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Give your home a relaxing upgrade with oil diffusers. Diffusers are a great way to make your house smell wonderful while helping you feel relaxed. They work by diffusing essential oils, sending a small amount of humidity into the air and filling your abode with the stress-releasing scent of your choice.

Diffusers are available in different types and are made using different materials. Each one with an assortment of features and unique designs. Ultrasonic diffusers are among the more popular ones in the market. Expert reviews lean in its favor for burning oils and producing vapor without utilizing heat, but by vibrating the water instead. Another advantage is that this type of essential oil diffuser do not use as much water as humidifiers do. Ultrasonic diffusers also allow you to drop more than just one type of essential oil, meaning you can create your own blend as desired. Additionally, diffusers are safer to use than scented candles.

There’s no greater feeling than coming home to the aromatic scent of lavender, rosemary, or eucalyptus. Use your diffusers to fill your home with a relaxing ambiance that’s proven to be beneficial to one’s health. Certain oils and their scents are proven to relieve stress and pain, stabilize your mood, and even repel insects.

Blocked sebum become blackheads when surface cells develop sulphides that turn black when they come into contact with oxygen. Blackheads are unsightly and can easily become infected. When you remove them and the opening just fills up again with more sebum; this condition is related to seborrhea, overproduction of the sebaceous glands. Even people with dry skin can develop blackheads, especially on the nose or chin but blackheads can develop practically anywhere on the body, as well as on the face. Wherever they develop, the treatment for blackheads is the same, they need to be removed.

To remove blackheads, get a bowl of steaming hot water with 2 tablespoons of cider vinegar added, put 1 drop of lavender essential oil on the water and cover your head with a towel, being sure to close off the sides too and steam your face for 10 minutes, coming up for air every 3-4 minutes. Rinse the face with 1 teaspoon of cider vinegar mixed in a bowl of hot (but not boiling) water. If the blackheads are loose, squeeze gently taking care not to damage the skin. Then splash the face with a mixture of 2 ounces of mineral water, 2 teaspoons cider vinegar – I like Bragg’s Natural Apple Cider brand, 1 teaspoon witch hazel, 2 drops each of bergamot and cypress essential oils.

After patting the skin dry, massage the following oils into the skin. This will help to prevent blackheads from coming back and also loosen the ones that are already there:

  • Lemongrass – 8 drops
  • Lavender – 5 drops
  • Clary-sage – 2 drops
  • Thyme – 5 drops
  • Jojoba oil – 5 drops

Use this massage mixture morning and night. When you wash your face, take care to use a pure natural soap. You can use eye makeup if you like but avoid face makeup and powder.

poolWork has been stressful lately. It’s usually very demanding and I put in a lot of hours so I can get some quality work done. I love what I do though and I’m very good at what I do. The long hours and the heightened stress levels are just something that I’ve gotten used to. My friends tell me that I need to get a better work-life balance so I don’t end up in an early grave. I think they might be right.

I’ve been finding activities to do that would relieve some of my stress levels. I go to a day spa once a month with some friends and we get massages and facials. I usually feel very relaxed afterwards. A friend of mine also got me some bath oils so I can take a nice, relaxing bath in my home at least once a week. One of my other friends also suggested that I do more physical activity, like hiking, to help relieve some stress. I think all these activities will have a positive effect on my life. I’m down to do anything that would balance out my life more.

Amazing Lemongrass

Author: Dr. Larita

sore musclesMy husband and I both use essential oils every day. After a while, you start using the same ones over and over because they are tried and true even though you know there are other oils that are also amazing. We ran across a lemongrass video on YouTube that changed my mind about what I’ve been doing for sore muscles.

When I have muscle aches and pains, I usually use rosemary to soothe the hurt. After listening to the video, I decided to add a little lemongrass to my synergistic blend. I don’t know why I always have to “change” the recipe when I make a blend but I do that when I’m cooking and also with my essential oil blends. I’ve been waking up with a sore hip for the past week. I usually works itself out by the time I get to work so I forget about it until the next morning. It must have to do with how I’m laying in bed. Anyway, this morning I added 2 teaspoons of coconut oil to a small container, 2 drops of lemongrass essential oil, 2 drops of rosemary essential oil and 1 drop of peppermint essential oil. After blending well, I massaged a very small amount of the mixture on my sore hip and it worked amazingly fast.

Birch Essential Oil

Author: Dr. Larita

Yesterday I talked about using birch essential oil in the shower but there are many other wonderful uses for this well studied oil. Just remember, birch oil is not for internal use and if pregnant or breastfeeding, you shouldn’t use it at all. Birch should be diluted at all times and it’s only recommended for topical use.

Uses for Birch Essential Oil

  1. Muscle pain and spasms – birch has analgesic properties and may help relieve muscle and joint pain and aid in alleviating spasms, headaches and toothaches. Apply it topically to the sore area or apply it to the outside of the mouth for toothaches.
  2. Joint discomfort – birch essential oil may help improve circulation and it has detoxifying agents that may aid in reducing swelling and discomfort of joints. Apply it topically to the area of pain.
  3. Inflammation & cooling – because birch oil helps cool inflammation, it might be useful to someone suffering from joint issues caused by too much uric acid. Apply 3-4 drops to the area to ease symptoms.
  4. Stomach issues and cramps – since birch has anti-spasmodic properties, it may assist in relieving stomach discomfort and cramps throughout the body. Apply 2-3 drops in a carrier oil to the abdomen or add 3-5 drops to a warm bath.
  5. Mood and self-esteem – birch oil stimulates the nervous, sensory and circulatory systems. It has a warming effect and can provide a sense of peace, confidence and awareness. Diffuse birch oil or apply it topically to wrists, the back of the neck and the soles of the feet.
  6. Circulation – birch oil stimulates the circulatory system and can boost circulation. To aid and encourage blood flow, apply to areas where there is poor circulation.
  7. Kidney detox – birch oil is both diuretic and a stimulant by nature so it aids in the removal of toxins through increased urination and perspiration. Dilute birch oil with a carrier ail and massage it into the skin to support kidney detox.

