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Give your home a relaxing upgrade with oil diffusers. Diffusers are a great way to make your house smell wonderful while helping you feel relaxed. They work by diffusing essential oils, sending a small amount of humidity into the air and filling your abode with the stress-releasing scent of your choice.

Diffusers are available in different types and are made using different materials. Each one with an assortment of features and unique designs. Ultrasonic diffusers are among the more popular ones in the market. Expert reviews lean in its favor for burning oils and producing vapor without utilizing heat, but by vibrating the water instead. Another advantage is that this type of essential oil diffuser do not use as much water as humidifiers do. Ultrasonic diffusers also allow you to drop more than just one type of essential oil, meaning you can create your own blend as desired. Additionally, diffusers are safer to use than scented candles.

There’s no greater feeling than coming home to the aromatic scent of lavender, rosemary, or eucalyptus. Use your diffusers to fill your home with a relaxing ambiance that’s proven to be beneficial to one’s health. Certain oils and their scents are proven to relieve stress and pain, stabilize your mood, and even repel insects.

poolWork has been stressful lately. It’s usually very demanding and I put in a lot of hours so I can get some quality work done. I love what I do though and I’m very good at what I do. The long hours and the heightened stress levels are just something that I’ve gotten used to. My friends tell me that I need to get a better work-life balance so I don’t end up in an early grave. I think they might be right.

I’ve been finding activities to do that would relieve some of my stress levels. I go to a day spa once a month with some friends and we get massages and facials. I usually feel very relaxed afterwards. A friend of mine also got me some bath oils so I can take a nice, relaxing bath in my home at least once a week. One of my other friends also suggested that I do more physical activity, like hiking, to help relieve some stress. I think all these activities will have a positive effect on my life. I’m down to do anything that would balance out my life more.

Amazing Lemongrass

Author: Dr. Larita

sore musclesMy husband and I both use essential oils every day. After a while, you start using the same ones over and over because they are tried and true even though you know there are other oils that are also amazing. We ran across a lemongrass video on YouTube that changed my mind about what I’ve been doing for sore muscles.

When I have muscle aches and pains, I usually use rosemary to soothe the hurt. After listening to the video, I decided to add a little lemongrass to my synergistic blend. I don’t know why I always have to “change” the recipe when I make a blend but I do that when I’m cooking and also with my essential oil blends. I’ve been waking up with a sore hip for the past week. I usually works itself out by the time I get to work so I forget about it until the next morning. It must have to do with how I’m laying in bed. Anyway, this morning I added 2 teaspoons of coconut oil to a small container, 2 drops of lemongrass essential oil, 2 drops of rosemary essential oil and 1 drop of peppermint essential oil. After blending well, I massaged a very small amount of the mixture on my sore hip and it worked amazingly fast.

I notice that the older I get the more my digestive processes (among many other things) change.  Yesterday we attended a friend’s 80th birthday party and after eating more than I should have of the delicious meal, my stomach was protesting. I usually drink peppermint tea when I have indigestion but this seemed worse than usual so I wanted a little something extra.

I made my peppermint tea and but then I also added a drop of ginger essential oil. My husband likes to eat crystallized ginger which is a candy and a little too sweet for me. The ginger essential oil in my tea was much better for my tastes. When I had finished the cup (and after an unladylike loud burp) my stomach felt much better.  The next time you have indigestion, try a drop of ginger  essential oil  in your peppermint tea.

Old age is part of nature, and nobody can control it. However, we can change some of the changes that occur at old age by using healthy products on our skins as well as eating healthy. Sensitive skin can easily irritated by some skincare products and therefore requires soft creams. If your skin is sensitive, you don’t have to worry about the best anti-aging skincare because we’ve got you covered right on this post.

Anti-aging skincare prevents your skin from being worn out and wrinkled as you grow old. However, you are recommended to start using the best anti-aging skincare as early as in your 20s to prevent the much damage that can be there on your skin by the time you are 40 years.

One way to prevent sensitive skin from external damage is by using a facelift. Some of its ingredients include; avocado oil, sheer butter, vitamin E and pure coconut oil. It also has a high level of essential fatty acids which make your skin more elastic and prevent it from sagging. A facelift is the best anti-aging skincare, and it makes all your body skin including your breast and abdomen skin moisturized, soft and firm. Go on and get this excellent product now that will work magic on your skin and enjoy your old age as it comes.

Over exercised muscles cause pain and sometimes even tremble as we try to continue using them. The best therapy is rest followed by a hot bath and a massage. Use ice if there is swelling and pain caused by inflammation. After the rest and ice, take a hot bath into which you have added two drops of lemon essential oil and three drops of marjoram essential oil and soak for as long as possible.

After your bath, massage the aching muscles with 5 drops each of eucalyptus, peppermint, and ginger essential oils diluted in one tablespoon of a carrier oil such as shea or jojoba oil. If there is no relief after this, you may have an injury and you should see a physician!

