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An essential oil is always a great way to refresh my body and my mind and every part of my being. Giving myself a dose of well-being is easy with all kinds of essential oils. I have always loved having some natural healing and the essential oils were a no-brainer when I first heard about them. They have been kind of an obsession ever since.

I very strongly believe in the power of nature and doing things the natural way to bring about the best health and well-being. For example, when it comes to staying fit, I believe in good old-fashioned tough workouts, I don’t believe in artificial supplements or in body wraps or any other tech that is supposed to make one slimmer.

Good old-fashioned hard work during my runs and other workouts has gotten me some fantastic results over the years. The same philosophy applies to using essential oils when I need to refresh my mind or my body. They are natural and pure and not altered. Pure essential oil is nice for helping me to get over a cold or to stay focused and wide awake when I didn’t get much sleep. I am always discovering new essential oils to use and they are better than artificial pills and supplements.

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