Body oils are all the rave these days. As consumers become more and more conscious of what goes into their skin and bodies, Body oils come highly preferred for several reasons. For one thing, oils are non-greasy and incredibly hydrating. They absorb well and locks in moisture longer without drying out your skin.

Compared to creams and lotions, body oils are more affordable than most moisturizer brands Also, the scent of perfume body oils do not rub off easily and can last all day. That means you don’t have to put it on every now and then – thus making it an economical choice, too. Body oils are highly concentrated and its moisturizing qualities have the ability to enhance your skin’s quality. Because they are becoming more and more popular, there are now plenty of body oil brands in the market. The best ones are made organic and chemical-free, and come infused with root, fruits, flowers, and leaves extracts. These natural ingredients can work wonders for your skin.

Of course there are still people who think oil and skin don’t really mix well. But all it takes is for them to try and feel the benefits of body oils for themselves. When it comes to keeping your skin healthy and well-hydrated, using body oils is worth a shot.

shower2If you really want to feel good after a strenuous workout, take an aromatherapy shower. A shower with soap and warm water feels good but it won’t provide the deep cleaning you get with essential oils because they help to eliminate waste products from your body and that will prevent sore, aching muscles.

To take advantage of using essential oils in the shower, put 3 neat drops of essential oil on a clean washcloth. Rub the towel all over your body and then shower as usual. A good blend of oils to use for this purpose is a combination of equal parts rosemary, lemon and eucalyptus/peppermint essential oil. After your shower, massage your muscles with a muscle relaxing oil or a toning oil depending on which quality you seek.

Essential Oils To Use Before And In The Shower

  • Eucalyptus
  • Rosemary
  • Lemon
  • Eucalyptus
  • Eucalyptus/Peppermint
  • Eucalyptus/Lemon
  • Birch
  • Niaouli
  • Juniper
  • Bergamot

I notice that the older I get the more my digestive processes (among many other things) change.  Yesterday we attended a friend’s 80th birthday party and after eating more than I should have of the delicious meal, my stomach was protesting. I usually drink peppermint tea when I have indigestion but this seemed worse than usual so I wanted a little something extra.

I made my peppermint tea and but then I also added a drop of ginger essential oil. My husband likes to eat crystallized ginger which is a candy and a little too sweet for me. The ginger essential oil in my tea was much better for my tastes. When I had finished the cup (and after an unladylike loud burp) my stomach felt much better.  The next time you have indigestion, try a drop of ginger  essential oil  in your peppermint tea.

Old age is part of nature, and nobody can control it. However, we can change some of the changes that occur at old age by using healthy products on our skins as well as eating healthy. Sensitive skin can easily irritated by some skincare products and therefore requires soft creams. If your skin is sensitive, you don’t have to worry about the best anti-aging skincare because we’ve got you covered right on this post.

Anti-aging skincare prevents your skin from being worn out and wrinkled as you grow old. However, you are recommended to start using the best anti-aging skincare as early as in your 20s to prevent the much damage that can be there on your skin by the time you are 40 years.

One way to prevent sensitive skin from external damage is by using a facelift. Some of its ingredients include; avocado oil, sheer butter, vitamin E and pure coconut oil. It also has a high level of essential fatty acids which make your skin more elastic and prevent it from sagging. A facelift is the best anti-aging skincare, and it makes all your body skin including your breast and abdomen skin moisturized, soft and firm. Go on and get this excellent product now that will work magic on your skin and enjoy your old age as it comes.

Bergamot is a citrus essential oil that is defined as a cross between a sour orange and a lemon. It is the oil that gives Earl Grey tea its distinctive flavor. It has the unique ability to be both uplifting and calming at the same time. It is wonderful to use as a purifying and cleansing agent for the skin while also having a calming effect. It is also used to fight bacteria, help reduce scars and reduce headaches and muscle tension.

Seven Super Uses for Bergamot Essential Oil

  1. Natural Mood Booster – bergamot can create feelings of joy, refreshment and energy by supporting healthy circulation. Rub 2-3 drops onto the hand and cup your mouth and nose. Breathe in slowly. Also apply it to your feet and the back of your neck.
  2. Stress Buster – relieve stress and anxiety by using bergamot in a diffuser or apply 1-2 drops   topically to the wrists and temples.
  3. Lymphatic Support – Apply 2-3 drops onto your feet before bedtime or mix 3-5 drops with a carrier oil for a calming and relaxing massage that may encourage lymphatic drainage.
  4. Immune Boost – to fight harmful bacteria and stress, take a drop or two of bergamot oil internally in a warm tea (only under the supervision of your healthcare professional) or diffuse it, inhale it directly or add it to a warm water bath.
  5. Digestive System Aid – To support digestion and regulate appetite, rub 3-5 drops of bergamot oil onto your stomach. This may stimulate muscle contractions in the intestines and the production of digestive juices.
  6. Natural Deodorant – add bergamot oil to deodorant or apply it directly to the armpits to help prevent the growth of germs that cause body odor. Combine bergamot with lemon, cedarwood or sandalwood oils to make a personalized fragrance.
  7. Food Cravings Fighter – Diffuse bergamot in the classroom, office or at home in between meals to help control hunger pangs.


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