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Ginger Essential Oil

Author: Dr. Larita

Ginger is available at most grocery stores today in the produce section but way back in the 14th century, it cost about the same amount as a lamb or calf to purchase.  The reason it was so expensive is that is was widely used as a medicinal tonic for many ailments. Ginger is featured in many Asian dishes and has a hot, fragrant flavor as a cooking spice. You may be more familiar with it as an ingredient in gingerbread and ginger snaps and the scent of it often reminds one of Christmastime and cookies baking in the oven.

In Chinese medicine, ginger is one of the most used herbs because it has warming properties that help reduce internal dampness in the body. Ginger essential oil is the most potent form of use because it has the highest levels of gingerol which has powerful inflammation-cooling properties and many other health benefits. Ginger essential oil can be used to ease nausea, digestive distress, menstrual disorders, joint discomfort, chronic pain and respiratory issues. It is also known to promote self-confidence and is often called the “oil of empowerment.”

Cleansing for a healthy skin doesn’t just mean you use water and soap. Double cleansing merely is cleansing your skin twice and is recommended every night for a glowing and happier face. The first step is whereby you wash your face with the use of the oil-based cleanser. It helps to remove the oil based moisturizers, sweat, and dirt on your face. The oil-based cleanser removes even the stubborn eye makeup.

After massaging your face with the cleanser, use a dumped cloth to lay on your face to lift all the dirt and makeup removed by the oil-based cleanser. Wipe your face about a minute later with the same cloth to cleanse it the second round. The second step involves gently massaging your face with a mild cleanser of your choice for about a minute or two which helps to remove the water-based dirt and then rinse your skin with warm water.

If you have sensitive, dry skin, you can go ahead and rinse your face with warm water after the first step. Double cleansing skincare slows down the aging process of your skin. It leaves your skin clean, healthy and ready to absorb a night moisturizer. Always to double cleanse your skin before bedtime and you’ll love the outcome.

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