A customer of ours wanted to know about ginger essential oil so I thought I’d write a blog about it. The uses are so extensive, I ended up writing more than one blog about ginger for this week but that’s ok, learning something new is always good for you. Ginger has a distinct flavor than can be attributed to its main chemical compound – alpha-zingiberene and it has been shown to display calming, anti-ulcer properties in laboratory tests.

Ginger’s Seven Super Uses

  1. Nausea and morning sickness – for relief of these symptoms, diffuse 2-3 drops or apply 1-2 drops topically onto the stomach.
  2. Digestion aid – ginger is one of the best natural remedies for indigestion, colic, diarrhea, stomach spasms and stomach aches. Mix a few drops of ginger in a carrier oil and rub on the stomach, inhale it directly or add 1 drop to food or drink.
  3. Infection fighting – ginger is an antiseptic that fights a variety of infections including intestinal infections, bacterial dysentery and food poisoning. To use externally, apply 2-3 drops topically to the affected area. To use internally, add it to tea, water or food 1 drop at a time, tasting between drops for tolerance.
  4. Cold and sore throat relief – ginger helps remove mucus from the throat and lungs and naturally aids in relieving coughs, asthma and bronchitis while aiding with healthy breathing. Add 1 drop of ginger essential oil to a cup of green tea twice a day. You can also apply it topically to the chest.
  5. Relief of joint discomfort – ginger contains a component called zingibain, which is responsible for its inflammation-cooling properties. This ingredient offers pain relief for muscle aches, joint issues, headaches and migraines. For relief, take 1-3 drops of ginger oil internally once a day or apply 2 drops topically to the affected area.
  6. Calming benefits – ginger oil may be able to relieve feelings of anxiety, depression and exhaustion. Its warming quality acts as a sleep aid and stimulates feelings of courage and calm. To use for this purpose, diffuse 3-5 drops or add 5 drops to a warm-water bath.
  7. Help for sprains and strains – research shows that consuming ginger essential oil daily is an effective way to relieve discomfort from sprains and strains. Simply apply it to the affected area or add it to warm bath water.

Sore Neck Aromatherapy

Author: Dr. Larita

Have you ever awakened to a sore neck that you did not have before you went to sleep? I figured out over the years that, at least for me, this is caused by sleeping in the wrong position on my pillow. It’s too bad that the problem doesn’t go away as quickly as it occurs. It usually lasts two to three days for me and that is an uncomfortable feeling. I have a remedy for neck strain if it happens to you too.

First, prepare your ice massage tools by freezing several Styrofoam cups filled with water and then cut the cup down so there is about 2 inches of ice protruding. Massage in a circular pattern over the sore area. You can also use an ice pack around the sore area for at least 15 but no more than 20 minutes at a time. Then you can massage the neck and  shoulder area three times a day using the following blend diluted in 2 tablespoons of liquid shea oil:

  • 10 drops ginger
  • 10 drops rosemary
  • 5 drops black pepper
  • 5 drops peppermint


Ginger essential oil enjoys hot yoga and so do I. Hot yoga is right in line with ginger essential oil’s spicy, unique personality. It also has the effect of helping your muscles feel strong, loose, and relaxed. Sometimes those same muscles feel less relaxed after a good hot yoga session. Once the heat cools down, muscles can start to tighten up. Soreness and tension can creep in and make you uncomfortable.

True to its unique nature, ginger essential oil has a creative way to care for sore muscles. It makes a muscle tension inhaler—yes, an inhaler! Breathing in ginger essential oil helps you feel relaxed and uplifted, which translates to more relaxed muscles and less pain. Here’s a wonderful inhaler blend you can make for yourself:

Ginger’s Active Muscle Care Inhaler

Inhalers are fun to make! Andrea Butje from Aromahead describes the process of making one in this post from The Aromahead Blog (which has another great muscle tension inhaler blend!).

All you have to do is soak the cotton insert of the inhaler in the essential oils, load it into the inhaler sleeve, and snap it closed. You can find colorful, disposable inhalers at Fragrance World of Topeka.  Aromatics International has reusable inhalers, which are wonderful if you use your inhaler often and want to reload it with new blends but they are more expensive.  

 Source: Andrea Butje – Aromahead

Ginger Essential Oil

Author: Dr. Larita

Ginger is available at most grocery stores today in the produce section but way back in the 14th century, it cost about the same amount as a lamb or calf to purchase.  The reason it was so expensive is that is was widely used as a medicinal tonic for many ailments. Ginger is featured in many Asian dishes and has a hot, fragrant flavor as a cooking spice. You may be more familiar with it as an ingredient in gingerbread and ginger snaps and the scent of it often reminds one of Christmastime and cookies baking in the oven.

In Chinese medicine, ginger is one of the most used herbs because it has warming properties that help reduce internal dampness in the body. Ginger essential oil is the most potent form of use because it has the highest levels of gingerol which has powerful inflammation-cooling properties and many other health benefits. Ginger essential oil can be used to ease nausea, digestive distress, menstrual disorders, joint discomfort, chronic pain and respiratory issues. It is also known to promote self-confidence and is often called the “oil of empowerment.”

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