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Skin Mousse Recipe

Author: Dr. Larita

To make your recipe, use a clean glass jar about the size of a small baby food jar or a little smaller. It needs to be big enough to hold 4 teaspoons of finished product and also have room to mix the formula. Of course, you can mix the ingredients in another container and then transfer it to a small jar that will hold just 4 teaspoons. Add 3 teaspoons aloe vera gel to 1 teaspoon jojoba oil and stir with a small spoon. When the oil and gel combine and start to thicken, add another 1/2 teaspoon aloe vera gel and keep stirring until the mixture gets smooth and becomes an opaque, pale cream color. This will make 4 tsp of mousse or enough for about 10 applications to your face.

If you like, you can leave the mousse unscented. If you are like me, though, you will want to add some beneficial fragrance. Try one of the blends below in the amounts given and stir again. Your mousse will last about four to six weeks if kept at a cool room temperature. These blends will leave your skin feeling amazing – calm, restored and soft.

For normal skin, add to the mousse 2 drops geranium and 1 drop rosewood essential oil to the mousse. For dry skin, add 1 drop chamomile and 1 drop rose to the mousse. For oily skin add 1 drop lavender and 1 drop rosemary to the mousse. For acne add 1 drop chamomile, 1 drop lavender, 1 drop juniper and 1 drop patchouli. Whichever formula is right for your skin, you will be pleased with your mousse.

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