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Yesterday we talked about treating cold sores with aromatherapy essential oils. Now let’s talk about preventing cold sores. When you feel that first tingle on your lip, treating it quickly can often cold soreprevent the cold sore from appearing at all. Unfortunately, it sometimes will appear anyway and it might even pop up in a completely different spot from where you felt the tingle.  I found a really good cold sore remedy that can prevent cold sores or speed the healing process if it does form.

To make your blend, use an amber glass bottle and high-quality essential oils.

Essential Oils for Cold Sore Relief

  • 1 oz  aloe vera gel
  • 30 drops sandalwood essential oil
  • 3 drops eucalyptus essential oil

When you feel a cold sore coming on, apply a dab of this blend directly to the tingling or warm area on your lips. Use it once an hour until the symptoms resolve. You can also use it hourly if you already have a cold sore to reduce the duration of the outbreak. The ingredients have analgesic properties, so it helps ease the pain too. I recommend making a fresh bottle of this blend every few weeks. Thanks to Andrea Butje and the Aromahead Blog for this information.


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