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Having skin that is too dry or too oily used to be a big problem for me. I would have some parts of my body that would get really dry while other parts would always be really oily. If I even touched those oily parts of my face a few times a day, I would get a break out. The dry parts of my skin would be hard to deal with as well.

Balanced skin that is not too dry and not too oily is a joy to see in the mirror, now that I have been using some great toner for the face as well as some other quality skin care products. I am no longer surprised to see a big blemish on my face when looking in the mirror during the day and then wondering how many people noticed it before I did.

My facial toner has been awesome for helping me to reduce excess oil and have healthy and beautiful skin overall. I used to feel very self-conscious when talking to someone face-to-face and being very close to them. Now, I feel confident meeting clients face-to-face, talking to my coworkers, and meeting new people. I know that my skin is clear and healthy and that people are noticing it for the right reasons.

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