating the fat from the lean part. If your diet consists of fruits, vegetables, fish and meat, your body tissue will look like the lean cut of meat. On the other hand, if you eat cakes and sweets, potatoes smothered in butter and fatty meats, you body tissue will be like the fatty part.

There are many essential oils that help fight fat but Jenny asked abut patchouli which can help dieters in several ways. First, it has the ability to diminish your appetite. Regularly put 2-3 drops of patchouli into a diffuser and let it diffuse through the air to reduce your appetite. This is a good way to balance the diet and exercise program you are on. You can also put 8-10 drops of patchouli into your bath water. This will not only help you to reduce your appetite, it may also ease water retention and bloating. Massaging your body with 1 ounce of a good carrier oil containing 2-3 drops of patchouli will also ease water retention and help you tone your body as your diet and exercise program help you lose weight. Jenny, I hope this is helpful to you and to any others interested in losing weight.

I gave you information and history about patchouli yesterday but today I’ll be more practical so you can use that bottle of patchouli you just bought. Patchouli has many therapeutic uses like: acne, antiperspirant, anxiety, athlete’s foot and other fungal infections, dermatitis, dandruff, constipation, insect bites and insect repellent, impotence, eczema, frigidity, sexual anxiety, oily skin and hair, loose skin, stress related disorders, weight loss, water retention, and wounds.

As a deodorant or antiperspirant, you can put 2 or 3 drops on a cotton ball and dab it on your underarms. Do the same thing on any other fungal infection you might have, like athlete’s foot. Use 8 to 10 drops in your bath water to alleviate anxiety, to relieve constipation, or to ease water retention. Put 2 to 3 drops of patchouli in a diffuser to repel insects, to alleviate stress related emotional disorders and also to reduce the appetite when dieting.

If you have dandruff, add 2 to 3 drops of patchouli to an unscented conditioner and apply it to your scalp, leave it on for 3 to 5 minutes and then rinse. For oily hair, add 2-3 drops to a nickel size amount of unscented shampoo.  For insect bites, put 2 to 3 drops on a cotton ball and dab the affected area. To tighten loose skin after losing weight, add 2 to 3 drops of patchouli to 1 ounce of liquid shea oil or sweet almond oil and massage your body regularly. You can also add 8 to 10 drops of this oil blend to your bath water. Use 2 to 3 drops of patchouli on a wet cotton ball to cleanse wounds or to dab on oily skin.

Patchouli Essential Oil

Author: Dr. Larita

Many people who hear the word or smell the pungent fragrance of patchouli think of the drug smoking hippies who indulged in free love during the sixties and seventies. Pathchouli is so much more than that! It was used in the East hundreds of years ago to scent clothes and bed linens. In the 1800s the English imported fabric scented with patchouli from India and began to associate the scent with fabrics.

Patchouli is an earthy, musky scent and while it is associated with fabrics, it can be useful in many other situations and it has therapeutic properties as well. It is anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and anti-fungal. It can be used as an aphrodisiac or an insect repellent. It provides balance and harmony to the body and spirit and can even fight off body odor by acting as a deodorant and an anti-perspirant. Patchouli acts as an appetite suppressant making it beneficial to dieters all over the world. Patchouli also has the distinction of actually getting better with age; the older the oil, the fuller the scent.


Juniper Essential Oil

Author: Dr. Larita

Juniper essential oil has a very unique aroma—a warm, piney, resinous scent that feels very grounding and uplifting at once. It’s no surprise that juniper has been used throughout much of history as incense! There is even evidence of the Greeks and Romans using it in their homes, keeping bugs away and filling the space with a beautiful scent.

Juniper combines the centering quality of a resin, like myrrh, with the zest of a spicy oil, like clove. Imagine myrrh and clove going for a walk in the forest, and you can “get a sense” of juniper! (I accidentally typed “get a scent” the first time I wrote that, haha!)

An incense or a diffuser blend with juniper would be just right for a space like a yoga room or Massage studio, where it can help people feel in touch with their deepest, truest self, and inspire them to “take action” from that space.

Try this diffuser blend to tap into that!

Juniper’s “Sweet & Deep” Diffuser Blend

Drop the essential oils into your diffuser. Thanks to Andrea Butje of Aromahead for today’s blog.

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